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Five Years Later

Voldemort stood in his office, looking out into the gardens. He watched his husband, pregnant and running after their five year old son. Just after the fall of Hogwarts, the Ministry fell and soon the entirety of the Wizarding World was his. Everything he had strived for was now achieved and it couldn't be more perfect. He had more than he had ever thought he would get. The world and a family. Putting away his work he made his way outside and scooped up the boy as he darted past him.


"What, munchkin?" He held the squirming boy close, an arm around the boy's waist as he doubled over in an attempt to escape.

"Mummy's being mean!" Kaleb finally shouted, giving up his escape from his father's arms. 'Mummy' being Harry, who had surprising suggested and insisted on being called Mum after a joke from Draco.

Voldemort snorted. "Is he?"

"Yeah! He's trying to get me to take a bath! I don't want one! I want play." The little boy pouted.

Harry came up, panting and sighed, a hand resting on his six month pregnant stomach. The little one did not like running. "You're all dirty, baby."

"No!" He crossed his arms and looked away. Harry smiled, it reminded him of the boy's father.

Harry smirked and tickled his son's belly, delighting in the giggles. "I'll get the house elf to do it then. Mipsy had been missing giving you baths."

The little boy squirmed harder. "No! She tried to clean my ears and it tickles!"

"Then will you let mummy give you a bath?" Voldemort asked, tickling his son.

He pouted and giggled. "Fine."

Harry ginned and took the boy into his arms and settled him on his hip. "Good, if we hurry I'll let play in your play room before supper."

Kaleb grinned. "Alright mummy!" He wrapped his arms around his mother's neck. "When's the baby coming?"

"Sometime soon, baby." Harry smiled and kissed his lover and walked off with his son asking questions about the baby.

Voldemort followed them inside and smiled when his son looked past his mother's should and made a face at him.

He'll never regret his decision to take Harry that summer.

No compulsion necessary.

. . . : . . : . . .


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