Summary: During the last task after Voldemort is resurrected, Harry is kidnapped and taken to Riddle Manor unconscious. When he wakes he beings to watch and talk to Voldemort since he has no where else to go. Long nights and many meetings over the summer, can Tom get Harry to see reason and come to the dark side with him? What happens if he succeeds?

Warnings: Dark!Harry, Sex, MPREG?, Tom(Voldemort)/Harry

Rated: T for now. Will be bumped up to M at a later date.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I make nothing off this. Just having some fun.

I keep wanting to spell compulsion with cum…too much yaoi. And yeah, I fucked with his resurrection a bit. This is shit that's unbeta'd. So prepare for crap spelling and grammar.

Why was everything in his head fuzzy?

That annoying ring in his ear?

Harry shook his head and he sat up in bed. Wait, bed? His eyes flickered open, winched as his head throbbed. The room was blurry without his glasses. Glancing around, he saw the outline of them on a table. Reaching for them he slipped them on and took a better look around. It was a dark room with little light. The window outside showed little light behind the dark green curtains. The black sheets he laid under pooled at the waist. He shivered as the slightly cool air brushed his bare chest. Wait.

He looked down and saw his chest and black pajama pants. What was going on? He should be at the last task during the TriWizard Tournament. He grabbed the cup but…oh. Voldemort. He was resurrected to a normal looking man. He remembered now. Voldemort had come up and touched his scar. The pain. He shuddered. Looking into the red eyes of the Dark Lord. Seeing Cedric killed in front him. That's where his memory ended. Getting grabbed by Voldemort then nothing.

Looking around the room he looked for something to give him a clue as to where he was. Standing shakily, he walked to a drawer in the room. A plain emerald green button-up and black trousers lain in them. Changing, he left the room barefoot to look around. Back stiff, he looked around carefully, aware he was without his wand.

Walking down the hall the place was just a dark as the room he was in. Candles lit the halls giving it an eerie feeling. The place began to lit as he came to a stair case. Going down another hall he heard voices. One he distinctly remembered as Voldemort and several others. Suddenly he jumped as a loud 'pop' happened from behind him. Turning on his feet he faced a house-elf who began to pull on his ear.

"Masters in a meeting and says nots to be disturbed. He says that you were supposed to sleep."

Harry stared at the house-elf. "Well I need to talk to your master. He won't mind. I'm sure." He turned to the door and pushed it open. His eyes widened as he entered a large room, filled with Death Eaters and no wand to protect himself.


Harry jumped over as the house-elf raced in, once again pulling on it's ear. "Mipsy sorry Master. Mipsy told him not to enter!"

Voldemort stood. "That's quite fine, Mipsy. We were expecting him anyway. Now, run off and finish what you were doing. He'll be just fine here."

Mipsy nodded and left with a 'pop'. Harry turned his gaze to the Dark Lord, scanning the Death Eaters. It wasn't much to his surprise to see Lucius Malfoy sitting there watching him. It was however to see Snape sitting at the table. No good bastard.

"Now Potter, I see you've woken up."

"What am I doing here?" Harry snapped. His nerves were tingling, back stiff and ready to run if needed.

"Don't you dare speak to the Dark Lord like that!" Bellatrix screeched from seat, wand drawn out ready to strike.

"Now, now Bella. There's no need to hurt him. Just yet. I thought you might like to spend the summer here then with those filthy muggles you call relatives."

"I'd rather spend my summer there then anywhere near you!"

Voldemort's lips twitched with a sneer. The damn boy. He moved over to Harry, sticking his wand at the boys throat. His dark red eyes gleaming at the wince of pain that flashed though Harry's face. "You should be glad I haven't killed you yet."

Harry glared at the man. Part of wished he had been killed, at least then he wouldn't have to be tense every second of the day for what would be the rest of his summer with the prick who kidnapped him. Surrounded by Death Eaters and torture.

"Why am I here?"

"We'll get to that later, come and sit Potter." Voldemort grabbed him while ignoring the grimace. He pushed the boy down in a vacant chair on the other side of him. Harry kept his arms crossed, eyes watching everyone at the table. Staring at the sneers of disgust aimed at him. Not like he wanted to be there anymore then they wanted him there. Sitting in his chair, knees drawn up to his chest as he listened to the man next to him.

Voldemort was different then he expected him to be. To only himself, he would admit the man was rather handsome. Not what one would think for a Dark Lord. Nice black hair, smooth face, deep eyes that looked like blood. Most would be terrified of those eyes, most of the people sitting in the room were, but Harry couldn't help but be fascinated by them. Taking his eyes away from him, he set his chin on his knees.

The next few hours were spent in meeting, by the time the meeting had come to an end Harry had dozed off in his chair. He never noticed the horrified stares he received when he started snoring. Voldemort only chuckled under his breath, glaring and sending of a few Crucios at the people who stared at the boy.

"Wake up, Potter."

Harry jerked awake, his leg hitting the table with a curse. Rubbing his leg he glared up at the amused face watching him.


"The meeting has ended. Dinner will be served soon."

Nodding, Harry stood and followed Voldemort out of the room. Walking out of the room and down the hall passed large doors, elegantly carved into and inside a dinning room. Food was already set up at the table. Voldemort took a seat at the head of the table, Harry once again to his right. They ate in silence for several minutes.

"You never did answer my question."

"What question?"

"Why the hell am I here?"

Voldemort looked up and over at the boy. With an irritated sneer at the poster he was sitting in, he sighed.

"Your eyes."

"My eyes?"

The Dark Lord nodded. "When I first walked up to you and looked in your eyes. They held no fear or hatred as one would normally see when looking upon me. It intrigued me. So I brought you here."

"Because I'm not afraid of you."

The man only nodded and continued eating. Harry stared at him before looking down at his food. What kind of a reason was that? He saw no hatred? He did though. He was supposed to. The man killed his parents. Ones he never remembered, but his parents none the less. Fear he understood, but the lack of hatred. That didn't. Shaking his head he went back to eating.

As the meal ended, Harry had spent several minutes glancing at the man and picking at his food. It wasn't that he thought it was poisoned, just didn't trust him. With good reason of course. Voldemort called the house-elf to clear the table. Standing he walked over to the door, turning to look at Harry.

"I'm going to my study but feel free to look around. If you get lost call for Mipsy." He opened the door. "You may want to get comfortable around here. Otherwise your summer will most unpleasant." With a smirk, he left the room.

Harry groaned and let his head fall onto the table. Spending his summer with Voldemort. Such fun.