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Briller sur, mon ami.

Reasoning the Stars
A Hugo fanfiction.


When he looks out, he sees clouds.

Of course, this is no surprise — lately, the weather's been quite good at mimicking his emotions. Cloudy and dark. Angry. Lonely. But never the sunny joyfulness that always seems to be in pictures of Paris these days.

How did he get here, anyway? Where is his father, who, every night at this hour, would come home with a glint in his eye and another mystery in his pocket? No, he reminds himself. He is dead.


But how can that be? Wasn't it just yesterday when his father brought back that rusty old automaton from the attic of the museum to fix? The one that they would work on for a few hours a day and an infinity?

He turns to look at the automaton, all that is left of his father. It stares blankly at the paper on the desk it is propped against as it does every passing minute. A look of loneliness, as if it has lost its purpose, etched on its metallic face.

It gets him thinking. What if, he wonders, the world was a machine? Paris, with its winding roads and crowds of people, the lights illuminating in the darkness, reminds him of gears. Turning and turning. Never stopping. They are there because they have a job to do.

He thinks of the clocks his father used to build, and how he would stand on tiptoe next to him to watch his fingers fly, fitting the pieces together as if by magic. He remembers how losing a piece would send them both into a frenzy — every clock came with the exact amount needed, and nothing more.

So, he muses. If the world was just one big machine, I can't be an extra part. I have to be here for some reason. Like the clocks, that tell the time. Like the trains, that take people on adventures. Like Paris, the home to so many, including him.

He'd just have to figure out what that reason is.

And so when Hugo Cabret looks out the back of the clock into the dark but suddenly bright night of Paris again, he sees stars.

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