It was many hours before Greedling awoke in the decrepit alley. The drunken Chaosweaver had had a very strong arm, and the force of his sudden meeting with the alley wall had been enough to knock him unconcious. Though that was probably for the better; even hours later the small mass of Soul Thread was in a great deal of pain. Blunt Force Trauma will do that to you, after all.

Greedling sniffled in his sideways position. He didn't have any arms to lift himself up, and he was too hurt to float at the moment. So he'd be stuck like this for a while.

So this was his life now? Hiding in alleys and getting hurt when he didn't hide well enough? Master had said things would be better when they got to Pellow Village. But then...

Then Master was gone. Pellow Village was not a better place to be. It was bright and glowy and pretty in some places, but as nice as it looked, it was not safe. Greedling hadn't liked Ravenloss because of its dank dark darkness, but right now he wanted to go back there. There were so many more places to hide there. It was so much safer there.

Here? Here he was alone. Helpless. Vulnerable. Abandoned.

Greedling didn't like being any of those things. He especially didn't like being hurt. There was a way that he could be un-hurt, Greedling had seen Master do it before, but he didn't know how. It wasn't his business how Master could fix himself; he never needed to know. And not for the first time, Greedling wished he'd made it his business to know.

The best he could do now was go back to sleep.

Greedling had no idea how long he'd been sleeping. Time was not easy to tell in The Void, and even if there was a way, Greedling wouldn't know it. He was just amazed that nothing had tried to eat him in his sleep this time. That was happening with increasing frequency, and was turning out to be another reason he didn't like Pellow Village.

What's more, he wasn't hurting anymore now. There was a bit of a dull ache, but nothing he couldn't deal with. Could he float again? Greedling closed his eyes and willed himself upwards as much as he could. After a few seconds he felt himself rise up slowly. He could float again. Could he move? He turned just the slightest bit on his side, and—yep, he'd started drifting to the left. Good.

Not there was much time to waste on enjoying his regained mobility. Pellow Village was still a dangerous place, and he still wasn't one hundred percent better, even after he'd been snoozing for X hours. There had to be some place in this terrible...Place that he could finish healing in peace.

Greedling wracked his brain for any place that monsters might not go. Wait, did he have a brain? He'd have to check later.

Where do the monsters not go? Anywhere light can be found. That left only the business part of Pellow Village to hide in. Light could only be found in the marketplace. Where do the Chaosweavers not go? That was more important. Where do the Chaosweavers not go?

Come to think of it, Greedling didn't think he'd ever seen a part of Pellow Village that the spider people didn't frequent. He sunk a little in realization. The Chaosweavers were the ones who went after him the most, and if they were everywhere in the Village, no part of it was safe for him. He'd probably be safer out in The Vo—Wait.

There was a park. There was a park in the village with a giant tree that no one ever went to. The tree was glowy, so it would keep the monsters away. The Chaosweavers didn't like the park, so he would be safe from them. The tree had a bazillion branches, and it was yellow, so even if someone went to it he could still hide. No one would find him. No one would hurt him. He'd be safe.

With that in mind, Greedling rushed as fast as he could to the park.

NOTE: Greedling was just sleeping at the end of the last chapter. This is a three parter, so the conclusion will be posted whenever I feel like it.

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