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Fatal System Error

by: Chasing Yuffentine

"This place scares the living shit outta me..."

"Gives us all the creeps, Manson, but we have to terminate the Proto Fal'Cie. Now come on!"

Not even two steps more, and the dim lights blacked out. In their place, a deep cerulean one pulsed slowly on and off as an alarm blared loudly. "Intruder alert," a masculine voice intoned, "Intruder Alert. Deploying Test Subjects T-18.700, C-21.3, and M-8."

Three walls of binary code began to materialize in front of the troop. The numbers weaved back and forth at an impossibly fast pace, bone, muscle, and flesh, clothing and hair forming in their place.

The soldiers were practically petrified to their spots in Augusta Tower as they watched the instruments of their doom appear. "The Proto Fal'Cie Adam has requested your termination, intruders. We are obligated to his commands," spoke C-21.3, a female with pale rose locks.

"M-8, disarm the intruders."

"Kupo." the smallest of the Test Subjects replied apathetically to the taller male Subject, T-18.700. A pulse of energy from the small staff he held caused the troop's firearms to shatter. And still, though everything told them to run, even to scream they could not move or even speak.

C-21.3 held out her right hand; M-8 morphed instantaneously into her weapon of choice; a bowblade.

C-21.3 aimed the weapon to the tower's ceiling which was so high that one could scarcely imagine its presence, drew back the string to its tautest point, allowed energy to gather, then drew the bow just the slightest bit mor-

"Ah, Noel...!"

C-21.3's eyes widened a moment and her focus fell short just long enough for the bowblade to lose its stored energy. "What happened?" asked T-18.700.

"Slight glitch." the female subject replied to her male counterpart, "It won't happen again."

C-21.3 readied her weapon towards the sky once more, her eyes narrowed as she aimed for the perfect trajecto-

Tan hands were warm and soothing against Serah's back, heightening everything yet keeping it steady even as Noel thrust into her, keeping his pace slow and sweet; he was teasing her...

"What the...?"

He kissed her with that same sweetness and just as deeply.

"Is something the matter?" T-18.700 demanded of his companion..

Noel eventually broke away from her lips, kissing his way to her cheek, to her jawline, then to underneath her jaw and finally the crook between where her neck met her shoulder. He took suckle, timing his sucks to be in sync with each thrust of his hips. Serah let out a loud gasp at the combined sensations. Then she moaned softly with each exhale when she felt the fingers one of Noel's hands rolling the nipple of a breast.

Then he quickened his pace, and she could scarcely breathe...

"What...?" C-21.3 murmured absently.

Everything became hotter...


Noel's hands touching her on the surface, his length caressing something deeper within; something more than mere lust...

"Stop it...!" the female Subject whimpered, grasping at her hair, tears streaking her cheeks, something struggling to break free.

A long, breathy moan when he bumped against a particular spot in just the right way...

"LET ME GO, ADAM!" C-21.3 shrieked, her humanity finally, finally breaking free of the Proto Fal'Cie's binds. It was then, at that precise moment that C-21.3 was no longer a Test Subject, a prisoner of the Proto Fal'Cie for his twisted fantasies; she was Serah Farron.

She was herself again.

"C-21.3, what is the meaning of your behavior?" T-18.700 finally commanded to his partner.

Wait a minute...

After so long, Serah's hands gripped more tightly at Noel's shoulders; tighter and tighter. Her fingernails dug deep into his skin, glistening with sweat—both hers and his. Noel swiveled his hips inside of her once, before thrusting into her harder, even faster, shattering the chains of his restraint. "C-come for me, Serah!" he panted against her neck.


That single stray digital process became a thought in T-18.700's programming, and just as C-21.3 freed herself from Adam's shackles, Subject T-18.700 did the same and became Noel Kreiss once more. M-8—having a link to Serah—was able to overcome his mental enslavement when Serah did, and morphed back to his original form then hovered between the two.

"Everyone, get out!" Serah cried to the troop, recovering from the shellshock of the experience first. "He'll enslave you all here if you don't!"

Whatever it was that kept the soldiers still as stone before had vanished; they scurried away faster than any chocobo.

"Fatal System Error detected," the same voice from earlier said. It was Adam's voice. "Rebooting..."

"We're not free yet; we only have one shot at this, kupo." Mog said gravely, "Just remember what you learned from last time."

Serah's exhaling moans increased in frequency until they culminated in a wordless scream as she climaxed, Noel following shortly after, moaning her name into her ear as he pulsed within her, his fluid heat filling her while her walls convulsed around him. That one hand that was on her back hadn't moved from its place, and had started to rub circles that somehow seemed to encourage her climax to continue yet calmed her all at once.

Once her breathing had returned to some semblance of normal, Serah murmured to Noel that she loved him so much...

Serah and Noel nodded. Then, simultaneously, right as Adam rebooted himself, they commanded, "Safe Mode activate."

A large black screen appeared before the two.

The terminal read: "Safe Mode active."

"Terminate process," Serah said tonelessly.

"Adam dot exe," finished Noel.

The terminal read thusly: "Terminate Process: Y/N"

Serah and Noel looked to each other, then to Mog who looked at them. Noel grasped Serah's hand firmly. Serah returned the grasp with equal strength. Whatever happened, they were there for each other.

Noel whispered that he loved her too, that he would always love her. Serah quietly said she would do the same. She would always love him.

The two gave the final command together.


The terminal, and everything else, shut down.


"Hope!" Serah growled, clenching her weapon even more tightly, "These machines you built... are driving me nuts!" And she ran full-speed towards Adam with full intention to run him through.

He disappeared instead.

Adam had ceased to exist.


When the three had exited Augusta Tower, Mog finally piped, "Hey... Noel, Serah. How did you manage to break free of Adam's mind control, kupo?"

Serah blushed heavily and kept silent. Noel chuckled, answering, "We remembered something. And that little something is what that manages to keep us going... and it proved to be stronger than what Adam could throw our way."

Serah smiled at Noel's answer, especially because Mog didn't press for more answers.


C-21.3: The "C" is from "Daughter of Chaos", which is what Mog calls Serah early in the game. 21 is Serah's age, and 3 AF is the time period Serah is from.

T-18.700: The "T" is from "Servant of Time", which is what Mog calls Noel early in the game. 18 is Noel's age, and 700 AF is the time period Noel is from.

M-8: The "M" is from Mog's name, and the "8" is supposed to be akin to an infinity symbol since Mog technically doesn't exist in the timeline; he came from Valhalla.