Chapter 1: Lava

Disclaimer: I'll say this once, I own nothing, 'cause it's all Andrew Marlowe's. Maybe he'll lend the rights to me sometime.

Author's Note: I've seen so many of these in other fandoms, so I decided I was going to make one too. Expect daily updates, unless otherwise noted. These will all take place after all of the Caskett stuff is settled, except for when I say it's not. Happy reading!


"No way, you're totally out!"

"Not true!"

Beckett looks up from her paperwork. She knows the voices: one is Castle's and the other Ryan's. But what are they doing?

She follows the noise into the dimly lit bullpen, needing to let her eyes adjust before she can see clearly. Castle and Espo have their feet on black squares on the floor, but Ryan's is partly on a white space. Esposito glances over at Beckett, who is rolling her eyes and smiling slightly.

But Castle shakes his head. "Do you even know how to play 'The White Squares are Lava' game?"