By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: Romance/Humour
Rating: G
Pairings: Doujou x Kasahara
Story Type: Drabble
Summary: It wasn't the perfect "happily ever after" like those straight out of books, but she still had her oujisama.

Disclaimer: Toshokan Sensou is the intellectual property of Arikawa Hiro.

Notes: This is from this week's theme: "fairy tales". Sort of spoiler-y if you haven't read to the very end of the novels.

It was a humiliating part of her past that she would never forget; at least, the members of the Library Force would never let them live it down. Once in a while, they would still be picked on and teased – mostly Genda's fault, of course – and Komaki's usual bubbling laughter on the side did not help matters at all.

"Oi, Doujou."

The two of them turned around and another round of laughter broke out. It seemed like they had to do it at least once daily, and it was getting annoying very quickly (yet they always fell for it, so it was their excuse to keep doing it).

"Can you guys give it a rest?" Doujou frowned, crease lines increasing in his forehead.

"But it's fun to see you two react in the same way! Just like husband and wife."

"We have the decency to keep our private lives separate from our work, so at least respect that!" They protested together, earning them a see?-I-told-you-so stare from everyone.

"We're not mean enough to pry into your off-duty hours," Komaki appeased, acting as the mediator like always. "Though I'm sure Doujou treats you like the princess that you are."

Iku groaned, burying her face into her hands. The first two years of her Library life was always about her prince, but that had gradually shifted onto the real person afterwards. She regretted ever confiding into her other superior about her troubles.

"That last line was entirely unnecessary," Doujou said flatly, crossing his arms. Everyone knew it was because he was embarrassed and didn't want to divulge any more information. "Now lay off, we have work to do."

"When are we going to see a mini Doujou?" Someone shouted after them just when the door was closing.

"Shut up!" They yelled, turning red from their faces down to their necks.

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: Just something short and light-hearted.