"I now summon Saggi the Dark Clown in defense mode," I heard Kaiba say as I entered the viewing area of the duel arena.

Anzu, Jonouchi, Ryo, and Mai were leaning over the railing of the balcony, looking down at the duel from above. I walked up to them, trying to get a good view of the duel. Jonouchi saw me approach from the corner of his eye.

"There you are, Roxanne!" he exclaimed, turning to face me. "I was beginning to wonder if you would ever show up."

I blinked.

"Wait, you've known I was missing and you didn't even bother to get me?"

"Hey don't get mad at me! You were the one who ignored me and Yugi when we told you to get up," Jonouchi said, defending himself. "It's your own fault for sleeping in so late."

I clutched my fists but said nothing.

What was I expecting? They couldn't have known that Pegasus was locked in my room. And speaking of that two-faced bastard...

"Where is Pegasus?" I asked.

"Down there watching Kaiba and Yugi duel," Mai answered.

I looked to where she was pointing to a smaller balcony on the other side of the room. Pegasus was sitting on a huge red throne, The Hair Guy and Mullet Guy at his side. Atem and Kaiba were dueling on the ground floor. They were using Kaiba's prototype duel disks, him having Saggi the Dark Clown out and Atem having the Dark Magician.

I studied the situation. "Is this the first duel?"

"No, the second," Mai explained. "Jonouchi and I already had our duel. This one has been going on for fifteen now."

I turned to her.

"Who won?"

Mai let out a heavy sigh.

"Unfortunately, Jonouchi did. Though he's a rookie, he didn't do that bad compared to last time."

Jonouchi glared at her.

"Hey, I beat yah fair and square! Your Harpy Lady strategy isn't that hard to figure out!"

Mai smirked at Jonouchi's enraged, yet sounding playful, comment.

I smiled. "I'm surprised that you decided to stick around, Mai. I thought you would have left after being beaten."

Mai raised an eyebrow.

"Are you kidding? Leaving just because I lost and miss out on Yugi dueling Kaiba? I wouldn't miss that for the world! And besides..."

Her violet gaze turned to Atem.

"I still need to have my duel against Yugi."

I nodded in reply, knowing what Mai was feeling. I then turned my attention onto the duel.

Atem glared at Saggi, as if knowing that there was more to this monster that meant the eye. Kaiba stood where he was, waiting calmly and patiently for Atem to make his next move.

I didn't show it, but I was surprised how this moment resembled the Saggi and Crush Card combo Kaiba used in the manga when he was fighting Yugi, before they entered Pegasus's Castle. I tried to avoid this battle from happening, as it was so violent and intense. Since the scene looked exactly like it, the only thing I did change was when it took place.

I guess some things are just meant to happen, even with me interfering.

"I now replace my main card with Gaia the Fierce Knight!" Atem finally announced as the Dark Magician disappeared and Gaia took his place. "Now, attack Saggi!"

Gaia let out a battle cry and charged at the demented clown. As Gaia's spear sliced Saggi in half, a huge grin appearing on Kaiba's face. I narrowed my eyes. Right after Saggi faded away, Gaia's body started to disappeared. Atem's eyes widened with shock.


He looked down at his sub cards' holograms, one of them disappearing just like Gaia.

"Dark Magician!"

Kaiba laughed.

"You activated my trap card, a virus card. And now all your monsters with over fifteen thousand attack points are useless!"

I heard Anzu give a gasp of horror. Jonouchi and Mai leaned over the railing, as if trying to get closer to the action. While they were distracted with the duel, I felt Ryo put his hand on my shoulder.

"Why were you late coming, Roxanne?" he asked, his voice filled with concern. "You didn't just sleep in, did you?"

I looked up at him.

"...Yes, but everything is alright now. At least...I think."

Ryo raised an eyebrow.

"Roxanne, what's going on?"

I sighed heavily.

"Well," I said only loud enough for Ryo to hear, "when I woke up around ten and when I tried to leave my room, the door was locked from the outside. I think Pegasus, or one of his henchmen locked me inside after I looked for Mokuba."

Ryo's eyes widened. "Why would he do that? How did you get out?"

I was quiet for a moment.

"I...ended up picking the lock. I came here as soon I was free."

I turned my gaze back to the duel, hoping Ryo would stop asking questions. Thankfully, he did, though I felt him glance over at me every so often.

Back in the duel, Atem drew two new cards from his deck, a tiny bit of panic appearing on his face. Kaiba kept his smirk, confidence glowing on his face. After a moment of intense thinking, Atem placed Silver Fang in defense mode. On Kaiba's turn, he summoned the fierce Battle Ox, who destroyed Silver Fang the moment it appeared on the field. Atem gave a worried look, and drew another card.

"...I now summon Grilffor in attack mode."

"Aw, another useless monster in defense mode," Kaiba said with a fake yawn. "Your only drawing out your demise."

"I would be...however I didn't say defense mode."

Kaiba's eyes widened.

I smiled as Atem placed the spell card Horn of the Unicorn. Grilffor's attack points went up by seven hundred, making him stronger than Battle Ox.

"Grilffor attack!"

Electricity developed on Grilffor's horn and went straight at Battle Ox. It was a direct hit, making Battle Ox go down quickly. But even though his monster was dead, Kaiba still had his arrogant smirk.

"I'm impressed how well you've stood up to me, Yugi, even with your most powerful monsters dead. But I'm afraid you won't last that much longer."

He drew two cards.

"And luck just happens to be on my side."

I gasped.

Oh crap! He's going to summon...

"Come out, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"

Blue-Eyes White Dragon appeared beside Kaiba, spreading its wings out.

"Blue-Eyes, attack Grilffor!"

The Blue-Eyes White Dragon let out a blue stream of light and killed Grilffor. Atem flinched back, only having one hundred life points left. Jonouchi, Mai, Anzu, Ryo, and I tensed up. Atem gave a dark, humiliated look as he placed the Giant Solider of Stone in defense mode. Kaiba stared at Atem, his eyes clearly deep in thought.

"Yugi, from the moment I first met you, I tasted the thirst of defeat. A hunger that was never satisfied...never ever."

A large smile appeared on Kaiba's face, a longing for revenge forming in his eyes.

"Until now. Rise before me, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!"

Two more Blue-Eyes appeared next to the first one, along with Polymerization. The dragons' bodies started to merge together, forming one, terrifying beast. Atem's eyes were wide as he stared at the three-headed dragon. Kaiba's smile grew as he saw the fear in Atem's eyes.

"Oh my God," Mai muttered speechless. "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon...I never thought I would see such a rare card!"

"I don't see how Yugi is going to get out of this one," Ryo commented. "It looks completely hopeless."

"Hey, don't say that!" Jonouchi exclaimed. "Yugi will figure something out! He always has."

"Yeah, but will it be enough?" Anzu questioned, her eyes on Atem.

I didn't make a comment, as I knew how this will turn out.

But what will Kaiba do when he starts to lose? That is the true question.

At the peak of his glory, Kaiba ordered Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to attack one of Atem's sub cards. Luckily, it wasn't a monster card, so he didn't take any damage. Atem's hand shook as he put his fingers on his deck. He looked up at me and the others in the balcony, as if looking for support. I gazed right back at him.

Come on, Atem. You can do it!

"Come on, Yugi!" Mai suddenly shouted. "Don't let this jerk pull you down! You still promised me a duel, remember!"

"Yeah, Yugi, you can do it!" Jonouchi joined in.

Atem stared at us. With our support, the fires of battle appeared in his eyes and he drew his next cards. Studying them, he gave a small smile.

"Well Kaiba, it was a pleasure dueling you," Atem said with a little spite. "But your reign of glory is about an end. For I've drawn the ultimate card."

Kaiba raised an eyebrow.

"What? What could possible stand up to my dragon, plus my Crush Card still in play?"

"You will see. For I summon..."

Atem put his card on the summoning plate and a small, brown ball of fur appeared.


Kaiba narrowed his eyes, as if the sight of Kuriboh insulted him. Mai burst out laughing.

"Oh my God, are you serious?!" she cried, tears in her eyes. "Kuriboh? Really, Yugi? Really?!"

"He may seem weak now, but he will become more powerful than you can imagine," Atem explained. "Watch and learn as I play the spell card, Multiply!"

Kuriboh let out a small cry as many clones of himself appeared behind him. Kaiba's eyes widened as the Kuriboh army grew and grew with every second. Atem smirked.

"Go ahead, Kaiba. Let's see what your Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon does against my army of Kuribohs."

Kaiba shook with rage.

"Attack, my Blue-Eyes!"

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon aimed straight at Atem. The beam of light hit the wall of Kuribohs, killing at least twenty of them. But twenty more responded in their place, making it look like the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon never attacked. And more appeared after that. Kaiba's eye twitched furiously.

"And now for my second triumph card," Atem said, enjoying the moment. "I play Mammoth's Graveyard, Polymerization, and Living Arrow!"

Using Living Arrow, Atem merged Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Mammoth's Graveyard. Mammoth's Graveyard appeared in the chest of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, making the dragon shriek in agony. As the two unstable monsters stay joined together, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon's body began to melt, its attack points going down. Kaiba began to panic, sweat pouring down his face. Jonouchi, Anzu, Ryo, Mai, and I cheered loudly for Atem's victory.

Atem laughed.

"Looks like the tables have turned, Kaiba. It's only a matter of time before your monster is destroyed."

Kaiba sneered.

"No! I won't let you win! I have to defeat Pegasus, I have to save Mokuba!"

His voice cracked in frustration.

"Blue-Eyes attack!"

Turn after turn, Kaiba ordered Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to attack. But it was in vain, as the Kuribohs would quickly respond. Attack points would be lost and the mighty dragon's body was liquefying every moment. I kind of felt a little sympathetic for Kaiba, how desperate he was trying to defeat Atem.

Soon, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon's attack points were low enough for one of Atem's monsters to kill it. Atem then recalled Kuriboh and summoned Celtic Guardian. I clutched my hands to the railing. This was it, the moment of truth.

"Celtic Guardian, attack Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!"

Celtic Guardian raised his sword and charged at Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. He swung his sword, cutting all three of the dragon's heads off. Kaiba's life points went to zero.

The battle was over.

Atem smiled as the holograms disappeared.

"I win, Kaiba."

Kaiba's eyes turned distant. He fell to his knees, as if the thought of losing was having a hard time sinking in.

"Way to go, Yugi!" Jonouchi exclaimed. "Now it's just you and me and then Pegasus!"

Atem glanced up at him.

"That won't be necessary, Jonouchi. We've known that the only reason Pegasus started the tournament is to duel me."

He then turned his attention to Pegasus.

"And now the time has come."

Pegasus blinked, his face and single eye showing no emotion.

"I can say the same."

"Now wait just a moment!"

Everyone turned to Kaiba, who was glaring up at Pegasus. I couldn't see his face, as his back was facing me, but I could picture the intense anger and grief was on his face.

"You think you can just play with us and get away with it?" Kaiba demanded. "You have Mokuba and I will not let you toy with me any longer!"

Pegasus met Kaiba's gaze, a small smile slowly showing up on his face.

"You're right, it was wrong to play with your emotions, Kaiba-Boy. I deeply apologize for what I have done. For that, I reunite you with your brother."

Suddenly, Pegasus got up from his chair and approached the end of his balcony. From a distance, I could see a golden glow shine. I gasped. Pegasus's hair flew out his face, revealing the Millennium Eye. Kaiba flinched back, confused and alarmed. He then suddenly fell to the floor, his body completely motionless. I put my hand over my mouth to keep myself from screaming. Anzu let out a small cry, the others staring in complete shock, even Atem.

Pegasus smiled as his hair went back into place.

"Now that I have Kaiba-Boy's soul in hand, along with his brother..."

He lifted up a Duel Monsters card, one that had Kaiba's image on it. Behind it was another card, which had Mokuba's picture.

"All is left now is for the final duelist to fall, the only thing keeping me for controlling the Kaiba Corporation, Yugi Mutou."

Atem clutched his fists.

Suddenly, there was a large crash coming from Pegasus's balcony. Pegasus, The Hair Guy, and Mullet Guy turned to see who it was. It was hard to tell from being so far away, but I thought I could see the American bandanna of Bandit Keith forcing his way in. With a loaded gun in his hand. Bandit Keith narrowed his eyes.

"Pegasus! This ends here!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. "I will not be made a fool any longer! I am going to kill you right here and now!"

Pegasus sighed heavily.

"Bandit Keith, I do not have time for you and your pity revenge. That is why I ordered Kemo to keep you out. You don't even belong here anyway, so why waste my time? Now, leave now and I promise no harm will come to you."

Bandit Keith shook with rage.

"Are you shitting me? I'm not going to leave here just because you asked nicely. I'm serious. I am going to kill you!"

Pegasus narrowed his eyes, obviously annoyed. The Hair Guy and Mullet Guy stepped back, as if they knew something bad was about to happen. My heart beat began to accelerate.

What was Pegasus going to do?

"I'll ask you one more time, Keith Howard," Pegasus said in a very cold voice. "Get out of my way or pay the penalty."

"I'm afraid you're the one who will be paying the penalty!"

Bandit Keith fired the gun straight at Pegasus. Everyone gasped as the bullet went straight for his head.

But then, another glow from the Millennium Eye accrued and stopped the bullet in mid air. Bandit Keith's eyes widened and he dropped his gun.

"I told you to leave when you have the chance," Pegasus said softly. "You attempted to take my life, but it is I who will take yours."

He pointed at him, the golden light becoming more intense.

"Penalty Game!"

Bandit Keith's right hand started to shake violently. He held up his hand to his face, as it slowly morphed into a gun. Bandit Keith began to panic, as he lost all control. He placed his gun like hand next to his head.

"N-no! Please...Pegasus, I beg mercy! Peg-"

The bullet was fired.

Everyone screamed, even having The Hair Guy and Mullet Guy flinch back, as Bandit Keith fell to the floor.


Oh my God! My legs shook beneath me.

I never saw Pegasus this ruthless in the manga or in the anime. It was like looking into a darker version of him, like if the real, calm and intelligent Pegasus was locked away and this new cold, even more crazed, monster took his place. To see him like this... I've never been so scared for my life.

And now Atem and Yugi were going to face him in a Shadow Game.

Atem shook with rage.

"Pegasus, I will not let you get away with this," he shouted at the top of his lungs. "I will not let you get away with kidnapping Mokuba, stealing Kaiba's soul, and killing Bandit Keith in cold blood! You will pay dearly for what you have done!"

Pegasus glared into Atem's eyes.

"Then let the finale of Duelist Kingdom begin, Yugi-Boy."