As I Have Suffered

My love..

My Queen…

You were dead.

The mortal who calls himself Ghost of Sparta took your away from me, and for that I despise him with all my might. Even although you despised me, and I still remember you had an affair with the damn mortal Peirithous, I never stopped loving you. I loved you since the moment I saw you picking up flowers in that field; I knew I had to have you, so I took you away from the constant watching eyes of Demeter. I tried to win your affection in many ways, but you rejected and scorned me. Finally, word came to me that Hermes and Zeus would come to take you back to your mother, since she had become depressed since you disappeared from the above world. In fact, she had driven humanity into starvation due to her depression. But I would not give you up so easily; I would rather die than let anybody take you from me, so I tricked you into eating pomegranate seeds. I knew that if you ate food from the Underworld, you would be forced to stay here with me. When Zeus arrived, I was surprised to learn that he actually approved our union; he thought I deserved loved after being condemned to live in the darkness of the Underworld. You opposed stubbornly, but Zeus did not change his mind, and neither did I, and my brother decreed we would marry. However, there was one condition: You would only spend half a year with your mother, and half a year with me, since you needed to make Demeter happy so that she would do her job as fertility goddess and let the ground give fruits.

But now that you're dead, I feel even lonelier than when you were away in Mount Olympus with Demeter. I made a massive memorial to you, and I wanted to make sure you rested in peace. I remember you always loved trees, so I put your coffin above a willow tree, the largest I could get my hands on. Even in death, your beauty remained intact. I cherished you so much…

I miss the warmth of your delicate skin.

I miss you seeing sleep next to me… (on the other side of the bed)

I miss to see you under the shadow of the Forsaken Tree.

Your death was a devastating strike to my heart- Yes, I actually have a heart- and nothing I do can make me forget the pain. No matter how much I try to fill my days with work so that I would not have to think about your death, the pain won't leave me. Ironic, isn't it? Being the God of the Underworld, and yet I'm unable to bring my own wife back…

Time passed, and finally the Ghost of Sparta returned to my domain.

Just the very mention of his name makes my blood boil. I don't stand to let the man who took you, my darling Persephone from me, live. Since the moment I held your lifeless body in my arms, I swore I would make the mortal pay for what he had done. I swear on your tomb that I will not rest until I strip his soul from his pathetic body and until I see him suffer the worst tortures in the Pits of Tartarus.

I will avenge your death, my love.

I will make the Ghost of Sparta suffer by my hand.

I will make him suffer… as I have suffered.