Mikey was happy to have spoken to Grandma. He could hear her still speaking but he wasn't focusing. He was beginning to have that feeling again. He was too young to put it into words but it was the feeling that would make Daddy go pale. He would quickly pour some stinky junk into his puppy. He would haul Mikey and the puppy to the rocker. He would rock Mikey and make him suck his pacifier which would make all this stinky junk go in his mouth and nose. He HATED it. It would make him cough and gag. Daddy would rub and pat his back. He would even turn on and watch Barney with him. He knew his daddy hated Barney. He used words Mikey didn't quite understand like 'communism', 'subversive', and 'impressionable'. Auntie Donna would tell him to suck it up, it was just a TV. show and it was meant for Mikey's age group not for Harvey.

Usually for his other yucky treatment, Daddy would put on a show with guys in funny shirts in space. He liked Mr. Spock and the guy that talked funny and mentioned power all the time. He made Mikey giggle which made Daddy ask if Mikey was sure he wasn't a tribble. He said as long as Mikey didn't giggle at Captain Kirk it was okay. If he did, it was proof Mike was a Klingon or a possible Romulan. Daddy would bounce Mikey and make him giggle. After the junk, Daddy would tickle him and play monsters with him. Mikey took a deep breath, or as deep as he could but all he got was a funny sound.

Harvey could feel his anger rising. His fingers were working in and out of a fist. His mother had placed him in boxing lessons to have a healthy outlet. She didn't feel that bopping his younger brother in the head was healthy. Louis still teasingly blamed Harvey for his premature balding. He said all the bopping stunted his hair follicles. He would have fun winding Mikey up and sending him either back home or to Harvey's office in hopes it would make his brother pull his hair out. Harvey got even by signing Louis up for information on every product he could find for hair replacement and male pattern baldness. He could tell when one had arrived; Louis wouldn't say anything but would give Harvey a middle finger salute when their mother wasn't looking. He wanted to give Carrie more than a middle finger salute at the moment. He would like to give her a knuckle sandwich. He was seconds away from it when he heard Mikey talking.

He turned to Mikey, reading to grab the phone and remind his son why – for the millionth time it seemed to Harvey – good little boys don't reach into Daddy's pocket and steal his phone. At least this time it was his mother. Mike had one time managed to call someone in South Korea. He still didn't know who but it was some nice, grandmotherly lady who was happily listening to the toddler babble – according to the timer she had been doing it for a half hour. He changed when he heard the gasping sound and Mikey turning blue on the lips. Most people wouldn't have noticed. It wasn't yet a deep or pronounced blue a layman would pick up on. He couldn't let it get that far. They already were bad enough as far as Harvey's heart was concerned. He studied Mike and trained himself on the early warning signs of an asthma attack. He could see this one was going to be a bad one. It was further along than Harvey permitted if at all possible. He guessed it must have started before he got home and Carrie had either missed (giving her the benefit of the doubt and some credit for latent maternal feelings) or ignored them (which are where he was leaning at the moment).

"Get out and follow your damn dealer Carrie. Right now I can't deal with you and Mikey. My son trumps you, bitch, and so leave. I'll deal with you later." Harvey ground out. He closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. "Hey buddy, Daddy here. You calm down while Daddy gets Mr. Paws ready." He mussed Mikey's hair, noticing that his hands were shaking. He hurried to the cabinet and brought down the breathing machine and a nebulizer pacifier. He fumbled with the top, cursing himself. He prided himself in being calm and cool in a courtroom crisis. His son turning blue though was a totally different type of crisis and brought out the panic.

He was pleased when it finally opened and he hadn't contaminated anything or broken any seals.

"You haven't heard the last of me, you bastard. I'll be back." He vaguely heard Carrie his before hearing her feet stomp and the door slam.

"Yeah, you and the Terminator, and the Terminator would be more of a benefit to humanity. We just need to take out the word 'violent criminal scum' with 'John Connor' and he would actually be doing society a huge favor. Aside from carrying my son in your womb, what else you do for society is totally debatable." He muttered as he carefully opened and measured out the correct dose of Albuterol. He was then going to have to have Donna rearrange his afternoon and make an appointment with Mikey's pediatrician. First things first though, he had to calm his son down and get him breathing better. He took the equipment and set it by the rocking chair.

He walked over to the crib and picked up Mikey. He cuddled his son. "Okay, now to get that elephant off your chest. I know you hate the stuff, but it makes your breathing. Mr. Elephant hates it and will run away." He sat down carefully and turned on the machine. Mikey gripped his shirt. The sound of the machine turning on always upset Mikey as he knew what was coming. He was smart but too young to understand that this was for his own good and helped. He just knew it meant something yucky. He fussed weakly a bit as Harvey put the pacifier in. Harvey began to rock and closed his eyes. He opened them and turned on "Barney learns his colors" or some such Barney crap. He thought all the plots were relatively the same, the actor had to be stoned to do it, and the kids were either stoned or addlepated. He didn't understand what his son saw in the show but Mikey would kick, clap, and dance to Barney. He even sang the song with Barney, much to the nerve shattering of Harvey and Ray who was often stuck hearing chorus after chorus in traffic jams. Harvey suspected it was payback for sticking Mikey in a car seat. The videos themselves were courtesy of Auntie Donna who smiled wickedly whenever she presented Mikey with a new one. Harvey wished Louis would just get child monitor software for his computer and ban her off online shopping for life.

Mikey inhaled and studied Barney intently. Harvey tried to occupy his mind with anything he could think of, from obscure laws to the batting averages of the New York Yankees in alphabetical order. He was just chewing on the abysmal batting average this year of A-Rod when he heard his door open. He was relieved to hear his mother calling from the entry way and smell her perfume. His mother would be able to help. His mother could do about anything she had a deep desire to do.