A Fox And A Raven

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Chapter 1: Memories


I had that dream again. No, not the one where I'm in my clan's compound and reliving the day my sister massacred my clan, all but for myself and my mother. It was about the boy that I love. The boy that found me crying, covered in the blood of my family members, sitting in the middle of the compound.

That night, when he found me. He wrapped his arms around me and started whispering to me, telling me it was going to be alright and that he was there for me, that he wouldn't leave me until I was feeling better.

After I was done crying, he asked me if anyone else was alive, I told him my sister knocked out my mother and that she was okay. He asked if I wanted to get her, I told him I wanted to.

When we went to my mother, she had woken up by the time we got to her room, she started hugging me and crying. Then she noticed him, she ask him if he would like to stay with us. He replied with a simple yes and a smile, but he said that we could come live with him until the compound was repaired. My mother and I had said yes. And from then on, we became a family, in a sort of weird way.

That was when we were eight years old. When we were ten, he had told me his secrets, those secrets being that he was the container for the Kyuubi no Kitsune, a Jinjuriki. He had also told me he was the son of the Yodaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato.

Of course the villagers and some of the Shinobi didn't know this, that being he was a lot smarter then he let on, way smarter. He was also the last of two clans, the Uzumaki's and the Namikaze's. And my mother was apparently best friends with his mother, Uzumaki Kushina.

When he told me this, he thought I would start hating him like all of the other people. I told him that I didn't hate him, I told him I loved him. After I told him that, he had a dumbfounded look on his face when I said that. I leaned toward him and I kissed his cheek, he was blushing up a storm, he asked if we were a couple, I told him yes we were. And from then on we started going out.

We're twelve years old now, myself and Naruto and today is the day that be become full genin. I hope to Kami that we are on the same team, that would make my day.

Myself, my mother and Naruto all live together in the Uchiha compound now that it was fixed a few years back, well not fixed but cleaned up. When my mother, Mikoto, found out that Naruto and I were dating she was very happy for us.

Well, that's all the things I'm going to remember for now, if I went through all of them I'm pretty sure it would take ages to go through every single one of them. I guess I'll go wake up my Naruto, tell him to get ready to go to the Academy before it starts.

Hmm, yes I like the sound of that my Naruto-kun.


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