Please Say You'll Think of Me

Olivia Georgiana

Fan Fiction:



Avatar: The Last Airbender

Disclaimer: Please understand that I do NOT own ATLA. This is a fictional story coming from my imagination! Thanks, and enjoy!

The Parade

I was home.

Back in the Southern Air Tribe.

I was captured by the Fire Nation four years ago.

I was rescued by the Avatar and my brother, with the help from an Earthbender.

I was happy to see them when they found me, but what they didn't know is that I wanted to stay there…in the Fire Nation.

This is my story. The one that will probably never be told, or be heard from my lips. This is about my time with the Fire Nation Prince, my captor, but also my lover.

"Katara, please stay behind the building," said Sokka my brother.

"Sokka's right, you'll be safe back here," said Aang, also known as the Avatar.

"Fine, but I'm telling you guys will need me," I said while crossing my arms. I know they are trying to protect me, but I'm stronger than what they think. I can help. Toph was back at camp, because of course things weren't going her way. I wasn't going to go either, but I felt that I needed to. The full Fire Nation was celebrating today, first, for Princess Azula's birthday and secondly, for succeeding further into the ongoing battle.

An enormous parade was happening in the middle of the capitol, and it was the first chance Aang could possibly make a move and stop the Fire Nation.

"We'll be fine, Katara, don't worry!" said Aang, always too happy for basically anything.

Aang and Sokka headed out into the parade and I watched then slowly blending in. We were all wearing our Fire Nation garb, but we can still be caught. Then we will be thrown into prison and after that who knows. After they were out of my sight, I turned my back and leaned against the building. I knew that if they didn't come back or I didn't hear screaming I would go after them. Minutes passed, which seemed like hours, but finally they were gone for almost forty-five minutes. Now it's my turn.

The parade was slowly turning onto the next block and I could take back streets. When I checked that the coast was clear, I headed out, watching for anyone or anything that would destroy my cover. Everything was working perfectly, no one saw me, and if they did most would think I was just some Fire Nation teenager.

After a couple minutes turning corners, I caught of with the parade. I walked behind the crowd, blending in, but then I saw Aang. Not on the ground of course, but up on the roof of the building that Azula was currently enjoying her birthday feast. I watched him, he was motioning to someone on the ground, I looked—Sokka. They had a plan, and it looked like it was working.

My eyes left Sokka and went back to Aang. He was staring right at me…strange. Then he stood up and started to put his body in a bending stance. Sokka followed his gaze and looked at me as well.

Sokka's eyes opened wide and he screamed my name, "Katara!"

No one really paid him any attention, mostly because of the parade. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and turned to see who it was. I gasped at Fire Nation guard.

"You look oddly familiar, Katara," said the guard.

I started to move my hands, trying to get hold of some type of water. Before I could, the guard took both of my hands and wrapped them in a water resistant cloth, made directly for a Waterbender.

I didn't scream or yell, because I knew that would be a cause for more punishment. I turned around and saw Sokka running after me, but by the time he was close enough, the other guards held him back. I looked back at Aang, still on the roof, we made eye contact, and I told him to leave. Who knew eye contact could talk so clearly.

"Run Sokka!" I looked back at my brother. He nodded and ran away, understanding my request.

The guard pulled on my restraints. "We're not after them, well maybe the Avatar, but we weren't ordered to capture him today. No, this was a special order made by His Highness, Firelord Ozai."