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"Where am I? What is this place?" Wilhelmina asked herself, she don't know where she is and she cant even see anything except her body, only to find out that she was wearing her yellow gown she wore at the Great War, she continued to walk not knowing what's ahead of her.

"Tiamat" she called her denizen, as she walks extending her arms to feel any wall, the Illusionist Crown remains silent, making her feel more worried and scared, she doubled her pace, but she stopped when she felt water on her feet. She saw a faint light on a distance, as curiosity struck her she ran to it. She gasped when she reached the light, she saw herself enclosed in a diamond shaped crystal tied on her own ribbons, looking lifeless.

"What? This cant be" she whispered touching the glass, "I can't be dead" she was scared, even though it was not on her nature, she cant help it. She leaned in closer to the glass she let out a cry of surprise as ribbon gripped her hand, "No", she tried freeing herself, but it keeps coming, she tried conjuring ribbons, but nothing came out.

"What's happening? Tiamat!" she called out her Denizen, but still Tiamat stays silent, she was now whimpering as the ribbons continuously ties her. "Help!" she chocked out as ribbons gripped her on her neck.

"finally" Tiamat spoke, Wilhelmina's eyes widen as she heard the Illusionist Crown, she then saw an azure blue light approaching her, as it gets nearer, a human figure is forming, "please help me", she pleaded, the man extended his hand to her, she was able to free her right arm, she reached the hand of the man. As their hands touched the ribbons loosens its grip on her. The man pulled her out, she looked intently at her savior, but all she saw was azure eyes.

Wilhelmina shot up as she awake from her weird dream, gasping for air as if she was submerged in water for the whole night. "Nightmare?" Tiamat spoke in her monotonous tone, but she was worried about her flame haze, she looked at Tiamat and gave a small nod. It was early in the morning and the sun was about to rise, as she stand up to fix the bed, she was thanking it was only a dream.

Wilhelmina was preparing breakfast, coz finally in her long stay at Tendoukyuu she learned how to cook even if it was a simple meal, the process was hard since madam Chigusa won't be able to guide her anymore, so she decided to learn herself, and it takes a lot of cleaning.

"Good morning Wilhelmina, good morning Tiamat!" Justus greeted rubbing his eyes, in two days he will turn 18 and as a special being, he has the privilege of being permanently 18 years old. He was handsome, gaining Pheles and Johan's features as well as powers, he was able to control wind and he inherited Johan's Intelligence.

"Good morning" Tiamat greeted back, somehow she was sociable, only in the presence of Wilhelmina, Justus and Rebecca Reed. Wilhelmina smiled at Justus as she serves the freshly cooked food.

"Pancake!" Justus cheered as he went to his seat, it was his favorite food.

"hmm I'm smelling pancake" The Scatterer of Sparkling Light, Rebecca Reed, said as she went to the table, Justus was about to eat when she put her arms around his shoulder, pulling him close, "Oi kid 2 days before your birthday! Ha-ha!" She teased, Justus rolled his eyes.

"everything is prepared, tomorrow we will start decorating for your party" Wilhelmina announced, they planned to have a party as a celebration to Justus birthday, it may sound like a woman's debut, but they insisted since on that day Justus will be permanently 18.

"Someone here will be a year older" Rebecca continued teasing as she eats innocently her pancake.

"I will be 18 years old after two days, but at least I'm not centuries older" Justus retorted, Rebecca chocked at his statement; Justus can't help but laugh madly. Wilhelmina stayed silent; she knew that if she says something, their attention will be focused on her, not a very good idea. The little mock argument continued as they finished their breakfast.

"By the way Wilhelmina, The Archer of Aurora, and the Puppeteer of Devilish skills will be here today, and I think there's another Flame Haze" Rebecca informed, as they walk into the long hallway "they said they want to help us prepare Justus Debut" she added stressing her last word to tease Justus, who in turn mock a laugh at her.

"That would be great, I'll check the materials, just to make sure" Wilhelmina said as she walks at the opposite direction but she was blocked by Rebecca.

"nah-ah-ah Manipulator of objects, you already said everything is prepared, so there's no reason to re-check" Wilhelmina raised an eyebrow at her; she gasped when Justus suddenly carried her by his shoulder. "my apologies Princess Wilhelmina for carrying you like this but you are being kidnapped" Justus said dramatically, while Rebecca was in fist of laughter, "you surely are cute like that", Wilhelmina didn't noticed that she was already pouting. "you could have asked" she said in a sigh putting his hand on her cheeks, "then there wont be any fun right Rebecca?" Justus reasoned, "yup! Don't worry Wilhelmina at least you don't have to walk" Rebecca agreed carrying the picnic basket. They we're heading at river side of tendoukyuu, the weather is great for a picnic, and a good way to spend time while waiting for their friends.

"am I heavy?" Justus was surprised by Wilhelmina's sudden question; he chuckled as he answer the question, "If the weight of a feather is like of a building, then you are heavy" Wilhelmina smiled at his answer, even though she was a tough Flame haze, she's still a girl, "conscious?" Tiamat asked her mentally, "a bit" she answered back.

Rebecca laid a blanket on the grass, placing the basket as well, Justus carefully sat Wilhelmina on the side smiling at her. "Isn't it a good weather?" Rebecca asked no one, lying on the green grass savoring the warmth of the sun, "good season" Tiamat commented, "Indeed, it is good time for relaxing" Balar added. After some few hours of chattering, they looked up as a female voice called, it was The Archer of Aurora, Chiara Toscana, and The Puppeteer of Devilish Skills, Sale Habichtsburg, along with another Flame haze.

"Long time no see!" Rebecca greeted as the new comers landed and approached them. "Good to see you again", Sale greeted back waving his hand,

"we missed you guys," Chiara greeted in a smile, she stepped aside to introduce their new friend, "before anything else, Justus, Rebecca, Wilhelmina, I want you to meet, The Aegis of Protective Light, Suichiro Takasu, and The Dragon and Priestess of Protection, Kisara, Suichiro they are, Justus, The beautiful Whim, Pheles, and Johan's son, the Scatterer of Sparkling Light Rebecca Reed, and The Manipulator of Objects, Wilhelmina Carmel" Chiara introduced the new Flame haze, "hi nice to meet you " Suichiro greeted in his deep voice, he was a handsome tall brunette man, with a pair of striking azure eyes, "me too, Its so nice to finally see you all, Chiara and Sale told us so much about all of you" a feminine voice said, it was the Dragon and Priestess of Protection, Kisara, who takes form in a teardrop shaped brooch with a dragon surrounding it in a protective manner.

As Wilhelmina laid her eyes on him, she can't help but remember the man who saved her on her dream, she was so curious but she decided not to make any noticeable reaction. As they spend the rest of the day, Wilhelmina secretly glanced at Suichiro, she cannot help but remember her dream. She is certain that there's a meaning behind it. She just have to be patient and wait for the answers.


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