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*Team 8*

As a kunoichi, Hinata was already aware that she would see many things in her life that would make her uncomfortable or for that matter disgusted or paranoid. And there would be times that she'd have to try to handle it on her own before she could find peace back in Naruto's arms.

Fortunately that time was over, or it would be over if she got get away from her team and could get to Naruto in the tower which they hadn't reached yet.

"I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight." Kiba said quietly. "I mean, did you see that?"

"We were there when you were Kiba, that should be obvious an answer enough for you." Shino responded.

"Still, I can't believe that someone could use sand as a weapon like that." Kiba added.

"With all due respect Kiba, talking about it isn't going to help us here. Instead, let's just continue on to the tower." Hinata advised. 'Once we're there, then it will be safe to talk, and I can tell Naruto-kun and the other girls about the boy from Suna. That look in his eyes, that was the look of someone who kills not for his job or glory or even for personal reason. That was the look of someone who just wants to see others die.'

*Team 10*

Having just acquired the scroll they needed to pass, Ino's team was in a mad dash for the tower. To stay out in the forest any longer than necessary would aggravate all three of them for different reasons.

"That was amazing back there Ino." Chouji praised.

"Oh, it was nothing really." She said modestly.

"I still can't believe your plan worked?" Shikamaru asked.

"Please Shikamaru. If you really thought my 'make them lust by my beauty' wasn't going to work, you would of stop me. We know you are that smart" Ino answered.

"I can't believe all it took was you to lower your hair and shake your hips a bit to distract them long enough for us to knock them out." Chouji said. "But why weren't we affected?"

"Cause I wasn't carrying food and Shika too lazy to be affected" she answered quickly.

'She has a point' both of the boys thought as they continued to the tower.


'Ah, found it.' Sakura thought when she found Naruto's room. She quietly walked in, wanting to spend some private time with her love, something she hadn't been able to do since their first time in Wave. Closing the door then locking it so no one would interrupt her, she tiptoed to the bed, and stopped when she got a better look at who was actually in it.

Naruto was there, she'd recognize him anywhere, even back when her thoughts weren't her own, but he wasn't alone. Naruto was cuddling with another woman, Anko if Sakura remembered her name correctly.

'He sure works fast.' Sakura thought with a smile. 'And yet not too fast at other times.' She perversely added.

"If you're here to peep, you're doing one terrible job at it." Anko stated, proving to Sakura that the special jounin was aware the pinkette was in the room.

"Actually I was hoping there was room for one more." Sakura replied.

"You're overdressed."

"But you don't even have your eyes open." Sakura pointed out.

Anko kept her eyes closed. "Doesn't mean I'm wrong girl. So are you going to or not?"

Sakura just smiled and started undressing. "If you thought this was going to get rid of me, you're in for quite a surprise."

Anko smiled. 'He was right, I am going to like this new family.' She thought as she felt the girl get into the bed between Naruto's legs. 'And I am really going to like this girl.'


After finishing some training with his new weapon, Sasuke walked to the eatery inside the tower. When he got there, to a cafeteria-style room with an open salad bar and a table providing some food to rebuild strength, he saw there was a brunette girl already inside, wearing a tank top and arm bands. She was seated at a table by herself and eating a tomato salad.

'Her hitai-ate says she's not from Konoha, so at least I don't have to worry about her going all fangirl right away.' Sasuke told himself.

The girl looked to him, and while her expression wasn't hostile, it wasn't friendly either. "You gonna just stand there or dish up?"

"I see you're eating tomato salad. How is it?" He asked, mostly to test if she would react any differently than the girls he was familiar with.

She shrugged and looked down at her food. "I've had better. The tomatoes are fresh, but the lettuce is old. Dressing helps cover the taste but not the texture."

This clearly aloof-to-him attitude confused the self-proclaimed avenger. Sasuke was used to every female going after him, with only a couple of exceptions. But he had never seen a girl who regarded him as just some random guy on the street. "Do you know who I am?"

"Should I?" She asked back, still not looking at him.

"I'm the last Uchiha in this village."

"And?" She said before ingesting some more salad.

Sasuke froze for a mere second, not expecting that. "And? And what?"

"Am I supposed to care about that? Does calling yourself that make other girls fawn you and get wet? Or other guys hard?"

Sasuke grimaced in disgust at the implication. "No, I may not have found a girl that suits me, but I am not gay."

"I didn't say you were, but if you expect everyone to love you then you should be careful of the other side doing it too. Like maybe a friend in class who always stayed close to you. Who got into the gym showers with you? All the time?"

Her words made Sasuke go pale. He didn't want to admit it, but back in the Academy there had been this guy a year ahead of him who acted like a good sempai but made Sasuke uncomfortable with his attempts to be close to him. He had always tried to find some excuse to be near him, and even promised him drinks when Sasuke becomes chunin. But when he tried sharing showers with Sasuke that was when he told the Academy faculty and got the boy removed under grounds of sexual harassment. To protect himself Sasuke asked that the truth never be told so he wouldn't be overly ridiculed for being a victim.

"Doesn't really matter to me either way." The girl told him, snapping him out of this memory. "I never heard of you before, and I don't really feel like I've been missing anything. If you want to impress me, give me a reason rather than a name."

"Then pay attention in these exams, and you'll get your reason." Sasuke claimed.

The girl finished up. "We'll see. Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to the pool for a swim."

"You brought a swimsuit to the exam?" Sasuke asked as she was leaving.

"Who said I did? You are welcome to join if you want." She says as she left, leaving Sasuke just standing there with a confused look.

*Hokage office*

Back in his office, Sarutobi was looking over the reports of all those who died during the forest to the only Anbu in the office with him.

"From what we've gathered, already one team was crushed by sand, another team was killed and defaced by Orochimaru, and one unlucky girl was killed by a bear. Do we have any reason to believe these deaths are connected?"

The Anbu replied. "None that we can tell though we had to do a DNA test on that girl to see who it was, but so far the evidence just shows that she was unlucky and unskilled. But the thing of interest was the girl's DNA. While her files have her identify as Karin and even though she came from Kusa, the test shows that she was an Uzumaki."

The Hokage froze for a bit. "This information must not leave this room. Is that understood YĆ«gao?"

"I understand, but may I ask why?"

"It's better if you don't know. The fewer who know, the better."

Yugao lightly frowned behind her mask. "Am I to assume that Naruto is to be left out of this as well?"

"That is my decision to make Yugao and I will select who tells him and when." Sarutobi reinforced. "Just as the teams in this exam found out, information can be deadly and this news can be especially deadly. Now remember to not tell anyone."

"Understood Lord Hokage"

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