In the Hog's Head (Part 2)


Fred was bloody miserable. Worse than that, he was extremely vocal about just how miserable he was, and was continuing to drive his dorm mates completely mental with his whining about missing Hermione.

"Bloody hell, mate, I know she was attractive and all, but she was just a bird, the school's full of them –"

"Don't talk about her like that!" Fred interrupted, glaring daggers at Lee Jordan, who swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up.

"Why the hell not?" he asked, advancing on Fred. "She seems right pleased to be shot of you –"

"Enough!" George shouted, stepping between his twin and Lee.

"No!" Lee snapped. "I want to know why he's so hung up on this girl!"

"Because I'm in love with her, you ruddy bugger!"

Silence fell on the entire room. No one looked more surprised than Fred by what was said.

"So…how do we get you two back together then?" said Lee, sitting back down on his bed and grinning, obviously satisfied with Fred's response.

Fred and George sat down across from him, their brains already in plotting mode.


Fred was bloody miserable again. They hadn't been able to work out any stable ideas the night before in his quest to regain Hermione's affections, and now he was walking through Hogsmeade with George and Lee rather than the girl in question.

A part of him was hoping they'd run into the famous trio. Hermione had been avoiding looking at him since the break-up, and he missed her eyes.

The other part of him was still mentally preparing himself for seeing her at the Hog's Head in a bit. He didn't know how to act around her anymore, and he hated it.

He should have known the whole affair with Patricia Stimpson thing would end up biting him in the arse. He couldn't blame Hermione for being upset; Ron could probably bed the vicarious girl.

"Would you stop pouting, we're supposed to be having fun," George said, elbowing red in the side and pulling him from his musings. "You're not the only one missing your girl. Hermione barely waves at me in the corridor anymore. She keeps thinking I'm you or something."

Fred scowled. "Well sorry, I didn't ask to share your ugly mug."

"'Ugly mug'?"

"It looks good on me, of course."

George snorted. "Merlin, you're ridiculous. C'mon, the meeting is going to start soon, let's pick up the pace."

Grumbling under his breath, Fred reluctantly quickened his steps, following behind Lee and George as they turned down the road that leads to the Hog's Head.

They weren't the first or the last to arrive, and they paid rapt attention to Hermione and Harry's speeches, coming to Harry's defense more than once.

After signing the parchment, enlisting in the newly named (by Ginny, no less) Dumbledore's Army, the twins and Lee left, heading back to the castle to finish up the last of their homework.

It was on the path back to the ground that inspiration struck.

Fred knew exactly how to get Hermione back.

He had to talk to George.


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