All Consuming Fire

Chapter Two

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With Flame Princess…

After what seemed hours she was literally at her breaking point. 'So tired' she thought as she yawned. 'I wonder what Finn is doing?' she asked herself hoping that he was following her again. She found a nice cave to sleep in; if that's even possible. She built a flame barrier to protect her as she lay down to sleep. "Night Finn" she said aloud imagining he was with her. She soon drifted off to sleep.

Back with Finn, Jake and Flambo…

"So Flambo" started Finn. "When will we arrive in the Fire Kingdom?" "Well considerings that Jake here fucked up so bad I doubt we will be able to get into the Fire Kingdom Finn" said the small fire cat honestly. "Darn it, that news is so not algebraic" replied the boy. "Flambo?" interupted Jake, "I have a question for you, but it'll have to wait 'til we meet up with Flame Princess" said the shape shifting dog. They continued to travel by foot for another hour before spotting a cave that was emitting a yellowish-orange light. "Hey let's check it out guys!" our hero exclaimed, running towards the cave. As he approached the cave's opening his heart began to race. 'That's Flame Princess right?' he asked himself not sure if what he saw was an illusion or not.

As Flambo and Jake caught up to the adventurous thirteen year old. They were shocked to see what he saw. "You see that too, right?" Finn asked the two just above a whisper; seeing as the young fiery girl was lightly snoring. Just as his question left his lips there was a crack of thunder, followed by a flash of lightning. Ultimately resulting in rain. As another loud crack of thunder occurred waking the sleeping beauty. Finn hearing her yawn turned but said nothing. "F-Finn…is it really you?" she asked wiping sleep from her eyes.

Before he could respond he was hugged by the Flame Princess. But she quickly pulled away remembering that she could hurt him. "Uh, FP what's wrong?"asked the boy noticing her changed expression. "Finn, you shouldn't be here…I mean not that I'm not glad you're here" she said unsure of how to phrase her response. He stood there "I came here specifically out of chance we were going to the Fire Kingdom to see you" he said honestly. "Sorry to interupt but FP you need to here this, you too Finn" said Jake with toothy grin.

"Flambo, is there any way for the flame shield you cast on me, to be used on Finn with no limit of time it stays active; Basically is there a eternal version of the spell?" asked Jake hoping that the response was yes. But sadly this was Flambo's answer "Sorry Jake buts the only way yous guys can have an eternal Flame Shield is to stay in the Fire Kingdom, otherwise no". "Aw, man" was the dogs response.

"Wait…we can just live in the kingdom forever Jake" explained Finn. "No Finn" interrupted the Flame Princess "I can't let you throw away everthing just to be with me." As she talked she noticed that the area around Flambo never caught fire. "Flambo, do you think I could learn to control my power?" she asked out of curiosity. "Yeah I guess, why you wants me's to teach ya's". "Would you be willing to help?" asked the FP. "Yeah I'll do's it, but only cause I owe it to Finn" said the little fire cat cutting a look at the boy. "We'll start training in the morning." He said with a small smile. "But for now I'll cast a shield for Finn that'll last til morning…have fun tonight" Flambo said whispering the last part. Everyone caught on to the joke. Both Finn and Flame Princess blushed madly.

Flambo closed his eyes concentrating all his mana. "Do-za-mah-teh-lac-ne-tah-ya" said the cat losing his accent. He then spat onto Finn much like he did to Jake days before. "Da Hell Flambo?" asked the boy with slight anger. "I cast Flame Shield, and spat on ya's" said the fiery feline. "Don't worry dude he did the same to me" Jake responded with a chuckle. "I don't care, that's not math bro" said Finn as he calmed back down. "Finn…I've thought a lot about this and I don't like you, I-I, l-l-love y-you" she said blushing. "I love you too" Finn replied; he walked over to her and gave the princess a quick kiss on the lips. Jake swore on his life this was the happiest time of Finns' life so far.

They spent the next few minutes setting up a small campfire; with some help from the Flame Princess of course. "Finn, Flambo and I will take the back part of the cave, you and FP can have the front; I'm sure you want some private time with her" Jake said winking at him. "Flame Princess" "Just call me Phoenix" she interrupted. "Okay so Fl-Phoenix, what do you want to do?" asked Finn with curiosity. She leaned over and kissed his cheek, before whispering naughty things in his ear.

The look on Finn's face was priceless. "Just kidding, though I would like to do that with you eventually." she said with a giggle. Finn grabbed her hand and placed it against his chest, right over his heart. "Ever since we met my hearts been racing just like it is now. He said with a sincere smile. She leaned in and gave him a very passionate kiss. He was slightly shaken at first, but he soon returned her kiss.

Finn's instincts began to take over. He wrapped his arms around her hips pulling her closer. As a very plain kissed turned to a French kiss, FP brought her arms around his neck. She moaned into the kiss, as his tongue wrestled with hers for dominance. They were evenly matched. FP was the first to pull away out of breath. 'Incredible' both thought simultaneously. She then let her head rest on his chest listening to his heart beat which was beating just as fast as her own. "Finn I'm tired." She said letting out a yawn. "Okay, I'll let you sleep just wake me if you need something." said the young adventurer. "I will" she promised.

Finn laid out his sleeping bag. "Goodnight" said Finn softly. He lay there about ten minutes before he was finally able to claim sleep. A grin was plastered on his face as he sleep obviously dreaming of the Flame Princess.

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