A/N: This chapter will be extra long, so here is the appearance of that lovable Heropon, Riki and the kooky Haruhi Suzumiya and her SOS Brigade. Take note that some of the scenes in this chapter will be told in Kyon's POV. So on with the fic!

Chapter 27: Enter the Heropon and SOS Brigade! Riki's Time to Shine!

"Sugoi! You and another can see into the future?" Midori gasped in amazement. "Yes, that's right. It's thanks to the Monado and Dark Monado." Shulk smiled as he pointed to his sword.

"Hmm…" Yusuke was in thought. "What is it, Yusuke?" Hajime asked him. "See into the future, huh?" Yusuke turned his head to face Shulk and told him "I need proof that you can see into the future."

"Huh? Why would he need proof?" Midori asked confusedly. "Believe him or not, Yusuke, but Shulk and Bridget's visions got us this far and met you and the others." Hajime stated as he adjusted his glasses. Yusuke was about to comment till he saw Shulk's eyes glow blue. 'What the…? I feel… an odd spirit energy coming from Shulk! It's ancient, but… it's also an evil spirit energy.' Yusuke thought to himself as he continued to stare at Shulk's glowing eyes.

Shulk received another vision. It showed him Yuusuke and the Baka Trio cowering in fear at the Central Plaza in Frontier Village. Someone was approaching them menacely. The vision shifted to reveal… Bridget! But there's something different about her…

"Now… to kill you four perverts and spill your blood in this village!" Bridget laughed evilly as she activated the Dark Monado and was ready to strike.

"Noooooooooooooooo!" Yuusuke and the Baka Trio screamed in fear as the vision ended.

"Bridget!" Shulk gasped in shock. "What about her?" Hajime asked, but then he figured out why Shulk is in panic mode. "You saw another vision, didn't you?" Hajime asked him seriously.

"Yeah…" Shulk nodded. "But there is something different about her. One, she has dark green hair, two, she has purple lines near her eyes and three, she has red evil eyes. She was about to kill four boys. One normal with brown hair, one who is fat and wore glasses, one big one who looks stupid, and one skinny one who is love struck…" Shulk told him.

Midori figured out what Shulk meant. "Yuusuke-kun is in danger!" Midori ran out. "Hey, wait!" Yusuke tried to stop her, but was too late. "Damn it! She'll die if she rushed in to save them!" He growled.

"But why would Bridget do such a thing? I thought she was sweet and kind." Hajime asked in disbelief. Shulk was also in thought till he remembered what Alvis said to him when they first met.

"Bridget, beware. The Dark Monado can also give birth to something evil from the loneness of your heart." Alvis's voice echoed in Shulk's mind.

"We got to hurry and save Bridget!" Shulk told the two. "Right!" Hajime nodded. "Looks like you can see into the future." Yusuke smiled heroically as the three of them charged outside.

They were in the second floor and saw Midori running down the stairs. "Somebody help ussssssss!" Bacchi-Gu's voice wailed. "They're at the bottom! Let's hurry!" Yusuke shouted, Shulk and Hajime nodded as they head to the Central Plaza.

Bridget was walking slowly towards Yuusuke and the Baka Trio who all three of them were holding each other in fear. Bridget's Dark Monado was activated and she was still smirking that evil smirk.

"H-Hey! What the hell is wrong with you!" Yuusuke stammered. "I wasn't planning on peeking on you! Honest! Just spare their lives and mine! Please!" Yuusuke pleaded.

"Do you honestly think I would care?" Bridget asked in a sadistic tone. "And my name is Bridget… No, this form needs a better name." Bridget looked at her Dark Monado with an evil grin. "I think I'll call myself Dark Bridget. Dark Bridget… That has a nice tone to it." Dark Bridget turned to face Yuusuke and the Baka Trio and readies her Dark Monado to kill them.

Midori steps in between Dark Bridget and Yuusuke and the Baka Trio. "Midori-chan!" The Baka Trio shouted happily. "You idiot! Stay away from her! She's dangerous!" Yuusuke warned her. "I won't let you kill my Yuusuke-kun!" Midori shouted as she spreads her arms in a defense position.

"You must be Midori…" Dark Bridget said coldly. "The girl who has been reborn from the ancient times to be with this pathetic excuse of a man who can't remember you…" Dark Bridget frowned. Midori was in shock.

"H-How did you…" Midori stammered. "The Dark Monado allows me to see into the future, but it also has the power to see into the past and feel the auras of people from other worlds…" Dark Bridget looked at her Dark Monado proudly and cruelly.

"W-What the hell are you talking about?" Yuusuke demanded. "None of your business… Now, Midori, Yuusuke and Idiot Trio, time to die!" Dark Bridget was about to strike all five of them down till Shulk, Hajime and Yusuke came in.

"Bridget! No!" Shulk shouted. Suddenly, Dark Bridget dropped her Dark Monado and held her head in pain. "N-No! You have ruined everything! The real Bridget is coming back!" Dark Bridget screamed as Bridget's hair returned to her bright green hair state and her eye color returned to normal and the purple lines near her eyes disappeared. Bridget was tired and she wearily opened her eyes and saw Shulk, Hajime and Yusuke looking at her in concern.

"S-Shulk… You saved me…" Bridget smiled weakly as she slumped to the ground and fell asleep. Shulk rushed up to her and held her close.

"Everything's gonna be alright… I'm here… and as your friend, I will protect you…" Shulk stated calmly. Ichiban-Boshi was skimming through his latest volume of Dr. Tanaka's flirting book. "When a girl is unconsciousness after trying to kill you, you should try to convince her to fall in love with you and seem it was a misunderstanding. Say 'I'm really sorry about what happened.' Ichiban-Boshi walked up to the two friends and said with a smile and holding a red rose. "I'm really sorry about what happened."

Shulk glared at him. "I wasn't talking to you." Ichiban-Boshi frowned as he pointed to Bridget who is still sleeping. "I was talking to the one called Dark Bridget." "Her name is Bridget… And I don't think a guy like you should be hitting on her after what she has been through." Shulk glared at him.

"How rude!" Ichiban-Boshi growled as he showed his book to Shulk. "I am trying to follow Dr. Tanaka's book on how to become her soulmate and you have to be some damn obnoxious kid butting in like that!" Suddenly, Alleyne rushed in and hits the book, making it fly in the air.

"W-What?" Ichiban-Boshi's left eye twitched. Shulk leaped up and slashed the book with his Monado, cutting it in pieces. "MY BIBLE!" Ichiban-Boshi screamed and cried at the same time. Shulk caught one of the pages and looked at it for about 50 seconds then he frowned and crumbled it up and throw it away. "So, you're like Fukuyama…" Shulk growled.

Bacchi-Gu drooled at Alleyne's fine body and clothes. 'Her boobs are bigger than Chigusa-sensei! She's definitely hot! I don't get what's the deal with those pointy ears, but I don't care!" Bacchi-Gu leaped into the air, intending to dive into Alleyne's breasts and shouted "I'm digging in!" Alleyne narrowed her eyes fiercely at the pervert. 'Just like that creep, Fukuyama…' Alleyne twirled her staff and hit Bacchi-Gu… in the crotch. Bacchi-Gu groaned in pain as he held his jewels and fell to the ground, still holding his precious jewels.

Tenjin noticed Nowa walking up to her friends. "Ohohohoho! A new baby sister!" Tenjin was gonna get his gift intended for Sanae but Wakaba noticed him and with a heroic smile, she did some magical girl moves and shouted "Togumura-san Chop!" She lunged at Tenjin who noticed the cactus who gave him so many painful jabs and bad dreams. He screamed in terror as he tried to run away and hid behind Nowa. Yusuke grabbed Tenjin by the shoulder.

"Stay the hell away from her, damnit!" Yusuke growled as he punched Tenjin in the face, knocking him out. Tenjin has a bloody nose as he was knocked out, swirly eyes and all.

Midori was scared at what Yusuke and Alleyne can do. "Shulk…" She said to Shulk. "Some of your friends are scary…" She told him, a little bit afraid.

"I'm sorry. But most of them are experienced fighters." Shulk bowed his head in apology. Yuusuke stared at Shulk's party and the defeated Baka Trio. 'W-Who the hell are these guys? And what the hell was with that girl who was going to kill us? She changed from a evil person to a innocent person in a instant. What was that sword called again, the Dark Monado?' Yuusuke thought to himself as sweat fell down his face.

"Shulk, how is Bridget? What exactly happened?" Alleyne asked him. "I think I know. It was the Dark Monado…" Shulk stated as he went to pick up the Dark Monado and placed it on Bridget's back. "I remember someone saying that if Bridget cannot control the Dark Monado's powers, it will give birth to an evil from the loneness in Bridget's heart. And I think it gave birth to that evil. Bridget now has an evil half called Dark Bridget." Shulk told her seriously.

"Dark Bridget… How long do you think this Dark Bridget will take control of Bridget?" Alleyne asked him. "For awhile…" The party, Midori and Yuusuke turned to see Reika walking up to them.

"First Captain Reika… How did you know?" Alleyne asked her. "Wait? First Captain?" Midori turned to face Reika with a scowl. "What have you been doing, Reika?" She demanded.

Ignoring Midori, Reika turned to Shulk and said "Dark Bridget has been sealed inside Bridget, but only for a couple of days till she takes over Bridget's body again. If that happens again, the only way to seal her back into her body again is by your voice, Shulk."

"M-Me?" Shulk blinked. "You and Bridget share a special connection ever since you two first met. You have the power to stop Dark Bridget and help Bridget control the Dark Monado's powers." Reika gave a eerie smile.

"Morimura, what the hell are you talking about?" Yuusuke asked, getting annoyed by this. "Takasaki… I want you to go to Bridget's room to help Shulk and the others look after Bridget while she recovers." Reika stated.

Yuusuke thought about it for 69 seconds till he nodded and walked up to Bridget and helped Shulk carry her to her room. The rest of Shulk and Yuusuke's male and female friends followed them.

Reika looked at them heading to Bridget's room with a proud smile. 'Just hang in there, Bridget… You got a long way to go before acquiring the Light Monado. With it, you can vanquish your dark half forever and decide the fate of the universe and its future…' Reika then turned to the almost knocked out Baka Trio (Ichiban-Boshi was crying over the lost of his bible).

"As for you three…" Reika frowned as she quickly knocked out Ichiban-Boshi. She called out to some Nopon guards and takes the Baka Trio to a cell somewhere in the village. Unknown to everyone, Futuba was watching the whole thing after Bridget reverted back to her sweet self. She said nothing as she calmly head back into her room.

(With the Baka Trio)

"My jewels…" Bacchi-Gu moaned as he slowly got up and looked around, he saw his friends recovering from the shock and pain that happened they woke up to find themselves in some smelly old forest cell with steel bars. "Where the hell are we?" Bacchi-Gu asked confusedly.

"In a dungeon, what else?" The Baka Trio turned to see Fukuyama, also covered in bruises, courtesy of Kirie and Alice. "Who are you?" Ichiban-Boshi asked him. "Kazuhama Fukuyama, lover of women and rick man exterdirnre. I was put here cause of women claiming I am a pervert…" Fukuyama moaned.

Then it hit Bacchi-Gu. "The cute little girl and pointy eared woman! Oh damn it! I saw Yuusuke heading somewhere with them! God damnit! I bet he's scoring with those chicks!" Bacchi-Gu gritted his teeth angrily.

"And what about that guy who holds a sword similar to Dark Bridget's sword? He destroyed my bible…" Ichiban-Boshi cried softly. "Waaaaaaaahhhhh! Sanae-chan!" Tenjin cried. "Shut the fuck up!" Bacchi-Gu screamed angrily at him.

(Bridget's dream)

A young Bridget was walking down the halls of a well known private school till she noticed three girls. (If you don't know who these three girls are, they're the bullies who forced poor Bridget to do their bidding)

"Hey you…" One of the three girls gestured over to Bridget. "Yes?" Bridget asked with a smile. "How would you like to be in our study group?" The second of the three girls smiled, but it was a manipulative smile.

"R-Really?" Bridget asked happily. "Yeah. But you have to help us with stuff, ok?" The last of the three girls nodded. "Ok!" Bridget closed her eyes and smiled.

"And that is how I was manipulated into doing those three girls' homework and stuff… Strange… I feel like I know this memory somewhere… A sad one…" Bridget's voice narrated sadly.

(End of dream)

Bridget slowly opened her eyes and slowly stood up. She noticed the Dark Monado by her bed. Then she turned to see Shulk smiling softly at her. Yuusuke, Midori, Wakaba, Nowa, Alleyne, Yusuke and Hajime were in her room as well.

"W-Where am I?" Bridget asked, rubbing her eyes. "In your room, of course. We carried you here after you revert back to normal and your evil half sealed back into you." Alleyne stated. "E-Evil half…?" Bridget's eyes widen in shock.

"Yeah… Your evil half almost killed us. But it wasn't your fault; it was that sword's doing… The Dark Monado…" Yuusuke smiled softly at her. Bridget turned her head to face the Dark Monado with a shocked look.

"The Dark Monado gave birth to an evil me? I don't believe it…" Bridget looked down in sadness. "Don't worry about it, Bridget. Your evil half, Dark Bridget is sealed inside you for a couple of days. But I will stop her, no matter what…" Shulk reassured her.

"R-Really, Shulk?" Bridget began to cheer up. "Of course. I'm your friend. Ever since me and Reyn found you naked at Colony 9, we're doing our best to help you remember who you are and where you came from. And I won't rest till you remember your past." Shulk smiled.

"You met her when she was naked? Oh, I wish Yuusuke-kun found me naked in a field!" Midori said cheerfully as she daydreams of Yuusuke finding her naked in a flower field. "Idiot, that's not the point…" Yuusuke sweat dropped.

"We'll stay by your side till you recover, Bridget." Nowa smiled. "Thank you… Everyone." Bridget smiled.

The next day…

Shulk, Bridget and Capensis who was anxious to talk to Melia again made their way to the Mysterious Sanctuary in the highest levels of the Frontier Village. Joining them are Dunban, Sharla, Reyn, Yuusuke and Midori.

They saw Melia and Dizzy staring at the morning sky. Capensis pushed Shulk forward. He shot Capensis a dirty look before turning to face Melia and Dizzy. "Melia, Dizzy, you're welcome to come with us." He offered.

"Miss Melia… What should we do?" Dizzy whispered to Melia. Melia looked down. "Is it true? Were you two alone in the forest?" Shulk asked them. "…That thing must be stopped by my hand. This is my pledge to those who had died." Melia said seriously.

Shulk then remembered something Alvis said to him. "Is it wounded? I see… The Telethia is hurt and lies in rest. Wounded by two girls… One from this world and one from a apoylotic world…." Alvis's voice echoed in Shulk's mind.

"Wounded by two girls… You don't mean you're going to fight the Telethia?" Shulk asked them. Melia turned to Shulk and the others with a shocked look. So did Dizzy. "How do you know of the Telethia?" Melia demanded.

"When me and Bridget went to collect the ether crystals, some Telethia attacked us." Shulk began. "We managed to destroy them and get away." Bridget added. "You two defeated Telethia! Who are you?" Melia demanded. "Miss Melia… I had a feeling we can trust them." Dizzy told her.

"Hold on, Dizzy. We need a confirmation first." Melia told her. Shulk and Bridget explained to the two on how they come this far and the Monado and Dark Monado.

Melia looked away. "The Monado and Dark Monado… So those swords can…" Melia hesitated to finish. "To tell the truth, they were the Telethia's spawn. Someone told us the primary Telethia is healing somewhere in the forest." Bridget stated. "It was you two, wasn't it? You hurt the Telethia." Shulk added.

"It…" Melia looked down. "Melia-chan?" Capensis asked in concern. "The Telethia escaped from our homeland, and I am tasked with killing it. It cannot remain free. For the sake of my people and the Nopon, it must be stopped." Melia said seriously.

"Melia, we can help you defeat it, if you like…" Shulk offered. "Out of pity?" Melia turned to face the party with a somewhat stern face. "M-Miss Melia?" Dizzy stammered. "No." Shulk shook his head no.

"Why then?" Melia demanded. "It's just… We… We want…" Bridget was a loss for words. "Speak, Shulk and Bridget. Or I shall be forced to summon the Nopon chief to interpret for me." Melia told them sternly.

"We… would like to help." Shulk stated. "What could you two possibly gain from aiding us?" Melia turned away and closed her eyes like any stern person would do in anime. "We saw it. At the top of a black tower, we and you two were fighting together. Fighting that faced Mechon and one of the Homs Hunters." Bridget told them.

"We also saw you fighting a huge Telethia." Shulk added. "It threw me the first time 'n' all." Reyn commented. "Um… forgive us, you two, but what are you two talking about?" Dizzy asked them curiously, Melia turned to face the party with also a curious face.

"Shulk and Bridget can see visions of the future." Capensis winked at Melia who at first was a little offended, but blushed slightly at it. "See the future? And you expect us to believe this rubbish?" Melia frowned.

"Believe what you want, lady. Same as I tell all the non-believers." Reyn folded his arms. Yuusuke was in thought. 'Could those two really see into the future? Wait… Shulk knew we were almost gonna die by the hands of Dark Bridget and yet, it was adverted…' He thought to himself.

"Heh, that'll be me then." Sharla smirked. "Oh yeah." Reyn closed his eyes and smiled and chuckled nervously. "In any case, the only reason we got this far was 'cos of Shulk and Bridget's visions." Reyn told Melia and Dizzy. "If Shulk and Bridget said they saw you two in a vision, then you must be important to whatever happens next." Reyn finished.

"And if you're tough enough to fight a faced Mechon, you're OK in our book,: Capensis smiled charmly. "You've got my vote. Two ladies should not go unaccompanied into a battlefield." Dunban nodded. "Excuse me!" Melia fumed, her face red in embarrassment. "I… I am quite capable of dispatching the beast alone with Dizzy helping me! I require no assistance of any kind!" She stated sternly and a little angry,

It was then Dunga and Reika walked in. "My dear. I apologize, but we could not help overhearing." Dunga stated. "Yes, Lady Melia. Their offer sounds quite reasonable. You cannot do this alone." Reika nodded.

"The danger extends much further than our small dwelling. Makna itself is at risk. And we shall provide you with the finest warrior of our clan." Dunga offered. 'Finest warrior?' Bridget thought to herself.

"Chief Dunga, First Captain Reika, I…" Melia started to say but Dizzy stopped her. "We need their help, Miss Melia. We cannot kill the Telethia alone." Dizzy smiled softly. "No need for thanks. He is the equal, if not better, of the Hom Hom." Dunga laughed heartily.

"You do know we're listening?" Reyn asked, annoyed. "The chosen Nopon hero will await you below. I shall go ahead and prepare him. Please excuse us." Dunga stated as he and Reika went below to prepare for this Nopon 'hero'.

"A Nopon hero? Now this I have to see!" Reyn chuckled. "Don't be like that. Let's meet him first." Shulk smiled.

After gathering everyone in the party minus Fukuyama and the Baka Trio, our heroes were at the Sacred Altar where they saw lots of Nopon eagerly awaiting Dunga's announcement.

"May I introduce… Heropon Riki!" Dunga spread his arms and all eyes turned to see the top. "Yay! Riki! Our Heropon!" A Nopon child's voice cheered. Suddenly, something fell from the top, it was a Nopon, he has cream fur, blond hair with red highlights, has a scar on his chest and wore a blue and pink vest. He crashed landed on Reyn, making him recoil and was hurled towards Dunban.

"Watch out!" Dunban gasped as he bat the Nopon towards Kirie which the Nopon landed on her chest. "Gah! Get off me!" Kirie growled as she kicked him towards Tomoka. "Watch it!" Tomoka batted the Nopon towards Melia. "To you!" Melia called out to Shulk as she hit the Nopon like any volleyball player would do.

Shulk hesitated for a moment till he hit the Nopon and it was heading towards Reyn who is pretty steamed. "Right in the… Take this furball!" Reyn leaped up and hit the poor Nopon towards the altar who made a safe but somewhat painful landing.

"Kinda like what you do to me, eh Ranpha?" Normad remarked sarcastically. Ranpha responded by picking up Normad and kicked him towards some barrels, which knocked over. Some of the Nopon cheered at Ranpha's skills.

The party got to where the Nopon is and checked to see if he is ok. He was holding on to a ledge in the altar. Suddenly, stuff were thrown at the Nopon. "Heropon!" A Nopon called out to this Heropon. "Heropon fight back!" Another Nopon encouraged. Soon, all stuff were thrown at the party.

"Heropon chomp chomp!" An elderly Nopon stated. "What the hell is wrong with these freaks!" Inuyasha growled. "I think that guy who was used as a ball was the Heropon…" Shippo blinked. "Heropon go fourth!" Another Nopon cheered. Bridget stared at the Heropon and smiled and thought 'He's so cute…'

"Heropon get up!" Another Nopon ushered. "Heropon make Nopon proud!" A female Nopon cheered. Most stuff were thrown at the Heropon. "Shut uppppppppppp!" Reika screamed angrily, the Nopon stopped.

Dunga went to pick up the Heropon. "I introduce to you… This year's legendary Heropon… Riki!" Dunga proclaimed as he showed the Nopon named Riki who was knocked out and has Xs on his eyes. "S-Seriously…?" Reina has the look when she ate some poisonous mushrooms back in her world.

"You got to be kidding me…" Natsumi face faulted. "He's a wimp!" Giroro growled. "But he may be fun to be experimented on. Ku ku ku ku ku!" Kururu chortled like the mad scientist he is.

Riki came to and noticed the party staring at him. He got down and smiled cheerfully and said "New Hom Hom friends! Meet this year's legendary Heropon, Riki! Riki live to serve!" Riki struck a silly pose.

Baron's left eye twitched. "Is he for real…?" Futuba said through her teeth, shocked and annoyed by this. "A Heropon, you say? Not sure where you'll come in handy, but the more the merrier." Dunban smiled softly.

"Shulk, Bridget, are these Telethia as strong as they sound?" Saya asked them. "Yes." Shulk nodded. "They're quick as lightning and can read your mind." Bridget added. "A mind-reading giant bird. No problem." Dunban smirked heroically.

"We can see their movements through the Twin Monados, but even that's not enough to get the better of them." Shulk stated. "And we're going up against the daddy version… Great…" Goku muttered. "Let's not forget that Melia and Dizzy are our only chance of reaching Eryth Sea. If anything happens to our guides, it's our heads." Capensis stated seriously. "Got it." Ixia nodded.

"The Telethia is your target, but don't forget about the persons standing next to you. Also, my friends will accompany you on this quest." Reika smiled. "What!" Futuba glared at her. "I think it's a good idea, Futuba. It's a good idea to know some of the boys in Shulk and Bridget's group." Chigusa smiled cheerfully. "I agree! It's gonna be fun with Shulk and his friends, right Togurma-san?" Wakaba smiled cheerfully at her potted cactus. The cactus made a ringing sound.

"We are… in your debt. My weaknesses are all too apparent." Melia bowed gratefully. "Master Shulk will protect, I promise." Iroha reassured her. All eyes turned to Riki and Dunga. "Riki has been informed of the Dinobeast, what you refer as the Telethia. Be safe my Hom Hom friends." Dunga prayed for their safety as he left, followed by Reika and Chigusa.

"Riki's friends, listen to Riki. Dinobeast is big and scary! Friends get ready, friends help Riki get ready!" Riki pleaded. "You want us to get you equipment for you?" Nanael's lip twitched in anger. "Riki's friend right. Winged Hom Hom clever!" Riki nodded happily.

"Friends meet Riki when ready. Then friends and Riki leave together!" Riki flapped his wing arms happily. "Big attitude for a furry footrest." Reyn frowned as he began ti intimate Riki's voice. "Dinobeast is big and scary!" Then Reyn scowled "Great. That'll come in handy."

"But Riki is brave and strong! We need to help him!" Miharu pleaded. "You're too soft, Miharu…" Kirie sighed. "Did we just become Nopon mercenaries?" Lina face faulted. "Huh?" Gourry asked her stupidly.

Meanwhile… in another world… Kyon's POV

(A/N: Special credit to PuccaPanda for his FMA/Haruhi Suzumiya crossover story, Sanity: The Bane of My Existence and inspiring me to write this scene!)

I walked up the hill, extremely grateful that today was the last day before summer break began and I would have two whole normal and Haruhi-free months. Of course, I should have realized from various previous events that luck was definitely noton my side. I had been sitting in the classroom, staring out of the window and planning my peaceful next two months when Haruhi told me very excitedly that she had an important announcement to make to the club. That immediately brought me out of my reverie. Those 'very important announcements' were never good. Haruhi being that excited never had good results either. I had a very bad feeling that this summer would not be what I had expected it to be.

The rest of us had already settled in, with Mikuru in her maid outfit making tea, Yuki in her usual corner reading a book, and Koizumi just sitting there. I was checking the SOS's website. Just then, Haruhi stomped into the room and put her bag in a chair. "We're going to London." She announced, waving an envelope that she held in her hand.

"W-What?" I blinked. What? Did I hear that right? "We are going where?" "London." She replied, rolling her eyes. "In two days. We are going to solve a mystery! I've read that there has been a bunch of weird disappearances in the past month or so. I bet its aliens! That would be so cool! Maybe we could meet one."

My gaze flickered over to Yuki, who was, as usual, calmly reading her book. She looked up and met my gaze, pushed her glasses farther up her nose, and looked back down.

"London?" She sighed exasperatedly and put her hands on her hips. "Yes, Kyon. London. It's in England." No shit. "Get it through your thick, oversized head. L-O-N-D-O-N." She spelled it out for me slowly, as if she was trying to explain something to someone with a mental illness or something. I wasn't so sure I didn't have one. Hell, if anyone had said they saw what I had seen in the past couple of months, they would be locked up in some asylum somewhere.

I looked over at Koizumi, who had his usual wide smile on his face. "Sounds like fun." I sighed and turned to Mikuru, silently pleading with her to say something against it. She shot me a sympathetic smile. "Yes, it does." I groaned. Of 'course no one would be on my side. They would want to keep Haruhi's mood constant, or something like that. They didn't want more closed spaces popping up. I looked back at Haruhi, who was staring at me with a raised eyebrow, obviously expecting me to voice some reason why we couldn't go. She was right.

"Okay, suppose we manage to get parental permission to go. How exactly do you expect us to get the money for five very expensive international airplane tickets?" I crossed my arms over my chest and waited for her answer. Haruhi grinned and chucked the envelope she had been holding at me. "I've already got it covered. Look inside!" I looked down at the envelope wearily before slowly opening it. What I saw inside made my eyes widen. "Sorry, we can't bring your little sister along this time, Kyon."

There were five airplane tickets. I took one out and examined it closely. Oh no, they weren't just any plane tickets. They were first classplane tickets. "Holy…how did you get these?" Her grinned widened and she flipped her hair off her shoulder. "It was easy. My mom has a lot of frequent flyer points she said I could use. She got us a hotel too. We should have enough points to last us most of the summer break, plus tickets back. We have to stay there until we solve the mystery!" I groaned again.

My dreams of a nice, peaceful and normal break were smashed into itty-bitty tiny microscopic miniscule pieces and we were going to London England. Shit.

To be continued…

Next chapter: The SOS Brigade, The Telethia and the Girl of Destiny

A/N: Next time, the SOS Bigade and Cute from Queen's Blade and Queen's Gate will help our heroes fight the Telethia that Melia and Dizzy wounded, can they do it? Find out next time!