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From Juliet to Amelia

Dear Amelia,

Well here we are in the Emerald Isle, and as I write I am sitting outside a little shop filled with carvings and the like. Dawsey is inside thinking of getting a present for Eben and Eli. He is bound and determined to get everyone a souvenir.

We've toured around a bit, gone to Blarney Castle, walked through Dublin, and tried to find a leprechaun for Kit during one of our long rambles in the seemingly endless fields. We take a lot of walks, just as we would at home.

Amelia, I am so in love, it's distracting.

Well, Amelia, I must fly, see you in a few days.



Telegram from Amelia to Juliet

I am sorry to have to write to you on your honeymoon. Mr. Dilwyn received a letter from Gen. and Mrs. Hellman. Do not cut your visit short, but I wanted to let you know.


Telegram from Juliet to Amelia

We are coming home tomorrow, our visit is over anyway. Is Kit ok?


From Gen. Hellman to Dawsey Adams after receving his address from Mr. Dilwyn

My name is Gen. Hellman, I currently reside in Berlin, Germany. I am a retired General in the German army, not a Nazi. My son, Dr. Christian Hellman, spent time during the occupation on your island of Guernsey outside of St. Peter Port. He wrote to us about your literary society, which he attended once. He also wrote to us about Ms. Amelia, Mr. Eben, and yourself, whom he praised.
He also wrote to us about Ms. Elizabeth McKenna, and how he loved her. He wrote about how he knew of her pregnancy, but I can infer that he never met the child because he was transferred to the continent and killed soon after.
I know it would be an inconvenience, but my wife, daughter, and I desperately want to meet Ms. McKenna and the child. If we cannot come, would you write to us about their well being. The child is our only grandchild. My wife wants to have a relationship with Ms. McKenna and the child. My daughter wants to travel and meet her neice or nephew.
Please write us soon,
Gen. George Hellman

From Dawsey to Gen. Hellman

Dear Sir,

Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that Elizabeth was confirmed dead a few months ago. She died a courageous death, saving the life of another young woman in a work camp. We all still mourn her loss every day.

Her daughter, Christina, though we all call her Kit, was raised for four years by the island community, going back and forth between Amelia, Eben, Isola and myself. Two years ago a young woman named Juliet Ashton came to the island to write a book about Guernsey during the occupation which turned about to be centered around Elizabeth.

She began to look after Kit, and after I married Juliet, we adopted her together, authorized by Mr. Dilwyn.
We would all be pleased if you came to visit us, any time. We have many families who would be glad to house you, or you could stay in the big house, on our property. We look forward to meeting you.
Dawsey Adams

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