~~Chapter One~~

Ike, leader of the Greil mercenaries, wiped his forehead, which was barely glittering with sweat. Having done a ten minute brawl with Link, Bowser and the Ice Climbers, was not something he had been eager to do. Nonetheless, he knew that at the same time, he enjoyed brawling. That was why he was here, after all. As he set down his sword, Ragnell, he heard someone walking from behind. Quickly, he turned around to face his confronter, who turned out to be Falco. The Arwing pilot and Star Fox member smirked."Ya get whooped or somethin'? 'Cuz it sure looks like it.", he said. Ike merely scowled."It was nothing. Ten minute brawl. Link won.", he said, wincing inwardly as he remembered the way the Hylian swordsman had knocked him out. Falco whistled."Man, sucks for you. Stupid elf boy's a fast fighter, I can tell ya that from experience. Guess going off and saving the princess every day paid off after all. But listen. I didn't come here to find you. I was lookin' for Wolfy boy. Ya seen hair or hide of 'im as of late?", he asked, leaning casually against the doorframe. The Crimean swordsman only shook his head. In actuality, he had not seen the lupine pilot all day, but Ike suspected that the pheasant's questions had something to with an act of revenge against said pilot."No, I have not. Maybe your friend, Fox will know." he replied. Falco nodded nonchalantly and placed his wings in his pockets." Hm...I see...Well, thanks for the info and see ya around, Sword Boy!", he said, and left.

The blue-haired swordsman just rolled his eyes and plopped down on the seat everyone in the mansion called a 'sofa'. Like Link and the like, Ike never understood many of the things the others seemed to use normally. It wasn't like the place he came from was technologically advanced, per se. The best weapon you could ever own there was a sword, period. But apparently, the Hands-as everyone had dubbed both Master Hand and Crazy Hand-didn't seem to realize this, and just went on adding more and more strange things in the mansion, with the latter being responsible for most of the strange additions. This, of course, left those from places like Crimea, Altea, Hyrule-and to a certain extent, Tamzily, to try and figure out what such things were meant for, or ask someone to tell them. The whole thing could be embarrasing. At least Link and Marth-who were veterans-and Zelda-who always relied on Link-no longer needed to ask as often as the others about what each thing was supposed to do. Streching, the leader of the Greil mercenaries stood up and winced as a few bruises flared in response. He wasn't certain, but he felt like someone was going to need to check out his acquired battle 'wounds' very soon. He just hoped Mario was in the infirmary.

Indeed, Mario was in the infirmary, as Ike had hoped. Unfortunately, he was currently tending to Lucas, who had many cuts and scrapes covering his legs, arms, and face. Not far from both of them was Ness. The Onettian boy was holding his baseball cap in his hands, wringing it and occasionally glancing towards the blonde psychic in an attempt to assure him."S'kay, Luke. You'll be patched up in no time...I promise.", he said in slightly quivering voice. The native of Tamzily only responded with a whimper; his eyes were shut tightly, and tremors racked through his whole body . Clearing his throat, Ike tried to get the attention of Mario. Sure enough, the red-clad plumber turned around to face him."Yes-a, Ike? Is there-a something you need-a?", he asked, a slight edge of annoyment hidden in his voice. Ike winced."Yes...Um, if you could check out my bruises later...I think I may have cracked a rib.", he responded. Lucas looked past Mario and opened his eyes in shock."C-Cracked a r-r-r-rib?", he asked. Ike merely nodded."Yes...But I'm not sure, so Mario's gonna check it out...after he's done with you, of course.", he said. The Mushroom Kingdom hero nodded."Yes-a, of course. Just wait-a in the waiting room, if you will-a.", he finally replied, gesturing towards the small area with seats.

Holding up a hand, Ike smiled lightly."Um, no. I shall just wait in my personal quarters. Besides, it looks like you are going to be a long time with him.", he said, reffering to the blonde PK wielder. Lucas nodded."Um...yeah...", he replied in an embarrased tone. Mario sighed."If that-a pleases you...I'll-a call-a you later, then.", he said. With that, the mercenary left. It wan't long until he arrived at his personal quarters, and before he knew it, he had fallen on his bed and gone to sleep. He would have slep a long time too, if it hadn't been for his roommate and fellow warrior, Marth. The Altean prince walked in, cursing in his native language as he roughly threw his sword, Falchion, to the ground. The loud clatter woke up the mercenary, and nearly startled the prince."Hey! Watch how you wake up next time!", the prince grumbled. Ike rubbed his eyes and sighed."You watch it. I was enjoying a very good nap, when you rudely barged in and threw your sword on the ground.", he replied. Marth scowled."Well, if you had fought that accursed Snake and the fat penguin, you would understand. The idiot spy won! Seriously, those thing or flying projectiles of his should be banned.", he grumbled. Ike smiled. It was hard not to laugh at Marth, especially when he whined about losing a match he thought he shouldn't have, seeing he was a veteran to fighting such strangeness.

Seeing his smile, the Altean prince growled, picked up his sword, and tried to throw Falchion at his head, but missed."Don't laugh! I had already taken out the dumb penguin...But Snake got me from behind and I didn't have time to shield myself. It was an instant knockout. What made matters worse was that it was a one-stock match.", he said bitterly, remembering the whole thing."Now he's somewhere, bragging about how he beat me. I ought to give him a piece of my mind...and a taste of my sword.", he added sullenly. Ike sighed."Then do it, and stop bothering me. At least one of us shall get closure that way...", he groaned. Marth huffed indignantly, and for a second, Ike thought he looked like a snobby princess. Then, he picked up Falchion and headed for the door."Eh...I guess it shan't hurt to let Snake have a few solid whacks...Wanna come? The more, the merrier...", he asked. The mercenary only shook his head."No...I had a match earlier, and Link really did me in. I guess having Princess Zelda supporting him really bought out the warrior in him...Besides, I am waiting for Mario to call me for an examination.", he replied. Marth whistled out of pity."Do I feel sorrow for you...Oh well. You'll miss out on the fun. See you later.", he said, and with that, left to find the stoic spy.

Ike was about to resume sleeping, when a knock came at his door. Stifling a string of curses in his native language, the blue-haired swordsman reluctantly got up and went to answer the door."Yes?", he asked. Pit, the small angel and server to the goddess Palutena, shifted his wings uncomfortably." Um...Mario said to come and find you...He also said he was done with Lucas, so he'll be seeing you now.", he replied. The leader of the Greil mercenaries only gave a nod of gratitude before walking past Pit. The angel blinked, then followed."Wait! I, uh, wanna ask you something!", he cried out. Ike stopped, then turned around to face him."Hm?", he questioned. Pit rattled his bracelets-or his "badges of loyalty" to the goddess Palutena, as he called them-uneasily."Well...I, um, just wanted to know...if, y'know...you...you wanted to brawl with me tomorrow in Team Brawl. See, my partner, Luigi, is kinda sick. And I told Master Hand I would find a replacement partner, so gave me permission to ask around...B-But if you don't wanna, then it's okay. I'll just look for someone else...", he said. Ike shrugged."Why not...I have no battles booked for tomorrow, in any case. Who is it against?", he replied. The wielder of Palutena's bow flapped his pure white wings happily."It's against Samus and Ganondorf. Five minute match, free-for-all, no items.", he said. Ike nearly dropped his jaw in shock. Of all the combinations there could be, they had been chosen to fight Samus Aran, the deadly-yet-beautiful bounty hunter who had a entire arsenal of weapons at her disposal, and Ganondorf, the dangerous and powerful warlock who was able to knock out opponents with a few lethal blows. Now he had truly signed his death notice."Oh...Um, then remind me tomorrow...Okay?", he said. Pit beamed."Yeah! The fight is on!", he whooped joyfully, before flying downstairs. Ike scratched his head in confusion. Why the little angel would be thrilled he was meeting Death close-up was anyone's guess. But then again, he was never a normal being to begin with. Looking down the stairs, Ike sighed. He had a doctor's appointment to attend to.


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