Okay, so there will be some inconsistencies—like I came up with Hell Hounds for a storyline before Hell Hounds were introduced into the Supernatural world, so I had to make due, haha. Plus, there are things about Lana's character that change—because of lies and such. You don't really fully know the truth about Lana until later on and even then the boys don't.

Now, yes parts of this are different. Story lines are going to be a bit different and some things won't happen, or they will happen much later. It just needed to be re-written now that I'm caught up and I really like this version better.

WARNINGS: Rated "M" for Sex, Language, Dirty Thoughts, Innuendo, Blood, Violence and Dark Themes.


The girl walked through the dark alley, sure that something was following her, but she tried to stay calm. If she stayed calm, then she might be able to get away because they wouldn't think she knew they were following her, and then she would be able to get home safely…right? She'd be able to rejoin her friends and then pretend like the whole bait idea wasn't a bad idea…right?

Sadly for her, that wasn't the case. The footsteps got closer, and she started to run, she knew it was stupid, but she felt that she had to—like it was the only way to get away. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she tried to even out her scared breaths, and when she got to the middle of the alley, she looked behind her to make sure she could get away, and when she didn't see anyone, she closed her eyes happily, and stopped running, letting out a sigh of relief.

She turned around to face someone she had never seen before, and just his presence terrified her. She was going to scream, but his hand shot out to her neck, and his long nails scratched her delicate skin and she swallowed as the large incisors protruded out of his mouth and he bit into her neck. This wasn't how vampires had ever been described to her before and it shocked her, but she knew better than anyone that sometimes a hunting job could turn around and become something else at the drop of a hat.

Relying on her gut instincts as she always did, the girl was going to scream, but the man snapped her neck before she could say anything, and then drank from her until she was dry, and licked off the wound, instantly healing it, discarding her body in the dark alley, licking his lips and walking off as if nothing had happened, shouts of two girls being heard as he hurried off into the night.


Lana's POV

It wasn't the first time weird things had happened here, and it sure as Hell wasn't going to be the last. I was busy researching the most recent death—the girl in the alley—the girl who happened to be my best friend: Chelsea Fields. The wake was today, and so I was in a black dress, wearing a black hat with a black veil attached to it, working on my portable, wireless laptop before I left in my car.

Chelsea was the fourth girl in the last four months that had been found this way—devoid of blood, with no physical wounds but that of the cracking of her neck. I had noticed that each attack was made every month, on the 15th of each of those months, and I was going to figure it out—I was going to need Jen to come back online so that instead of thinking about what had happened when we'd found Chelsea, I could focus on how to kill the monster that did this to her. My cell phone rang as I was looking up dark rituals on the net, and then I looked at the cover and jumped up, shutting the laptop and running to the door as I opened the phone as I remembered why Jen had logged off in the first place.

"I'm on my way, Jen. I just got sidetracked. I'll be on time for the wake. No problem." I told her.

"You better be." She said. "Chelsea's parents have been wondering where you are."

"I'm on my way." I said again, locking the door.

"Good. Get here soon." She told me. "We can't research forever—our best friend was killed while the three of us were on a hunt and her wake is now."

"Right, Jen. Right." I sighed. "Bye."

I hung up my phone and then hurried to my silver Lexus, driving all the way to Chelsea's house, parking on the side of the street and taking a moment to let it all sink in. Chelsea, Jen and I had all grown up together and now she was gone…claimed by a hunt…all because I was stupid enough to go along with her bait idea and yet then again, there were only so many of us that I knew of and we were all going to end up a bit dead sooner or later. I sighed and blotted my now wet eyes with a Kleenex from the glove compartment, getting out, locking my car, and hurrying up to the house, running into these two men that looked kind of underdressed, and I blushed.

"Sorry." I told them, ringing the doorbell. "I should really learn to watch where I'm going."

"You look like you're in a hurry." The one with lighter hair and hazel-green eyes told me—he was definitely the most attractive to me of the two.

I nodded slowly. "I'm late to my own best friend's wake. What side of the family are you on?"

"Oh…we're just friends from school." The darker haired one explained to me.

"I don't think I remember Chelsea mentioning you—I don't remember seeing you either." I said, trying to hide my laugh because they were so obviously lying.

"Right…because you went to the same school too." The light haired one told me.

I smirked at that as they realized their story was off. "Yeah, and I don't remember any good-looking men there. It was an all girls' school, guys and even then, we graduated a while ago. Do your research better if you want to snoop around."

The shorted one smacked the taller one in the arm initiating a rather upset reaction as Jen opened the door. The two composed themselves when I hugged her tightly, pulling away from her to see her looking them over. Jen had always been the more hospitable one of us, so I just let her take it from there, even though I was going to talk to the casual dressers about what they were really doing here.

"Who are you guys?" She asked the two men.

I waved the question off. "Friends from school."

She nodded and laughed a little, both of us in on the little joke we had between us since neither of us went to school. Jen had been the hardest to convince to drop out of college, but after the attack on me that happened for the first time in a long time, she agreed. Now she knew through our little code that the two men behind us were just really bad hunters. I had a certain intuition about people, and now was just one of those times when relying on my instincts was key.

"Well how about you take your friends into the study and talk to them there, will you? I need to check on the refreshments table and then I need you to work on your duties." Jen told me, squeezing my hand and taking off.

I turned to the men and smiled. "Follow me." I shook my head a little as they thought for a moment, but soon they were following me into the empty study, watching me as I shut the door behind us and locked the door. "I'm Lana…all right cuties, what are your names so I can help you with your cover? Real ones, please, so that I can actually help you out with what you need…"

"I'm Dean." The light haired one told me as he paused, shocked a moment. "And this is my younger brother, Sam."

I smiled. "Well nice to meet you. Just to let you know, I did not go to the all girls' school, and I will pretend I know you, okay? Now why are you really here?" The men looked at each other, and then looked back at me as we sat down and I realized that they thought I wouldn't believe what they were going to say. "Something supernatural, eh? I agree. Jen and I have been researching, but what, I still haven't figured that out. God, what I would do for a scotch!"

"Scotch sounds good." Dean told me with an impressed smirk. "I take it we've encroached on another hunter's territory then?"

I smiled at him. "We're not going to find any scotch here, and no…not encroach. Jen and I, as much as we want to do this for revenge, could actually use a fresh pair of eyes and ears. It's our fault Chelsea got ganked, and as weird as it sounds…I think we're dealing with vampires." I explained, lowering my voice a little, just in case someone randomly waltzed into the room. "She was drained of all of her blood, and her neck was snapped—I'm thinking a demon of some kind definitely—or some kind of dark ritual, but my research hasn't really reached any conclusion yet."

Dean raised an eyebrow. "No wonder you need our help: someone needs to explain to you that vampires—"

"—have to be beheaded? I'm aware of that, thank you. What you're not aware of is that some of the really stupid ones that people write about in books actually exist. Perhaps not by name, but definitely by definition." I replied, cutting him off. "Who needs whose help now?"

Dean cleared his throat, but I knew he was intrigued, Sam laughing a little as he watched the two of us verbally go at it.

"What makes you think you can trust us with this?" Dean asked me.

I took the time to make eye contact with him and smiled. "You were trying to be undercover, and you're not dressed for the occasion. Not to mention that you needed an alias, so you were obviously looking for something, and this being the fourth death…in any ritual, there would most likely be one more—pentagrams. We both need each other's help and I figure why not team up for the time being, right?"

Sam and Dean nodded before Sam spoke up. "Could you show us your research?"

I nodded. "After the wake, sure, Sam. As for right now, I need to run on off to do my best friend duties, but since Jen is coming over later to help me some more, I suppose our new eyes and ears should join."

"All right…after the wake then." Sam told me with a smile…a killer one at that.

Four hours later, Sam and Dean followed me in their beautiful Chevy Impala to my house, and when we got out, I opened my door and sighed happily—it was good to be home and practically alone. I'd never really gotten entirely used to a hunter having to be secretive and alone and mostly unattached—the best ones were completely unattached—but with my past, I was learning. I ushered them in and went straight to the mini bar, pouring myself some scotch and Dean as well when he got that look on his face—that happy look I used to wear a lot more often.

"Scotch?" I asked Sam.

He shook his head. "Water's good, thanks."

I nodded, and gave him some ice water, and then I went to the couch and cuddled into it, opening my laptop and then looking up at them as I drank my scotch on the rocks and I giggled. They were standing there stiffly until Dean swooped down into the lazy boy chair near him, Sam rolling his eyes and muttering something under his breath to his brother that Dean rolled his eyes at.

"Make yourselves at home." I told them, mostly to reassure Sam since Dean had already taken the liberty of putting his feet up on the coffee table. "Hey! Use a coaster!"

Dean smirked and grabbed one of the coasters, putting his feet down and coming to sit down next to me on the couch, picking up my notepad. Sam followed suit and sat on the couch across from the one that Dean and I were occupying, waiting for me to pull up the things I had on what possibly could have killed Chelsea. He definitely seemed like the one that took things a little more seriously, while Dean seemed to be in it for the thrill of the hunt—so different and yet…they fascinated me.

"You see," I began, turning the laptop so Dean and Sam could see it, "if it was this ritual here to bring about great evil, it requires blood of five people, and would be able to be complete in two months—something about the moon cycle—which fits with the pattern of the deaths. However, you do not need all of the blood of each victim, and the cracking of the neck makes it a lot harder to draw blood. Jen and I were stuck on that for a while, but that's the way it is sometimes, right? Guess until you get it right?"

"But what if they cracked the neck later on after they died?" Sam asked me, trying to piece it all together.

I shook my head. "The marks indicate that the blood was drained afterwards—the bruising."

"How do you know this?" Dean asked me, genuinely curious and waiting for another answer that would make Jen and I his kind of hunters to work with.

I blushed, and got myself a second glass of scotch. "Jen and I have fake ID's for morgues—it's how all the great hunters do it isn't it?"

Dean beamed at me. "It certainly is. After the wake, Sam and I were going to go and look at the bodies ourselves."

Sam leaned back on the couch as he looked over the notepad Dean had returned to the coffee table and then they both looked at me as I poured myself a third glass of scotch. Sam seemed a little hesitant about me ingesting all of the alcohol, but for some reason the research just reminded me of the confrontation…of Chelsea's death…of my ridiculous plan that got her killed. I was supposed to protect her, and I had practically handed her to the vampire on a silver platter and I was supposed to live myself after that? So what if I got revenge on the vampire that did this? My other best friend was no longer here and it was my fault it had been that way.

"You think you should slow down?" Sam asked me, genuinely concerned for me even though he barely knew me—if he even knew me at all at this point.

I shrugged, and I was actually starting to feel sad. "You don't understand…" I began slowly, "I feel like if I had just told her it was a plan that was most likely going to go wrong—if Jen and I had been straight with her—we could have spared her—I could have handled myself a lot better in that situation but I let her do it…I'm pretty much the worst friend ever."

Tears started to spill out of my eyes as I drank the third scotch down, and then I was sobbing, and grabbed onto Dean who was closest, and Dean hugged me gingerly, trying to comfort me without ruining his manly reputation—I was only assuming he had one of those reputations because he acted like it—it was in the air of the way he walked and everything. He wasn't at all comfortable with the touching, even if I had spotted him checking me out before, and so I let the shift happen—let Sam comfort me instead. Sam was strong, and he held you firm and gentle, and I snuggled into his chest, Dean clearing his throat so as not to be forgotten, but we didn't know each other and he didn't do the crying thing…like at all.

"It's all right. You couldn't have saved her." He said slowly as the doorbell rang.

"That must be Jen." I said, pulling out of Sam's arms and wiping my eyes.

"You want some space?" Sam asked me, looking me over to make sure I was going to be all right—couldn't very well have one of his partners become a basket case of nerves.

I shook my head. "You know, since you guys are going to help me, why don't you just crash here? The whole house is mine and it gets lonely, so feel free to stay as long as you want. Extra blankets and pillows are in the hall closet. My room is the second on the right up the stairs if you need me."

The boys were surprised but Dean nodded, me heading to the front door and pausing a moment to check myself out in the mirror near the door. I knew I shouldn't have started to put alcohol in my system—not when I knew I was a sad drunk and I had things to be sad about. After tousling my hair a bit and then making sure my eyes were as dry as I could get them, I reached for the door knob and opened up the door to reveal my grinning best friend.

"Hey, honey." I greeted.

Jen smiled and then looked sad and sighed. "Have you been crying, Lan?"

I just shrugged a little. "I'm kind of in a funk right now and might have had a couple."

"Oh God, you're such a depressed, horny drunk." Jen laughed loudly.

Jen rolled her eyes and nodded before she hugged me, her eyes widening as she looked past me into the living room at Sam and Dean. She was going to talk to me about how I needed to be more careful when mixing my sorrows with spirits, but now she was focused on the two hunters standing in my living room. I laughed a little and helped her out of her coat, hanging it up on the coat rack and nodding as she found her words.

"What are they doing here?" She asked me, shooting me a look. "Did you open up some kind of hunter inn, or whore house when I wasn't looking?"

I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Since they're helping us out, I figured the least I could do for them was spare them a motel stay—you and I both know that I charge more than they can afford." I joked with a wink at the boys and then looked Jen in the eye.

"Fine…at least you're using your head as well as being hospitable…leave it to you to house strange, attractive men." Jen nodded and then waved at them as I smiled and shrugged playfully. "Um…hi guys."

"Nice to see you again, Jen." Sam greeted her warmly, Dean giving her a small wave.

Jen followed me into the living room and I handed her the notebook, her setting to work on my laptop as Sam looked things up on his and I went into the kitchen. Dean followed me and I couldn't say I wasn't happy about it—I'd been practically making eyes at him ever since we'd met, and I had no idea was I was so drawn to the cheeky son of a bitch. I turned to face him as I grabbed the vitamin canister out of the cabinet, and he smirked a little, making me want to jump his bones.

"I never asked you why you were here." I told him. "And I mean, like here—in Kansas."

Dean nodded and looked at me hard before he decided to answer truthfully. "We just finished a case and found this one."

I smiled at him and tucked my brown hair behind my ears. "That's got to be some luck of ours that we found new help—I have to hand it to luck because my karma is amazingly terrible."

"Oh, really? Well I suppose you could thank your luck then…we were in the area, heard about the mysterious deaths over here—and we're from Lawrence." Dean told me, and I could tell he really didn't talk about himself much when he made a little face and then recovered quickly—he was being too honest.

I smiled again though. "Small world."

"That it is." Dean told me with a shrug. "And not like that ridiculous Disney Land ride either."

"God, I hate that song because of that ride," I said with a smile.

I laughed at him and for a moment the two of us made direct eye contact and smiled at one another and I felt pretty good about the current situation. Even though I knew they wouldn't be staying, for the time being I had company and it was the kind of company I was looking forward to. Honestly, it felt to me like we had a connection, and I had a strong feeling that Dean felt it too…and then we heard Jen laughing.

"Sounds to me like Jen and Sam are getting friendly." I told Dean, our eyes still locked.

He chuckled and I suddenly felt tingly all over—in the best way. "She didn't giggle, so I doubt flirting is going on. Why…you jealous for the giant?"

I smirked and shook my head. "One, Jen doesn't giggle, and two, I really don't think I'm interested in either of you, and since Kevin's death is still fresh for Jen, she's not either—your brother just must be funny."

I knew I was lying—I wanted to take Dean then and there, but I was standing my ground since we'd just met, I wasn't easy, and I didn't even know his last name. He was simply another hunter, in the same vicinity, and I had been celibate for quite a long time…my entire existence, actually. Still, something about him was making me feel like I knew him—feel like there was something between us that was completely unexplainable…a connection of some sort. Again…my feelings were almost never wrong.

"Sam's girlfriend died recently too, actually." Dean admitted, motioning his head into the living room. "If you want to ruin both of their chances of getting laid, then be my guest."

I laughed and shook my head at him. "So you're that kind of guy, huh? I mean I know lots of hunters—males and females alike—are rather horny and promiscuous, but some of us actually have some morals…and they include not hooking up to try and get over a death of someone close to you."

Dean smirked and let out a low chuckle that made my entire body tingle again, and I went past him into the living room, smiling as Jen and Sam went over research together. She was simply laughing because Sam had some funny hunting stories to tell—there was no obvious flirting going on, even though Dean and I could tell that Sam and Jen might possibly be interested…at least Jen was. Noticing our entrance, Jen told Sam it was time for her to go and headed out to finish things up for her father, hugging me before she began to head to the door.

"I say we do this bright and early tomorrow morning." Jen explained, looking me directly in the eye. "I have some new research for you, but maybe you should look it over when you're sober."

I nodded and laughed. "All right. I need to sleep anyway, so get your ass home."

She smiled and waved 'bye' to the boys, me showing them to the guest rooms and then giving them a small tour of the house so they knew where things were, and made sure to let them know they could make themselves at home…and made sure to end the tour back in the living room. I grabbed the bottle of scotch even though I knew I shouldn't since we had to hunt the next day, but part of me wished that Chelsea was here arguing with me and Jen about how it should all be done. I looked at Sam who was worried and I couldn't help but already become attached to the two men standing in my living room—hunters or no, they were so protective…and so genuine.

"Sure you don't want to slow down with that stuff?" Sam asked me again. "I mean if you want I can stay up and we can talk."

I smiled at him, noticing Dean shifting a little uncomfortably. "It's just one night and I don't want you to give up sleep for my stupid problems…I'll be okay, I promise."

A few hours later, I had only had two more glasses of scotch, and I was pacing my room, thinking hard about things, tears streaming down my face. Occasionally I would have to blow my nose, and then I looked up to see Dean coming into my room, carrying a bag of cookies—I didn't even care that I was in a short nightgown and I looked like a mess. It was almost as if he was suddenly trying to be an angel, and I wasn't going to stop him.

"Thought maybe you'd want some." Dean said with a shrug, like it was nothing.

I smirked at him. "I've known you less then twenty-four hours, really, and you're already hitting on me."

Dean smirked too. "You've been hitting on me all day…scotch?"

I pointed to the nightstand, and soon I was trying to keep up with him, and the both of us were wasted, and I was crying my heart out, and laughing as well, trying to figure out the murder. Dean was also opening up to me, even though I could tell that he could handle a few more before he had to spill his guts to some random girl he'd only just met…he seemed to actually want to share things with me. Then I hit a nerve when I asked how he and Sam ended up hunting together, and Dean told me how he and Sam had been hunting all kinds of demons before when they were young, but now Sam had dropped out of college because Jessica, his girlfriend, had been murdered, and they were looking for their father who had gone AWOL.

"I'm sorry I brought it up." I told him, lying back on my bed and looking at him.

"It's fine, Lana, really." He turned his head and gazed at me fondly, reaching out to stroke my hair. "You know, you're really beautiful."

I smiled and sat up, my face close to his, way too lonely to deny the poor man a good lay. I'd never done this before, and I certainly had no idea what I was doing, but he was taking care of me in a way and I was never going to see him again. It was one of those opportunities that I couldn't let pass me by, so I kissed him, pulling away right as he started to kiss me back. I bit my lips and ran my fingers through his sandy brown hair, our hazel eyes locking together before his lips crashed into mine and he laid me down on the mattress, his fingers slipping up under my nightgown.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute." I said as he removed my underwear and went for his belt. "I don't even know your last name."

Dean chuckled and ran his thumb over my lip with the hand not up my nightgown, and I knew that even if he didn't tell me, I was going to let him have me. He wasn't even upset I'd stopped; he just ran his fingers along me lightly between my legs making my lust for him grow, and then when I asked him what his last name was, he abandoned trying to simply arouse me and looked me in the eye.

"Dean Winchester and you are?" He asked me.

I smiled at him and gasped when I felt one of his fingers push inside. "Alana Meckenzie."

Sex really wasn't at all what I had imagined it to be ever. There were moments when I wanted to scream it felt so felt so fabulous, but that moment when he finally pushed in was so painful, I had to bite my lip to stop myself from asking him to stop. I fought back the tears, and after a few moments it started to feel a lot better, especially with his mouth and hands trying to please other parts of me along the way, so I sucked it up and the two of us finally got a rhythm down. He had nothing but dirty and coaxing words to say, so we bantered a little, me climaxing first, followed by him, and then afterwards he held me…the ladies man I was pretty sure he was, was spooning me, and when he nuzzled my hair with his nose, I just snuggled into him and fell asleep.


Everything hurt the next morning: my head, my privates…and then when I opened my eyes they hurt too when I was practically blinded by the light, and quickly covered my eyes—damn windows! When I looked around, squinting, I saw Dean lying under the covers, the bottom half of him was covered with the sheets, our clothes on the ground. I grabbed a large button up shirt and pulled it on, and then pulled on a fresh pair of panties and pulled my hair back into a ponytail—I was never going to drink again, that was for sure. It was fun, my cherry was popped, but for some reason now I felt like a cheap floozy, and Dean and Sam were gonna pack up and get out of my life when this hunt was over and I didn't want them to leave.

"Oh my." I heard Dean say.

"The joys of scotch." I replied, turning to him with a smile on my face as he laughed.

"Sam's still down there probably." He said, squinting until I closed the curtains.

I shrugged and headed for the door. "I need coffee more than anything—I could care less if your brother sees me like this."

I turned the doorknob, stopping when I heard Dean's voice ask, "So how was it?"

I looked at him with a smile on my face. "It was one big, happy blur. You're kind of better than I thought you would be."

Dean chuckled when I winked at him, and I headed out of the bedroom, going downstairs, putting the ground coffee beans into the coffee maker and then adding water. Then I went into the bathroom and grabbed some Advil, turning around to Dean, and then I gave him my two pills, and got myself two more. He looked used to hangovers, and I certainly wasn't, even though I had been drunk once or twice before, and I envied that he could handle so much more than me.

"When will the coffee be ready?" Dean asked me as he popped the pills down.

I shrugged, and then I felt it—rising chunks. "You might want to leave."

"What?" He asked me with an eyebrow cocked.

I couldn't answer him, because I had lifted up the lid and then leaned over the toilet, throwing up the evidence of what caused me to sleep with Dean the night before, as Dean made a noise and left the room. He knew if he stayed in there with me while I was vomiting he would lose it too, and I really couldn't blame him. When I was done, I flushed the toilet, rinsed my mouth out, and then I grabbed my toothbrush and some toothpaste, and brushed my teeth. Walking out into the kitchen, I poured myself a cup of coffee, and then I went and sat down with my laptop, trying hard to ignore the splitting headache, and the stomach lurches, and then I looked up and saw Sam looking at me funny.

"I figured you guys wouldn't mind if I walked around like this for a little bit. I have the worst hangover." I said, closing my eyes and taking a sip of my coffee.

"It's not like I haven't seen more." Dean said, sitting down on the other end of my couch and drinking coffee too, me really wishing my hangover was as minimal as his as Sam looked at us both a little confused.

Dean cleared his throat. "We, uh…don't judge me, Sammy."

Sam sighed and shook his head. "Real nice of you to take advantage of her, Dean. You know I thought you were the one who said that we weren't supposed to get close to people when we were in this line of work."

"Thank you for the concern, Sam, really, but it's fine." I told him with a fond smile, pleased that he cared enough to try and put Dean in his place. "Dean and I are both consenting adults and it was just one night that made us both feel better—I'm a big girl…I can handle it…even if it was my first time."

I had mumbled the last part into my coffee, but Sam and Dean had both heard it and looked at me as I sipped my coffee. Sam then immediately gave Dean an angry look and would have lectured him then and there if I hadn't been in the room, I was sure, and Dean…I couldn't place his look. He was a little stunned and yet a little proud and yet a little upset with himself, and I instantly knew that he was going to remember me, even when he was off getting ready to hop into bed with someone else.

"You certainly seemed experienced last night, Princess." Dean asked me and then he laughed a little and shook his head. "You really don't mind giving out information, do you?"

"Neither do you." I pointed out and shrugged. "I didn't bring it all up." Sam sighed, and then I set the cup down and dinked around on my laptop as Sam and Dean exchanged looks with each other, Sam wanting to say something but not in front of me, and then I sat up straight, my eyes widening. "Oh my God, I know exactly what we're dealing with! Ritual? Pshh! When we were first researching, Jen told me that she was pretty sure there was a lair around here of demons pretending to be the old school vampires—the stake in the heart ones—but we never found anything. Since no girl died last night…plus Jen kind of tailed a shady looking guy last night and thinks she found a lair."

Sam took the information all in and nodded slowly. "Okay, but…what about the bite marks?"

"Vampire saliva has healing powers." Dean and I said in unison.

We looked at each other for a moment and then looked at Sam, me pleading with him to accept it and help us. Sam and Dean knew they didn't have a reason not to trust Jen and I thus far, so they nodded and we got dressed and headed to the coordinates that Jen texted to me on my cell. I looked up at the building and called Jen, her laughing when she picked it up, Sam and Dean arguing over by the Impala as I stood on the sidewalk.

"So are you sure this abandoned building is the lair, Jen? You've been wrong before." I told Jen as I made a face at having to go in there. "It's just demons pretending to be vampires."

"Look, trust me here. Who bailed who out of the building with the secret plans last time because she was being stupid and didn't listen to her?" Jen asked me, and I knew her eyebrows were raised at me just from her tone.

I sighed and replied in a small voice, "You did."

"Exactly. Now go in the stupid building, Lana." Jen told me with a laugh.

"Okay. Okay. Fine." I said and motioned to Sam and Dean, who joined me.

"Just be careful—don't let anything happen to Sam." Jen said, and hung up on me.

We were standing outside of a huge building in the city, and I had my hands on my hips. I wasn't sure that they were right about this because it only took Sam two hours to find it. Cases rarely ever just dropped into your lap, but sometimes they did and I would just have to be thankful about this one, I supposed. I looked at Dean looking me up and down, and then I just rolled my eyes and went towards the door instead of telling them what I wanted to tell them.

"Wait!" Sam cautioned. "We have to be prepared."

I smiled, and pulled a gun out of my coat pocket. "Holy bullets with crosses etched into them—won't kill them, but it'll hurt like a mother." I explained, and then I pulled two viles of clear liquids out of my pockets and then I handed them to them. "Holy Water. Use it well."

They looked at my funny, and Dean held out his hand for gun. "Hand it over."

"Um…no." I told him. "I get the heavy machinery—I brought it after all."

"Oh please. Like I'm going to let a woman carry the gun." He said and motioned for me to hand it over again. "Like you even know how to operate heavy machinery."

I scoffed and shook my head. "I learn pretty quick—you learned that last night—and for your information, I take offense to that sexist comment. Now are we checking this out or not? You are helping me with my case, and honestly now that I know what needs to be done to finish it, I could really do this without you. There is way more to me than you know."

"No, no. We're good." Sam told me, standing right by my side. "Don't let the fact that he's an ass make you do something stupid."

I smiled and nodded at him. "Wouldn't dream of it."

Sam nodded and kept walking, Dean coming up next to me both of us lagging a little behind. He reached out to grab my hand, me stopping and looking at him as he gave me a look and then Sam turned to look at us. My eyes were focused on Dean though because obviously there was something he wanted to say to me.

"I don't think Sam wanted to know anything else about last night." Dean told me, and I knew it wasn't what he wanted to say, but it was what came out anyway.

I shrugged a little and let go of his hand. "I don't think you ever want to talk about it again. Was it really that bad?"

"I don't think now is the time to talk about this." Sam said suddenly. "After we kill the demons, please?"

I nodded, and led the way into the building, walking slowly and listening hard to the things around me as I walked. Something moved past me quickly, and I turned to the right and started looking around madly, trying to figure out where this thing was. Dean was close to me on my other side, like he was protecting me, and I smiled slightly. He was so mutli-faceted, and I really wished that after this I wouldn't have to see the last of him…I wanted him to stick around.

"Over here!" Sam called out and I turned around and saw a hitch in the wall.

I pulled on it, and then I stepped inside and immediately tried to hold my breath at the stench. There were three dead bodies hanging on the wall—all of them looked like familiar missing girls from the past few months, and I realized how wrong my theory had really been—this thing fed like all the time. It just meant that Jen was pretty much the brains of the operation, and I was just the gung-ho Mistress of Violence.

I whirled around when I heard a noise and I saw the vampire with his hand to Sam's throat, cutting off his airflow, and then the creature looked at me, a sly smile spreading across his face. Dean stepped in between us though, and Sam smashed his vile of Holy Water into the vampire and it screamed releasing Sam as Dean threw his bottle. The vampire started to come at me, and then Dean shook his head and hit the vampire, but it didn't faze him much.

"She's my toy, not yours." Dean told it, and then I grabbed a stake out of my pocket on my pant leg and shoved it into his heart, watching him burst into ashes.

"Let me fix that for you." I told Sam, hurrying over to him as he nodded, and followed me outside.

Once at my house, I cleansed, treated, and wrapped up Sam's hand while Dean sat there and looked at things on my laptop. I was already attached and I knew it, but looking into Sam's chocolate brown eyes while I treated him as best I could made the feeling sink into my gut just a little more. Sam smiled his infectious smile at me and I couldn't help but want to snuggle into him, blushing a little as he chuckled a little and it warmed my insides.

"Thanks." Sam told me, and I just smiled and nodded.

"Anytime. And you." I turned to Dean, walked over to him, and slapped him. "I am nobody's toy."

Dean rubbed his cheek and smirked a little, and we hung out for the rest of the day, me telling them to get a good night's rest here before leaving. It took convincing but Sam caved first, and the next morning I made breakfast as Sam and Dean told me that they should really get going. I nodded, and I realized that my heart was breaking when they gathered up their things to go and packed up the back of the Impala. It was just going to be me again, in this big, empty house, occasionally with Jen over to bond with me. Both of my adopted parents had been murdered by demons, and my siblings…they weren't around and that was simply the way it was so I followed them to the Impala and bit my lip at them.

"You sure you have to go?" I asked them suddenly.

Sam nodded slowly. "We have to find our father."

"You can't stay for like, two more days? One more day?" I tried glad Sam was considering it even though he was shaking his head.

Sam smiled at me. "We would, but we should be heading out."

"It's not like we won't call." Dean told me with a grin.

"Yeah, because I trust you to call me." I said, smiling as he smiled and shrugged. "Look, at least wait for like ten quick minutes, all right?"

"Okay." Sam nodded as Dean sighed, "Fine."

I ran upstairs and packed like the wind, running out with one bag of clothes, and one bag of weapons. It was a rather rash decision on my part, but I couldn't just let them leave me when the connection I felt with them was so strong. Sam smiled a little at me even though Dean stayed surprised the whole time as I stood there in front of them for a moment and then continued to move so that I wouldn't back out.

"I'm coming." I said, opening up the back door of the car and tossing my things in. "I could really help, and I'm in need of an adventure. Jen will always keep in touch, and fighting demons is thoroughly refreshing. I have money too and hunting experience!"

"Just get in, Lana." Sam told me, grinning and motioning to the car.

"Can you wait one moment while I talk to her alone please?" Dean asked Sam, holding up a finger to his brother and then dragging me over to the porch and looking me directly in the eye. "Why would you want to do this? You have a great place here, and beautiful friend, and I don't see why you'd throw your life away on hunting."

I smiled at him and ran my thumb along his hand, surprised when he didn't take his hand away from mine. "I think I made that clear—helping people leaves me with a wonderful feeling inside. Besides…having a normal life is over-rated, and when you know about the existence of monsters…it can't really be 'normal'."

Dean nodded slowly. "You know I was only trying to get to you earlier right? You don't have to do this to get back at me, because last night was amazing and I wouldn't want to take it back…I'm just a dick sometimes."

"It's nice to know, Sweet-Talker, but I'm not doing this to get back at you—and don't worry, I'm not doing this to get with you all the time either—I just want to help, and I don't really have anything here besides Jen, and she's got her own life actually trying to be normal, so without me that's less hunts for her. This isn't about the fact that you want to just leave this as a one-night stand, is it? Because I won't get in your way of other girls at all—I'm over you."

Dean laughed as I winked. "You know what, we could use a change in pace. Come on."

He moved his head in the direction of the car, and I smiled, and followed him, getting into the back seat of the car. I couldn't even begin to describe the joy I was feeling that I was actually going to get to travel with Sam and Dean. They were perfect strangers, and I knew that, but on some level we understood each other because we understood what it was like to be a hunter…what it was like to sacrifice and keep secrets.

"Welcome to the team." Sam told me, and then Dean turned the engine over and the car sped out of the driveway.

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