Author's Note: Inspired by a prompt on the SuitsMeme on livejournal. This is an AU where Mike is the highly intelligent toddler son of Harvey. Also, Jessica is Harvey's mother and Louis is Harvey's brother. I hope you enjoy it.

Mikey Specter woke up. His tummy was growling. This was a sign someone was supposed to come and feed him. It would probably be Daddy. Daddy did most of the stuff with him. Mommy was always away, smelling of something stinky. She would pay for Mrs. Thatcher four floors down to sit with him. He hated Mrs. Thatcher. She smelled of cigarettes and kitty poo. All she did was sit on the sofa and watch movies all day. She got Mike his bubby and food but that was mainly before Uncle Ray came to check on him. Mrs. Thatcher and Uncle Ray would always end up arguing. Uncle Ray would take him and give him a bath and change him out of his pjs and his soaky dirty diaper. He would dress him and then take him into the back of Daddy's big car to see Daddy, and Grandma, and Uncle Louis, and Aunt Donna and a bunch of funny bug eyed people he didn't know that Uncle Louis was always mad at and Daddy called Harvard douchebags. Grandma would smack Daddy and tell Daddy something about little pitchers with big ears.

He grabbed the sides of his crib and shook it hard. He could climb out. He knew about 50 successful modes of crib escape. Unfortunately his Daddy knew 51 so he stayed one step ahead of even Mike's above average brain. He and Uncle Louis had just finished blocking off his latest escape route, frustrating Mike to no end. It just confirmed Mikey's theory that Daddy was the greatest man on the planet. No, third. He would never admit it but Iron Man and Hulk came first. Daddy was brighter than the Hulk, but Hulk turned green and could knock down buildings and planes and smash cars. Mikey thought at that moment those were highly impressive skills. "Daddy, Mommy I want 'fast and bubby." He yelled out.

"Shut up you little brat." He heard Mommy yell as a male voice laughed. He grimaced. Mommy had 'friends' over again. It sounded like Trevor, the guy that always gave Mommy her stinky stuff.

"I'm hungwy. I want my bubby and 'fast now! DADDY!" Mikey just yelled louder. He was MAD!

"Your Daddy ain't home now, brat. Daddy ain't never home. I'll get you your damn bubby when I feel like it. You'd think with that god damn high IQ of yours you could find a way to get your ass into the kitchen and get your own damn bubby."

"Relax Carrie. He's only 18 months. He's bright as shit but he can't even reach door knobs. How the hell is he going to open the fridge?"

"That ain't my problem, sugar. Look, I never asked to have him. I didn't want to be a mother before and I sure as hell don't want to be now, especially not to the little super freak in there. No damn fucking 18 month old I knew could form that much words into a sentence. Little fuck could at least do me a favor, put that damn brain to use and raise himself!" Carrie Reynaldo Specter spat out before taking a large hit on her joint. It was Michael's fault she got high. If he hadn't been born, she wouldn't be trapped in this penthouse prison. She would have divorced Harvey a year back, collected her due of 50 percent of everything that rich bastard had and skipped town to parts unknown. Damn SOB knocked her up along the line and the bitch from hell of a mother-in-law had come over and made her sign a damn pre-nup that she make sure the baby was born healthy, stick around until the little snot made preschool, make Harvey as happy as possible or Carrie wasn't going to get a damn dime. Harvey's evil little trained attack bitch Donna had smirked all the way through, making sure everything was properly signed and initialed.

Mikey was in the middle of a good tantrum and screamed louder. Carrie swore and went to the nursery to scare the shit out of the kid. He was giving her a damn headache and making him waste a good hit. He was definitely Harvey's brat. He was still in diapers and rompers, but already the brat knew how to fuck up a perfectly good time. Trevor hated the kid screaming and turned on the tv. He had it so loud he never heard the key turn in the door.

"Care? Mikey? Just forgot my case not...WHO THE HELL ARE YOU and WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?"