Hello everyone. This is LoverofLemon here. This is my first fanfic. As such, my spelling and grammar are going to be pretty bad until I get a beta reader. Anyway, hope you enjoy my first story.

P.S.: As I am not a great story teller, this might be my only story, but I do have another story in mind. It a NaruHina story, so if interested it writing it, PM me.

Also, I don't know Naruto. If I did, Shargian wouldn't be the center plot point.

"Stupid Anbu. Why did they have to trash by house while looking for me?" Naruto said as he put the final nail on the board to cover the hole in his floor. He was not having a good day. He failed his exam for the third time, ended up stealing an important scroll, almost got himself and Ikura killed, and to top it all off, learned that he had a demon fox inside him. "Oh….that right, the Anbu destroyed my home to get back at the fox." With one last strike, the hole was cover up. "All right *Thump, Thump* feels strong en- *crack* ough? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" was all he could say until he finally hit ground. "Ouch! Oh man…where am I?" Looking around, all Naruto could see was darkness except for the hole he fell through…..which was so high up he could barely see. "What the hell? I wasn't living on the ground floor, how am I so far underground and didn't pass any other floors?" Just then, a flash of light appear and Naruto was finally able to see what was around him. "It a garden field, but it just the field, no plants or anything." Another flash and then there was a bag by his feet and a letter. "Ok. This is getting weird." Slowly, Naruto pick up the bag and then began reading the letter attached.

"Greeting young Naruto, I am the God of Lemons. Now that you are legally an adult in the ninja world, I will now give you a personal gift. Please open the bag now." Deciding why not, Naruto open the bag to reveal….a seed. "Now this seed is not a regular seed, it can fully grow into a lemon in one night and when eaten by a female, can bring unlimited love to you. All you have to do is plant the seed and water it. However, the water has to have your blood in it. Not much, just a drop in the water can I provide with the water. (I filled it up this time, but you have to fill it up afterward. I'm the lemon God, not the water God.) In the morning, a fully grown lemon will be yours to take. Have a female take a bit of it (or drink or whatever as long as it has some of the lemon in it) and they will forever give you a love that you never had and will always want to keep. Don't worry; I make sure that it won't affect any males. Enjoy."

"Mmm, don't have anything better to do, might as well." With that said, Naruto remove the single seed from the bag and place in the dirt and cover it up. Then, after picking up the watering can, bit his thumb till it bled and put a single drop of blood in it before pouring the entire content into the dirt covering the seed. "I heard of having a green thumb, but it looks like I have a red thumb."

With the can empty, Naruto began to return to his room. "Umm…How do I get out of here?" Just then, the ground quake and a wooden platform appear with a letter on it. "Another one? Oh well." Picking up the note, Naruto read the content. "Please step on. This will take you back to your room." Stepping on the platform, it started to rise into the air until he was finally backed into his room. As an added bonus, the platform covered up the hole perfectly. Looking back at the note, there was still more written on it. "Now to return to the garden, stand on this platform and preform this handsign." Looking at the diagram, Naruto took on a look of confusion as it was a handsign he never seen before. The left hand had the thumb and forefinger making a circle while the rest of the fingers where in the air and the right hand only had the forefinger in the middle of the hole while the rest were still in a fist.

"Well, this was fun, but I need to get to bed. I may have 3 days until the team selections are made, but I am dead tired. And the sooner I sleep, the sooner morning is and my lemon has finished growing." Changing into his night wear, Naruto went to bed. As he was catching his needed Zs, down below, the seed began to take route.

It is a little short right now, but I just needed to get this idea written down before I forget.

Next chapter: Naruto grows his first lemon, and get his first one too. Can you guess who it going to be?