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Swing By
By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: Friendship
Rating: G
Characters: Mikado, Anri, Masaomi
Story Type: Drabble
Summary: There's never a moment of peace.

Disclaimer: Durarara! is the intellectual property of Narita Ryougo.

Spoilers: None.

Notes: This is from this week's theme: "Valentine's Day".

He has barely spent two minutes on school grounds and already he's wondering when he can be free of the torture. He normally isn't too enthusiastic about listening to monotonous teachers droning on and on, but the addition of high-pitched squealing and hushed whispers and giggles today aren't making his life any easier at all.

Mikado sighs. Valentine's Day is too hyped up for its worth. The cynical part of him thinks it's too publicized like Christmas, encouraging people to buy worthless amounts of flowers and chocolates at higher-than-normal prices to show they like their crush. Why can't they do that on a day that's not Valentine's Day? Shouldn't they show love and appreciation all year round?

It's not like he's jealous, Mikado would like to clarify. Even though he's never received a valentine from a girl before (the ones from elementary years don't count, because everyone received one regardless), he doesn't think he's missing out; for one, he doesn't have to worry about White Day (he laughs at some of his troubled and despairing friends back then). And if anything, it's him who gets chocolates for his mother, who's the one staple female in his life that won't change any time soon.

"Good morning, Sonohara-san," he greets the quiet girl when taking his seat beside her desk.

"Good morning," she replies softly.

Mikado doesn't expect her to be like the rest of her classmates, because it doesn't really fit her...image, if it can be said so. At some point in their friendship, he remembers her saying that she's incapable of loving someone—and both he and Masaomi had simultaneously said she was lying (just so she wouldn't have to choose between the two of them).

Out of obligatory interest though, Mikado asks anyway, "Did you get anyone chocolates?"

"..." She slowly takes out two bags from her bag and offers him one of them. They look homemade. "Do friendship chocolates count?"

He's surprised. He guesses the other bag is for Kida. "Oh...thank you, Sonohara-san, I didn't expect..."

"Eeeh!" A loud voice barrels into their classroom, and Mikado is crushed a second later. "What's this? Anri-chan's giving out chocolates? Mikado, you lucky dog!"

"Get off me, Masaomi, you're heavy!"

"...Kida-kun, this is for you..."

"Eeeh!" He shouts again. Mikado cringes; his eardrums are throbbing. "Anri-chan, are you sure? I've already got tons, I don't know if I can return your feelings next—"

"Stop getting so full of yourself," the black-haired boy retaliates irritably, pushing the blond so he can get his personal space back. When is their teacher coming? (He knows it's getting worse if he's hoping for class to start just so Kida gets off his case.)

See? This is why he dislikes Valentine's Day so much. There's never a moment of peace.

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: This didn't go the way I originally planned...but oh well.