Please note that this chapter does contain mature content, and if you wish not to read this you don't have to. By not reading this chapter you won't be left out of any information that supports the rest of the story.

Some of the dialogue is from the actual Day Fifty chapter. Enjoy! xx

"Please stop packing. I told you I'm not going," my arms were crossed and I leaned against the wall watching Zuko.
"I've talked to your brother. They need you home and I can't have you here when the invasion begins. You're going."
"No, and stop treating me like a little girl. I can't leave, I just can't."
He placed his hand on my face. "A couple months ago you couldn't wait to be rid of this place, now you're asking me to stay?"
I took his hand that was holding my face and kissed his finger tips. He looked down from his fingers to my eyes. There was a knock on the door but we didn't look.
"Katara, the boat is leaving in tonight at seven," said Sokka.
"Katara, please," said Zuko.
"Shh," I whispered. "If this must be the last time I may be with you. I want to remember this moment. This moment of being with you."
He swallowed and I put my arms around his neck. Are lips met.

I lowered her on my bed, slowly, gently, not wanting to hurt her. Everything was still, quiet, in a level of fragility where if we moved everything would be broken. I didn't want her to go, but she can't stay here during the invasion. I wouldn't allow her to get hurt.
She pulled at my shirt and I smoothed a hand over her stomach. My shirt was off, and she was allowing me to undress her. I untied her robe and pushed it back are lips met again, then she began to pull at the elastic of my pants. I didn't know I was capable of loving such a brilliant creature. She captured my attention and I can't look away.
Simplicity. Love. Magic.
I worked on her undergarments and finally released her and she did with me. Her body was beautiful, every curve, contour, freckle was perfection. I bent down and kissed at her collarbone. A low moan rose from her throat, urging me on.
"Zuko," she whispered. I stopped and looked into her eyes, my hair falling ove rmy face. She pushed some it back and continued, "I want you to touch me...everywhere."
My hand ran down her naked body in response and her eyes closed. I did as she told me, my hands smoothed over every part of her body. She could tell I was ready and she opened her eyes when she could feel me.
"I want you," she whsipered.
"Are you sure?"
She nodded.
I knew it was going to hurt for her. Whenever the palace got a new concubine, the girls would beg my father to have me first. When I asked why they chose me they said I was gentle, soft, and took my time. So that's what I'm doing now. Taking my time.
I was over top of her my hands sprawled out by her head. I looked into her eyes. "If I hurt you, please tell me."
She nodded.
I lowered myself into her, making ourselves one. She gasped and her nails pierced my shoulders. She was giving me her pain, and I allowed it. I waited inside her, giving her time to adjust.
"Slowly," she whispered, and I did as she wished. I gently moved keeping a rythem.
After a few moments she asked to go deeper and I did. Her nails scratching along my back. She was getting close to her climax and she started to say my name louder and louder.
I looked into her open eyes. "Katara, let go. Relax and let go."
I could feel her relaxing and just as she did so, her eyes fluttered shut allowing her body to give in to pleasure. She was still high on her climax and myself released. I rolled off her and breathed heavily.
She looked over at me. "I can't believe it."
I looked at her.
"Let's do it again," she said and we both smiled at each other as she climbed on top of me and started to kiss her way down my chest.

Alright, so I have to laugh. This is Day Fifty and there is a sex scene...Fifty Shades of Grey? I couldn't hold back my smile!

I hope you enjoyed! xx