Chapter 1: Dark Days Rising

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Third Person P.O.V.

One year and four months. That's how long it had been since ten ordinary girls had become heroes, saving the park from the evil forces of the Disney villains. For the first year, the park prospered in a time of celebration. But in the last few months, things had started to catch the attention of the Disney characters. No sooner had the fall months started than strange things began happening in the park. Bad weather was a major factor, with hurricane force winds and tsunami warnings, with many of these days closing the parks. Then, one day, in the beginning of December, came one the worst tragedies of all.

Though none of the guests saw who did it, a dark shadow passed over the hub of Main Street, blocking out the sun. When it retreated, all that was left was left of the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse was a pile of rubble. Once the park had been shut down, Mickey himself came on the scene. This was horrible, and the mouse's hands shook as workers attempted to clean up the rubble.

"Mr. Mouse, you have a phone call," said one of the employee's, holding out a cell phone.

"Mickey here" he said, fear rising in his voice as he answered.

"I'm very sorry to tell you this, sir, but One Man's Dream has been burned to the ground."

Mickey felt his mouth go dry. One Man's Dream really gone?

"What about the documents?" he managed to grind out.

"All accounted for sir. But I'm afraid that the building itself is destroyed," and Mickey had to hold back tears. First Walt's Statue, now his attraction at MGM.

It was bad enough that it was four days to the 46th anniversary of Walt Disney's death, but some of the only remnants in the parks of him were now being destroyed! Mickey clenched his fingers in anger.

"Sir, are you still there? There's one more thing you should know, and it's bad!" said the worker on the other side.

"Bad! What can possibly be worse then all this?" he asked, his eyes clouded with rage.

"When we were making sure all patrons were ok, some pieces of the floorboards were still intact," said the worker, fear in his voice as he recalled what he saw.

"Go on," said Mickey, his heart speeding up as he listened intently, a nervous feeling beginning to grow.

"These floor boards weren't burned badly, but there was a message burned into some. It said, "The time has come, and ten will pay for what they did." Does that mean anything to you? Hello?" he asked, as the call dropped.

Mickey had snapped the phone shut, running as quickly as he could to the castle. This wasn't just mere destruction; this was a warning. He prayed he was wrong, but he had a horrible feeling that the ten that would pay were the girls. They may have been the heroes, but now he was going to do whatever he could to save them. He had to. He at least owed them that much.

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