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*Morning of team selection*

"Alright, my lemon rice balls are complete." Naruto said to himself as he finished making 6 rice balls that were swimming in the juices of a lemon that he grew. "I just wish I had more than just one lemon to make this, but seeing how the others turn out…" he thought as he turn around to look at one of the said lemon. Unlike the normal one he used to make the rice balls, this one was orange in color and had 3 black stripes going across it. Picking up the note that was next to the lemon, he reread the message as he found it that morning. "Greeting once again Naruto, I hope you have been enjoying my lemons. Now you may have notice that 3 of the 4 seeds you planted are different. These are Master Lemons. Now as you may (or may not notice) you are able to command the women who have eaten your lemons (they will even call you sama after the first time) but they will not listen to each other. The 3 women who eat these lemons will gain the power to command the other women and be able to enter your garden to harvest the lemons to give to more ladies while you aren't around. I am only giving you 3, so choose wisely." Deciding to take one with him and leaving the others in the garden, Naruto grab the master lemon and the rice balls and head to class.


Sitting near the back of the class with his head down, Naruto thought back to the lessons he had learn from Ayame. A smile came to his lips as he recalls what has to be his favorite part now.


"What is this called again Ayame?" Naruto grunted out as he looked down to see Ayame beast on each side of his cock. "This is called a boob job or a tit fuck, Naruto-sama. This is mostly for those with big beast as it can fully envelop the cock. Mine are only big enough to get to the sides, but I'm sure it pleasurable right Naruto-sama?" She explains before licking and sucking at the tip. "It's amazing. It is like a bit of both worlds. The breasts give the feeling of a pussy while I also get a bit of a blowjob." Naruto said. Hearing this, Ayame move her boobs up and down faster as she suck harder until she felt that oh so delicious cum enter her mouth and down her throat.

*End Flasback*

"Team 7: Naruto Uzumaki…" Ikura called out which cause Naruto to end his daydream as he heard his name. "….Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha" Ikura finished. "YEAH! TRUE LOVE CONCOUR ALL! Take that Ino" Sakura scream as she stood up. Naruto just smile a little inside. "You may say that now, but not for long Sakura-chan." At this point, Ino stood up. "Ikura, why is Sakura paired with Sasuke-kun?" which got agreement with most of the girls there. "Well Ino, teams are put in a 2 men, 1 woman here at leaf and we must also balance them. Since Naruto last and Sakura is middle, we needed the top to even it out. However, you are the top of the class so we needed to go with the second best: Sasuke." Ikura explained to the blonde before naming off the rest of the teams.

*Lunch break*

Quickly finding Sakura over at the bench outside, Naruto approach her with a smile. "Umm…Sakura-chan? Would you like to eat lunch together? I made some extra rice balls if you want some." Turning to him with an angry look on her face, Sakura said flatly, "3 things Naruto-baka. 1) I'm on a diet. 2) I'll only eat with Sasuke-kun. 3) Anything you made probably taste bad or are poison." She then huff and walked off. Naruto hung his head in defeat and turn around only to hear an "EEP" nearby. Confused, Naruto went to the tree to where he heard it and look around it find "Hinata? What are you doing here?" He asked the girl when he notices two things, her face getting redder and she was holding a bento. "Looking somewhere to eat lunch? I know a great spot if you don't mind me joining." Nodding her head so face he thought she looked like a bobble-head she almost shouted out "Yes!" Nodding as well, Naruto went off to a secluded part of the school ground as Hinata follow him. Reaching the spot, both genin sat down and open their boxes. Naruto jaw fell as he saw all the delicious food in her box. Seeing his mouth watering, she asked "I made them myself, want to share?" Seeing how this is exactly want he wanted to do, he just simply nod and smile as they began to eat. "Wow, her food is really good. I know people say I should eat things beside just ramen and with food this good, I can do it."Naruto thought to himself as he kept eating. Meanwhile, Hinata had different thought. "He likes my food. I'm so happy. Mmm…these rice balls are really good. It has a nice hint of lemon in them too. But….I wonder how he will taste."With the lunches done, Naruto took a look at Hinata to see that she had the same expression as Ayame did. "Had a good lunch Hinata?" he asked. "I did Naruto-kun, but know it time for desert." Knowing what was coming, he braces himself as he asks "what for desert?" After which she lunge at him and put him in a searing kiss before she parted and said "Each other."

Smiling at her new boldness, Naruto held the side of her cheeks and pull her back into another kiss. Using what he learn from his "training" he move his tongue into her mouth, causing her eye to widen in shock for a second before closing them again in bliss as she move her into Naruto mouth. Naruto thought it was going to last forever and really didn't mind if it did until he felt something wet hit his hands. Separating their lips, and hearing a whine from the girl, he took a good look at her face and she that she was crying. "Hinata! What wrong?" He asks in shock, was this a side effect of the lemon? "Nothing wrong, Naruto-sama. I'm just happy." She told him as she was wiping her tears. "I wanted this for so long. I wanted to hold you, kiss you, and to tell you that….I love you." Naruto eye widen in shock as he heard that. "Really?" Hinata response was to give him a kiss and give a smile that rivals his. "Of course Naruto-sama. One of my dreams has been to be one with you." Hearing that, Naruto made his decision as he reach in his poach and grab the master lemon. "Hinata, I want you to eat this for me." Reaching for the lemon, Hinata took it and began to eat it as she felt her pants and panty being taken off. "N-Naruto-sama? What are you doing?" Hearing the panic in her voice, Naruto chuckle a bit. "Why I am making your dream come true. We are going to become one." Almost right after he said that, he notices what seem to be a flood of juices that shot down her legs. "Looking forward to this, aren't you Hinata?" He asked as once again he saw that bobble-head nod. Getting up a bit, he move to a nearby tree and lean up against it as he sat back down and called her over. Once on his lap, Naruto put her into another kiss and he lowers her unto himself to muffle her scream.

After a few minutes, Hinata gave a nod to continue. As he began to trust up, Naruto also began to nibble on her neck and unzip her jacket a bit and move his hand inside. Once he reach her beast, his eye widen in shock. "Holy crap, they are already bigger than Ayame. Oh I can't wait to get a tit fuck from Hinata later."Hinata meanwhile could only hold on to Naruto shoulders as she was enthralled in pleasure. His cock moving inside her, his lip on her neck, his hands on her breast. All she couldall she could do was keep her mouth biting his shoulder to keep from screaming. "Naruto-sama, I'm going to cum." She whispers into his ear. "I am too, where do you want it?" he whispers back. "Inside, I want everything inside me." Pumping faster, Naruto could feel that she was second away and so whispering into her ear "together then." As he unleashed his loan inside as Hinata head shot back as she silently scream to the heavens. After getting his breath back, Naruto began to exit her as he felt her arms wrapped around him and she sat back down on his cock. "Please Naruto-sama, let me stay like this for a while longer." Hinata pleaded. "Alright, we have an hour until lunch is over. But I have to tell you everything" Naruto said as he told her all about what the lemons where and what role she plays now.

*1 hour later: Classroom*

The Hokage was standing at the front of the classroom ready to give a speech to the new ninjas before they go off but notice that Naruto was missing. "Wonder where he is. Maybe I should send out an anbu?" His thoughts were interrupted as the door open and in walked Naruto with Hinata holding on to his arm. "Umm…..Naruto, why is Hinata on your arm?" the Hokage asked sweating a bit hoping it wasn't what he thought it was. However, Hinata broke that hope when she said "I confess to Naruto and he accepted." The third head lower in defeat as a student in the back of the class jumped up and scream "I won the bet!" At this point, both Naruto and Hinata were confused. "Bet, what bet old man?" Naruto ask. "Umm…most of the people in the village had a betting pool to see when Hinata would confess to you." At this point, the entire classroom went both freezing cold and ungodly hot. Cold from the frozen fury that Naruto was emitting and hot from the wrath that Hinata was emitting. "Now calm down you two, I'll do anything you want, Hokage word." Naruto clam down a bit "Really? Anything?" seeing him nod, he look to Hinata and then back at the Hokage. "I want 1/3 of the winning go to me and 1/3 of the winnings to go to Hinata."

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