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That was the sound that came from the Snake Sannin Orochimaru as he suddenly starts puking just recently after Naruto threw the lemon into his mouth. Little did everyone know that the Sannin has an allergy to citrus fruits, especially lemons. And since it's a whole lemon, this made him vomit. But not just any vomit, it's a geyser of vomit, a spout of chunky light brown bile spew out from the snake's mouth like a fire hydrant, painting the ground and trees with that color.

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were up on the branches to avoid the vomit from the creepy Snake Sannin.

"What did you do to him?" askSasuke

"I was trying to throw a kunai at him but I ended up throwing one of my lemons at him." Naruto responded.

"What is it with you and lemons, Dobe?" ask Sasuke

"They contain vitamin C and prevent scurvy" said Naruto "they're good for ya."

"That creep said otherwise" said Sasuke pointing at Orochimaru, still vomiting and on all fours.

"Oh Kami, the pain" grunted Orochimaru as his stomach feels it's on fire "damn my lemon allergies BLAAAHHHH!"

"Eww" said team 7

"I never suspected him to vomit that much" said Naruto

"OH KAMI MAKE IT STOP BLAAAHHHHH. PLEASE GET ME A DOC-BLAAAAAHHHHH. WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THER-BLLLAAAAAHHHHH." Screamed Orochimaru in middle of vomiting, a large puddle of bile is made. He then starts gagging for air and coughs out large long solid objects covered in puke. 'I got to get my meds.' Orochimaru thought has he started to leave. "I'll be back for you Sasu-BLLLAAAAHHH!" was what the team heard as he disappear into the forest.

Naruto and Sasuke noticed the pile and drop down to investigate.

"Oh gross, it's still warm and thick" said Naruto as he stood on the puddle and grabbing the puke covered objects. He rushes to a nearby river and washes the objects (and his feet) to reveal the objects. "Awesome, it's the Earth Scroll…and how on earth did he get a sword down his throat?"

"What?" said Sasuke as approches Naruto and sees a beautifully crafted jian. "Wow, the craftsmanship on that sword is amazing."

"Yeah." said Naruto as he looks at the sword and then offers it to Sasuke "Here you go, Sasuke"

"But why?" asked Sasuke

"If anyone on our team is going to be good with a sword, it going to be Mr. Special Eyes." was Naruto answer.

"Thanks Do- Thanks Naruto." Sasuke said.

"No problem. Now how about we get to the tower before we get sick from all this vomit here?"

"Hai" said Sakura as she feels a bit sick herself.

With 2 scrolls obtained, there is no point for Team 7 to remain in the Forest of Death anymore and headed straight to the Tower in the center.


Orochimaru thought were racing at losing his chance to give the seal to Sasuke but more at Naruto as he was the one that got him in this predicament: curling into a ball and clutching his painful stomach.

"You will pay for this, brat" said Orochimaru "YOU HEAR ME, I SAID…BLAAAAAAAHHHH!

*At the Tower*

After reaching the tower and opening the scrolls. They were greeted by their old teacher who congratulated them on passing the second part of the exam. He then went on to explain that the tower many things from training halls to cafeterias as well has rooms for all of them for them for the next few days until the exam was over.

"HA HA HA, WE DID IT!" shouted Naruto "we got there in just one day, HA HA HA!"

"It was lucky that you forced that snake bastard to vomit that scroll out" said Sasuke "plus I get this beautiful sword as a bonus. So if you don't mind. I am going to find one of those training rooms and get some practice in." and with that he was off.

"I'm going to get some food and get some sleep. What are you going to do Naruto-kun?" Saskura asked her love.

"I'm going to look for Anko of course. I'll see you tomorrow." Naruto told her and they went their separate way.

*1 hour later*

"Where is she? I feel like I have been everywhere." Naruto mumble to himself as he has been searching all over the place. He was currently on one of the higher floors when he was grabbed and pull around a corner and into a soft valley that he has been searching for.

"You look so dirty master why don't you come with me and let me clean you up" said Anko grabbing Naruto's hand and dragging him down the hall. Naruto allowed the sexy snake mistress to lead him up into the top of the tower where her own personal room was. Entering it he was surprised when he saw how different it looked. He figured that it would be some sort of crazy sex dungeon with dango sticks everywhere. But it looked like a normal place and he could see lots of different kinds of food on the counter.

"It's ok master, everyone looks that way when they first see my place. They always expect me to be some sadistic snake lady who lives on dango." Laughed Anko at Naruto's face, but he could hear the hidden pain in her voice. He allowed her to lead him into her bathroom which had a nice large tub and a glass shower.

Not letting go of her hand Naruto spun Anko around and brought her into a kiss, his tongue sliding against her lips asking for entrance. Anko happily opened her mouth allowing Naruto's tongue to enter her and explore. Leaning into the kiss Naruto started to roam his hands over her body, enjoying the soft curves and lean muscles that where hidden under her clothes. Grabbing the sides of her shirt he quickly pulled it off of her, leaving her standing in just her pants.

Anko smiled at Naruto before stepping back and taking off the rest of her clothes letting him see her large perky breasts with their small hard nipples, and her long legs leading up to her sexy ass. Naruto let out a whistle of appreciation as Anko walked back over to him, her hips swaying hypnotically as she walked. Taking her in his arms Naruto gave her another deep kiss, his cock aching to get free as her soft sharply body rubbed up against him.

"You are very beautiful Anko" said Naruto running his hands up her sides before grabbing one of her breasts and playing with its hardened nipple. Anko let out a small moan as she felt her masters hands on her breasts, just the kiss had been making her wet and now his hands were threating to make her cum right there.

"Thank you master, would you like your slave to undress you now?" she asked

"I would love that my sexy little snake mistress, not slave, do that" he said causing Anko to blush and started to remove Naruto's tattered clothes, running her hand over his muscles and stopping ever now and then to kiss and lick at his hard muscles. She could already see the large bulge in his pants and ran her long tongue over it as she slowly pulled down his pants.

Naruto smiled as he saw Anko lick her lips in anticipation before moving in and kissing at his cock. Her lips softly brushing up against the head of his cock before moving down and kissing the underside of his large shaft. Anko kept this up for a minute, kissing and sucking at his cock while her hands ran up and down his hips, her hot mouth causing his cock to twitch.

"Stop teasing me Anko or you won't get your reward" said Naruto jokingly, Anko just smiled at this before doing something that shocked and presently surprised Naruto. Moving her face right in front of his cock she let her tongue out, and Naruto watched as it wrapped around and around his cock three times before stopping at the base. Naruto didn't know what to say so he just enjoyed as the tongue wrapped around his cock, moving up and down slowly.

He watched as thick saliva dripped from her tongue and landed on her breasts, and was enjoying the feeling of her tongue coiling and uncoiling around his hard shaft. Smiling Anko moved her mouth over his cock, taking all of him inside her while she still had her tongue wrapped around his cock.

"Wow you really are a sexy little snake slut aren't you Anko?" asked Naruto his hand running though her hair as she bobbed her head back and forth. Anko sped up her sucking causing Naruto to moan as her hot wet tongue slid over his cock. Bobbing her head a couple more times she took him out of her mouth and started to just use her long tongue to jerk him off.

"I'm going to cum Anko. I'm going to cum on those sexy tits that you were teasing everyone with during the test." He shouted before cuming and spraying her face and breasts with her cum. Anko smiled as she felt her master hot tasty cum drip down her chin and land on the swell of her breasts before traveling down the valley between them. "Looks like you're going to need to be cleaned up now Anko."

"Watch this Naruto-sama" Anko bent her head down and her long tongue came back out and started to lap up the cum that was on her breasts, swirling over them before disappearing back into her mouth and giving her a satisfied grin. Naruto was already imagining all the fun they could have, and how much he would like to see her use that long tongue to lick his cum out of the girl's cunts, and he was sure they would enjoy it to.

"Wow that's an amazing talent Anko" said naruto helping her up, Anko blushed at the amount of praise she was getting from her master; any praise was rare to her.

"Thank you Naruto-sama but now I think we need to wash some of that yummy sweat off of you and get you ready for bed." Anko led him over to the glass shower and though she didn't have to she bent over to turn the water on giving Naruto a great view of her beautiful shapely ass. Stepping forward he palmed the two mounds of flesh, massaging them with his hands as he rubbed his cock up between her butt cheeks.

"You have such a sexy ass my little snake mistress, in fact all of you is beautiful" he said before moving past her and into the shower. Anko quickly closed the door to the shower and grabbed the soap. Anko took her time washing Naruto's body down, her soft hands running all over his aching muscles and her hot mouth placing kisses here and there. Naruto was enjoying the shower, the sight of the sexy Anko washing him off making him hard again.

"Why don't you let me wash you now Anko-Chan" said Naruto making her stand up and taking the soap from her hands.

"But master I'm supposed to be bringing you pleasure." She said disappointed that her master didn't want her to finish.

"You are Anko; just being in here with me is making me very happy. And I want to make you happy to, I know what it's like being an outcast but now that your part of my family you don't have to feel like that anymore." He said before pushing her up against the far wall and placing his lips on her neck leaving a sting of kisses down her neck and to her collar bone.

Anko felt like melting into the wall as Naruto ran the washcloth over her body, his strong hands gently caressing her. Naruto was having fun washing Anko her body wet and slick under his touch and the sounds of pleasure she made spurring him on. Moving his lips down from her neck he took one of her hardened nipples in his mouth and started sucking on it before kissing his way down her sexy stomach and getting to her wet pussy.

Naruto inhaled the scent of her arousal before digging in, his long fingers entering her wet folds as his teeth and tongue played with her clit.

"Ahh Master" screamed Anko cuming on Naruto and drenching his hand and face in her juices. Naruto just smiled and stuck his tongue in-between her folds licking up all of her sweet juices. Naruto continued to play with her cunt for a few more minutes before kissing his way back up her body to her mouth.

Anko's long tongue came out once again to lick her juices off of Naruto's face before kissing him. She could feel his large rod pressed up against her belly as Naruto pressed her up against the wall, trapping her between it and him. "Yes Master fuck me; fuck your snake slut's dirty cunt." She moaned wrapping her very flexible leg around his hip and grinding her pussy against his rod.

Wasting no time Naruto pulled back and plunged himself into her cunt, his eyes locked on hers as she rode his dick. Pressing her tighter against the wall he continued to thrust in long slow strokes working more and more of his cock into her with each thrust.

"Ohh master you cock feels so good inside of me." She said wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck, Naruto started to play with her tight perky breasts as he thrust into Anko, her tight snatch gripping onto his cock as it slid in and out of her. Just before Anko could cum Naruto pulled out and gave her a commanding look.

"Ok Anko I want you to bend over and show be that beautiful ass of yours again" said Naruto, which she happily obliged and turned around, placing her hands on the wall to steady herself and stuck her round butt out for Naruto. "Ohh yes what a sexy little ass you have Anko." said Naruto squeezing out the washcloth and watching the soapsuds run down the mounds of her butt.

"Thank you master" said Anko trying to regain her breath from where Naruto had been slowly fucking her with his cock. Grabbing her shapely ass naruto slowly pushed himself back into her snatch, slowly fucking her. Naruto felt the tight walls of her pussy tighten around him and start to convulse as Anko came around his cock, the pressure causing him to cum and fill her up with his seed.

Anko felt wonderful as she came around Naruto's cock, then the feeling of his cum filling her caused a second smaller orgasm to rip though her body making her shake and see stars. Closing her eyes she was surprised when she felt the wash cloth on her again, it was gently running up her legs and over her cunt, cleaning her off. She let a sad smile on her face, her master even when fucking her was nicer than most of the other people in the village.

"I think it's time to get dried off my sexy little snake" said Naruto brushing the hair away from her face and whispering into her ear. She turned around with a large happy smile before taking Naruto's hand and being led out of the shower. Finding a large white fluffy towel the two took their time admiring the others body and making out as they dried each other.

Naruto enjoyed when Anko's long pink tongue came out again to lick the water off of his chest or when she wrapped it around his cock and gave him another blowjob, her thick saliva and his white cum falling in-between her breasts, meaning she had to lick that up to. Eventually the two made it into Anko's bedroom, her bed sitting in the middle with red satin sheets and large soft pillows.

"Your bed is ready master, if you wish I can sleep on the floor so I do not disturb you." Said Anko

"Wha..What? Why would you say something like that Anko" asked naruto staring at the beautiful strong woman who was staring at the floor with a sad expression.

"Because master wouldn't want someone like me in the family. My reputation would just make your life worst "she said, a small tear falling down her cheek. Naruto moved forward and wrapped his arms around her, his hand cupping her face and wiping away the tear.

"I never want to hear that again Anko. You are my beautiful snake mistress and I never want you to believe that I don't care for you." said Naruto

"Bu..But" started Anko before Naruto silenced her with a kiss and moved her over to her bed laying her down on her back.

"But noting Anko, you are one of my important people and I don't want to hear you say that about yourself. And if I hear anyone else saying something like that about you I will take care of it ok?" he asked, all Anko could do was smile up at Naruto, tears of happiness staring to fall down her cheeks. Naruto bent own and kissed the trail of her tears before kissing her nose and licking at her lush lips.

Anko opened her mouth and let Naruto control the kiss as their hands roamed each other's bodies.

"Please master, fill my body with your seed" she begged as his hands ran over her body.

"Ohh I'm defiantly going to fuck you later Anko, but first I'm going to make love to you." He said before sliding himself back into her. Naruto placed her legs on his shoulders and started to thrust into her, watching as her breasts bounced back and forth as she shook form his pumps. Bending forward Naruto got to see just how flexible Anko was as he kissed her, her knees next to her ears as he continued to thrust down into her cunt, his cock hitting deep into her womb with ever thrust.

"Oh oh oh fuck, ohh fuck me, fuck me master, fuck your little snake slut." She said as his cock spread her lips and buried itself deep inside her. Naruto continued thrusting his hips pounding into her as he listened to her moan and writhe under him. Pulling out of her but keeping her legs behind her head he bent down and started to eat out her pussy, licking up from her tight ass all the way to her pussy before spearing her with his tongue.

Anko let out a large scream and came, her body shaking and convulsing from her masters teeth playing with her. After coming down from the high she felt her legs being moved back down and felt naruto wrap his arms around her as she lay on her side. The two lay there for a while with naruto's hard cock slowly thrusting in and out of her as they snuggled closely.

"I'm about to cum Anko do you want me to cum in you." asked Naruto, his lips on her neck.

"Yes" said a breathless Anko.

"Then ask for it, ask me to cum in your lovely little cunt." commanded Naruto.

"Ohh please master, cum in me, cum in my pussy and make me yours" begged Anko in a teasing voice as Naruto stated to speed up again causing Anko to hide her head in the crook of his neck to keep from screaming as another orgasm ripped through her body as the young blond came filling up her womb.

The two ninja just lay there wrapped in each other's arms with Naruto's cock still stuck in her pussy as they drifted started to drift off sleep. "We still got a few days Anko. I want you to tell me about your life. I wish to know all about my newest family member." Naruto say before sleep took hold of them both.

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