Ever since John took up the job of Sherlock-watching, he didn't get more than 4 hours of sleep at night. This started happening even before Sherlock turned into a kid. The man loved being up 24/7 and, for some unholy reason, Sherlock always wanted John up as well.

It really didn't matter. John was used to getting this little sleep. You really weren't that useful on the battlefield during the few short hours you were unconscious.

Still, when Sherlock went to play with Mycroft and John was by himself in the guest room, John started to realize how drained he was. In a few moments after he laid down to "rest his eyes" John was out.

Sherlock came rushing up to show John what Mycroft had given him. A nice, colorful lollipop. The toddler frowned when he saw his friend asleep. Mycroft came up to him and laid a hand on the small of his back.

"Let's let John sleep. I think he's really tired," he suggested.

Sherlock wanted to argue. To him, sleeping was a waste of time. And John was no fun when he was snoring.

But Sherlock didn't argue for fear that Mycroft would get angry and take his treat away. Sherlock silently started licking the candy. Delicious sugar.

Once they were back downstairs, Mycroft led Sherlock to a small room with toys.

"I have to go to work now. Don't you go waking up John. Mummy should be done with her sewing class in about an hour so you can play with her when she comes back."

With that statement, Mycroft left the room. Sherlock noted that the cameras were eyeing his every movement. A simple wave of his hand made the lens shift. Sherlock amused himself by doing this intentionally until he became bored. He sat down and continued to eat his lollipop.

There was a train set in the room. Maybe Sherlock could play with it once he finished. That or just watch the telly. Mycroft still had to keep his promise of bringing that show back.

The lights suddenly blacked out, causing Sherlock to pause and look around curiously. In an instant, big, forceful hands grabbed him by the waist. Sherlock kicked and screamed, dropping his candy in the process.

"No no no no no. Hush Sherlock. It's just Daddy. Hush," Moriarty's voice tried to be soothing.

Fear gripping his heart, Sherlock tried to scream louder. But Moriarty placed a hand over his mouth harshly.

"Quiet, you little brat," the villain hissed.

Sherlock was close to tears. He was going to be kidnapped again and taken away from John and Mycroft. He wanted his mother!

But the toddler refused to cry. He didn't want to look like a little kid.

As if a fog suddenly lifted from his brain, Sherlock stopped struggling. Where was he? How did Moriarty get here? And why did he have yet another gap in memory?

Feeling the toddler still, Moriarty hummed in approval and let go of his mouth.

"Good boy. Let's go home."

"You won't get away with this," Sherlock told him, embarrassed that his voice was so high pitched. He couldn't wait to get his sexy chocolate-rich voice back.

"Watch me, son. Now are you coming quietly or do you need your medicine before we go?" Moriarty didn't wait for him to answer. He pulled out some powerful sleeping formula and held it to Sherlock's lips. Sherlock kept his mouth firmly shut. Moriarty growled.

"Don't be so difficult, Sherlock. Take your medicine."

Sherlock said nothing. Moriarty waved the formula around like it was a fly hovering in front of Sherlock's face.

"Look. It's a choo-choo train. Open wide so it can deliver the tiny people safe and sound."

Sherlock rolled his eyes. He looked up at the cameras. They were covered with some sort of photo but Sherlock couldn't tell what kind of photo. A picture of him safe no doubt.

The door opened and John stepped in, yawning.

"Hey Sherlock have you seen-" the man paused when he took in the sight before him. It only took him a few seconds to react.

The war veteran punched Moriarty and grabbed Sherlock. The door opened again, this time with Mycroft. The man looked infuriated.

"You need to stop! Leave him alone."

John delivered Sherlock safely to his brother's side. Moriarty glared and pressed a button he had in his pocket. John was impressed how he just teleported and was gone in a second.

Sherlock could really use some of those gadgets that Moriarty got his hands on. Think of all the drugs he could steal-erm, that is- think of all the science he could get done with a teleporter.

Mycroft crouched down to his level in order to inspect him.

"Are you alright?" he asked in concern.

Sherlock instinctively looked up at John. He turned back to his older brother.

"I'm okay. Can I play with John?"

"Alright. I will stay here in case-"

"No, you can't."

John and Mycroft gave the toddler a weird look. Sherlock had to do something before he blew his cover.

"I mean. You can't know the secret," Sherlock put up his best cute look.

"What secret?" Mycroft asked, almost endearingly.

Sherlock wanted to roll his eyes. He didn't know why his brother wanted to baby him but he did know that Mycroft was at least part of the reason why he wasn't an adult yet.

"The secret to where the treasure is."

John sighed.

"Sherlock. I'm tired of playing pirates."

Shut up John, thought Sherlock.

Mycroft looked at the toddler with an expression that even Sherlock couldn't read. Then, he stood up.

"Why don't you play something else with John? I will leave for a moment, then come right back. You be on your best behavior, okay?"

It looked too much like a set up. But Sherlock was certain that as long as the photos were still on the cameras, he could talk to John in private. The toddler nodded his head.

"Okay. John and I can play with the train."

"Good boy. I'll be right back," Mycroft waved them off and then he left.

Sherlock was pretty sure that Moriarty made it so the people watching the cameras couldn't hear the commotion that happened seconds earlier. But there was a strong chance that they had already found this out and fixed the problem. Sherlock only had a few precious moments before Mycroft came back or someone figured out the photo trick. He grabbed John's arm and led him over to the train.

Once the two sat down, Sherlock made his move.

"John. Can I see your phone?"

"What for?"

"I want to do something with it and the train."

"You are not running over my phone," John grumbled.

Sherlock blinked the s.o.s. signal. He could tell it was taking John just a second to notice. The doctor's face went from annoyed to shocked.

"Please John," Sherlock didn't drop his toddler voice, "Please let me see your phone. I promise I won't break it."

"No. You're not getting it."

Sherlock swore in his head. Why was John being so incredibly stupid?

This time Sherlock was shocked when John thrust the phone in his hands.

"You can't always get what you want," John continued.

Sherlock smiled at him. Now he remembered why he liked John so much. He used the text messaging system to ask John if he had any leads.

"But why not?" he asked and gave John the phone.

John read it, erased it and typed something else up.

"You just can't. Just play with the train, will you?"

Sherlock looked at the message and arched an eyebrow.

Molly is helping. She says that you need to ingest something in order to become an adult again.

That was unexpected. Didn't Molly want to cuddle him too when she first saw him? But Sherlock didn't dwell on it. Women were often fickle like that. And there was more important things to worry about than Molly's reasons for helping.

Sherlock typed up a list and sent it to Molly. Good thing he memorized all the numbers she 'accidentally' left in his coat pocket. John gave him a curious look. Sherlock typed up an explanation.

I sent Molly a list to create a potion. This will surely change me back.

John looked very skeptical as he read his phone. Mycroft came through the door just as John was putting his phone in his pocket. Sherlock pretended to inspect the toy train.

"There's not much playing going on right now," Mycroft stated.

"John won't give me his phone," Sherlock nagged like he was tattle-telling.

The doctor rolled his eyes. Mycroft saw the candy on the floor and picked it up.

"This is all dirty. We'll have to throw this away."

"Okay," Sherlock agreed.

His brother went into the bathroom where a trash bin was located. Sherlock heard the disgustingly sweet candy being dumped. Sherlock had a bad feeling now that Mycroft was back. He had never been able to fool his brother for long. And Mycroft had a knack for tricking him. Sherlock would have to be careful.

Just for show, Sherlock grabbed John's shoulder.

"Can we play more? I wanna' play doctor. Then I wanna' play pirates. Then cops and robbers."

Just like he wanted him to, John stood up.

"Can I take Sherlock to the park? It's getting stuffy in here," he asked Mycroft.

"I can turn on the air conditioning," Mycroft stated.

"I need fresh air."

"What about your nap?"

"I'm wide-awake now."

"Moriarty is still out there, you know?"

"I'll protect him."

"Please 'Croft?" Sherlock chimed in, "Please? I wanna' play outside with John. I promise I'll be extra good."

Mycroft smiled again but the smile wasn't quite as endearing as before. Sherlock could see that it was a bit forced and he could also see traces of suspicion in his brother's eyes. John spoke up.

"Okay, I confess."

Sherlock looked up at his friend in shock. John continued.

"I want to take Sherlock to the park to get women's attention. Sarah pretty much dumped me and I was hoping that he could attract them and get them to talk to me. There, I said it. Pitiful, I know."

The toddler looked back at his brother, wondering how he was going to take the lie. Mycroft pursed his lips in thought. It was hard to tell whether he believed John or not. Sherlock swallowed in anticipation.

"Alright," Mycroft finally said, "As long as you're honest about your intentions. I'll give you two hours. That should be more than enough time. Then I want you both back here. Sherlock, don't cause John any trouble. I will tell Mummy the plan."

Praise God! Sherlock nearly sighed in relief. He took John's hand.

"Let's go," he said in excitement.

"Wait for the guards," Mycroft informed.

"What guards?" Sherlock asked him.

When Sherlock heard John gulp, he knew that he had made a mistake. Mycroft was frowning at him again. The look that Sherlock was receiving was intense and accusing.

"The guards that have been helping John protect you. You know. The ones that have been guarding you before. Surely you haven't forgotten?"

He had to think up a lie and think it up fast.

"Oh. Uh. I was just kidding."

Why was that the best lie he could come up with on the spot? Mycroft was practically glowering at him.

"Sherlock. I think that scare from Moriarty made you-"

Sherlock closed his eyes. He was certain of what Mycroft was going to say next. That encounter with Moriarty made him think like an adult. And then Mycroft was going to give all the bullshit reasons why it would be better if he was a kid.

"Confused," finished Mycroft.

This caused the toddler to hesitantly open his eyes. Mycroft walked over and gently took Sherlock's hand in his.

"I'm sorry, Sherlock. But you're obviously still scared out of your wits. My work can wait. But I'm staying with you for a while. And you're staying here. Let's let John get some much needed sleep while we watch some television. I believe that Spongebob might be on."

Sherlock had no earthly idea what Spongebob was. But it sounded extremely dull. Why didn't he keep his big mouth shut? They could have easily lost the guards if Mycroft allowed them outside.

Now he was being dragged away from John. When Mycroft wasn't looking, John mouthed something to Sherlock.

I'll talk to Molly. We'll get the potion to you. Please don't start thinking like a child again.

That request would be easier for Sherlock to accomplish if only he knew what triggered the child's mindset.