HRSF 3: New Dawn Trailer 2

Two new girls added to the mix. Both with their own destiny's and backgrounds.

Mori: "Oh John I'm so happy! This is a dream come true!"
Syrena: "Living with our dream guys nothing could be better!"

But a shadow from the past has come back, far deadlier than ever. An old enemy resurfaces with one thing on her mind. Revenge.

Syrena: "This is impossible! You can't be here!"

Mysterious Figure: "Oh I'm here alright! You two ruined my life the moment that freak (points to Desmoira) stepped on stage and opened her mouth! Besides, you two of all people should know that in Disney, anything is possible! And now I'm going to make sure that you and the rest of your freak friends are wiped off the face of the earth! " (laughs maniacally)

Loyalties and friendships are tested...

Syrena: "What if I turn evil again? I may have been under their spell, but Mori, you and the girls nearly died because of me! We can't just waltz around and pretend it didn't happen! There is darkness inside of me, and if I can't control it you all are in danger! I'm not as strong as you guys! I'm weak and you don't need me! "

Mori: "You listen to me Syrena Delmont! You are not weak! You are one of the bravest people I've ever known! You are a Disney Guardian! And nothing will ever change that! I'll be damned before I let you walk away! You're my best friend, and nothing will ever change that!"

Enemies unite

Ashley: "You know this psycho?"

Mori: "Syrena and I went to school with her. She hates me. She thinks I stole her fame."

Julia: "You sure this is revenge? You seem to be going the Lindsey Lohan route. No class and blaming the rest of the world for your problems. Though if your going for her style, you've got the nose right! (high fives Ashley)

Carly: "Seriously Hades? You can't win with a team of villains, so you turn to a teenage girl? Even I didn't think your standards were that low! (ducks a fire ball)

Hades: "That's right babe! She's back and out for revenge!"

Mysterious Figure: "And I'll tear everything you love away from you starting with your adorable little sister! And then finish the job that idiot Frollo couldn't!"

Mori: "You stay away from my friends and family! I'll defend them till there is no breath left in my body!"

Mysterious Figure: "Then I guess we better get started!"


Mori: "There must be a balance to everything. Without balance there is chaos... and with chaos comes destruction."


Syrena: "I am a Disney Guardian! And I will defend the people of Disney till my dying breath!"

And the fine line between them. When this line is broken, it's up to 12 extraordinary girls to save it. But at what cost?

Mori: "To die is an awfully big adventure..."

All that you thought you knew about Disney gets thrown out the window

How Reality Saved Fantasy 3: New Dawn

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Summer 2013

Second Trailer! Now I can't claim all credit for this. Most of this trailer, with only a little it added by me, was written by the talented LadyOfSlytherin101, who owns the characters Desmoira and the Mysterious Figure, who if you want to know her identity, as well as more info on Desmoira, please check out Lost Princess of Disney? I Don't Think So!. A sort of prequel if you will to this story. I'm writing HRSF 3 as quick as the ideas come, but if anyone reading has a good idea for a trailer please let me know, and I will give you full credit for it! Thank you to LadySly, you are wonderful, as well as Solaria daughter of Apollo, who owns Syrena. Goodnight Everybody!

~Rainlily216 Out!~