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Uzumaki Naruto...

One could say he was a misunderstood young man, an odd looking blond with whiskers on his cheeks, he was student of Fujimi High school. Naruto however, never believed he was like the rest of his peers, he always felt out of place like he somehow didn't belong in this cruel world. Despite being treated like an outsider Naruto never dropped his cheerful and happy persona, he was an optimistic guy who always looked for the bright side when there was no sun. He was a troublemaker to some and an idiotic moron to everybody else, well at least that's what everybody thought about him. Naruto didn't have any real friends, he tried desperately to make friends ever since he was young, he was easy to get along with so he could make friends with just about anyone but everyone just avoided him, he never knew why that was. Naruto was a loner, fortunately he never let it get him and wallow in sadness. Naruto is Naruto and he would work hard to fit in this cruel world.

Yes, that was Naruto's mission. However...

At this moment Naruto was running through the empty school halls. Though Naruto did not have close friends he did have plenty of enemies. Being chased by a couple of school thugs who acted like a japanese gang or yakuza if you will. You see Naruto was a prankster since he was young, since the boy lived a lonely life and grew without the knowledge of his parents he thought to gain attention by acting like the class clown. He would eventually end up provoking the wrong crowd which then turned into an all out brawl. However as Naruto grew he became stronger with all those fights, in fact he was incredibly strong that his strength was unbelievable. Uzumaki had monstrous strength that could make a body builder pale at the sight. One time the blond managed to give a powerful haymaker to gang member to the gut sending him spiraling towards a tree and nearly killing the poor fool. He could strike fear into his enemies by lifting a motorcycle with ease and chuck it at anyone who tried to mess with him. Naruto was powerful, yes but still many groups of students who hated the blond challenged him or tried to gang up on him much like now. People despised him for being different, it wasn't often you saw a blond and blue eyed Japanese male.

Rearing up to a corner, Naruto grinned when he came to a dead end, he turned and saw the three Fujimi students panting as they barely caught up to the blond. Perfect for him.

"Only three? C'mon guys that's not even a challenge!" Naruto taunted them, pulling back his long sleeves from his school uniform. "Well who's first?" naturally Naruto tended to avoid fights on school grounds but they didn't give him a choice. Teacher's be damned.

"You punk! Think you're so tough!" the student with a shaved head said as he glared at the blond. "Well let's see how tough you really are" reaching into his back pocket the student took out a switchblade.

The other two students chuckled at this, they were sure they had him now.

Naruto only raised a eyebrow at the small weapon before pointing at knife wielding student. "You think you have a chance against me with that toothpick?" Naruto scoffed, he felt insulted other thugs brought something much more troubling than a small butter knife.

"Well we'll see about that!" the bald student motioned his friends to go in first. Amd without being told twice they charged towards the blond.

Naruto smirked, his left arm slapped the first incoming punch before hitting the Fujimi student right in his temple with a strong right hook sending him to the floor. Naruto then grabbed the incoming fist from the second student and threw him over his shoulder making him land on top of the first thug.

"Haaaa!" Naruto turned when heard the shaved head student charging at him. The bald thug slashed his switchblade at the blond but Naruto easily stepped aside before avoiding another swipe. He then caught the guy's hand before giving him a friendly smile to the shaved headed student, taunting him even more.

"Nice toy" he said with his smile still there.

Suddenly Naruto felt a warm liquid on his cheek, it was a small cut on his cheek. Naruto's smile dropped and now he was frowning. He couldn't believe that a punk like him would manage to land cut on him.

Taking the opportunity as the blond was cut off-guard, the shaved headed student pulled him arm away from his grip and swiped at him once again.

Naruto immediately dodged it and this time he didn't want to be careless. As soon as he took a stab at him, Naruto grabbed his arm once again this time he twisted his hand making him drop the switchblade.

The guy yelled in pain and clutched his hand, "You bastard!" he screamed before meeting a fist to the face. The force of punch sent him rolling towards his gang, knocking them back down just as they were on their knees. They all groaned in pain as the blond towered over them.

Naruto clapped his hands together as if he had them covered in dirt, "Well that wasn't very entertaining" Naruto's expression then turned into an uninterested one, he was about to make his way back to class when he heard a heavy growl.

The blond turned to the hall where someone was slowly making his way towards him making Naruto frown. "I already beat your friends up so just save yourself the trouble and turn back and just walk away"

The person who was slowly walking towards the blond breath out a heavy moan ignoring Naruto's warning.

Naruto then sighed as the person didn't take the hint. He was about to get ready for another fight when he got a good look at the guy. Naruto could tell there was something terribly wrong with the guy. He was pale white, like he had been drained of his blood; his eyes were completely pupil-less and he had a serious injury on his shoulder as a big bite mark took a good chunk of meat off.

"Hey you okay?" Naruto asked in slight concern but only to receive no answer, he turned to the three gang members. "Is he one of your guys?"

The blond asked but was only ignored a second time. He frowned at the lack of respect.

"Look I don't have time fo-" The sickly pale student suddenly jump at the blond cutting him off mid-sentence.

Naruto however held the pale guy back by the shoulders as it tried to take a bite out of him.

"What the hell?" Naruto questioned before roughly shoving the injured guy aside to the floor.

Naruto had fought many different kinds of people in the past but never had he fought someone who wanted to take a chunk out of him like that before so he was surprised at the sudden attack. Guess he had yet to see all the freaks this school had to offer.

The brainless student moaned once again before crawling to its feet. Its pupil-less eyes then targeted the shave headed male and attacked him.

Naruto's eyes widen as did the other two boys as the deathly ill student bit off a chunk of flesh from the shave headed boy.

"Arrhhhh!" he screamed in pain as the person chewed the flesh from his arm. He then pushed the pale guy away to the floor as his friends went up to him to check on his wound. "You bastard!"

"Man that looks bad!" said one of the boys, "We should get you to a nurse or something" said the other boy while staring at his friend's wound gushing out blood.

"You idiots! The nurse here can't do shit! Just look how much I'm bleeding!" the bald male spat. The other two boys nodded before running away from the scene. "This isn't over yet blondie! He yelled as he disappeared into the hallways.

As Naruto stared at the three, he narrowed his eyes before saying, "Bastard, Shizuka-sensei is one of the best doctors here!" In anger Naruto kicked the pale person making it slam against the lockers. He then turned his heel around and walked away, he didn't give a damn about the guys injury.

As he walked the empty school halls, Naruto touched his cheek where he had gotten cut. He gave a childish pout as he held his cheek. He couldn't believe that a random punk manage to make him bleed. Naruto had been in tougher situations where he had left without a scratch.

Naruto smiled though, even if it was a small scratch it would be an excuse enough to go visit his favorite doctor.

"Marikawa Shizuka!"

The blond excitedly screamed in his head. If there was one thing he loved about school it was definitely Marikawa Shizuka the school's doctor. Naruto admired the woman to death, it was one of the reasons he was still in school. She was actually one person Naruto could call a friend, heck she was the closes person he could call family. Her friendly personality, her calm golden eyes, her sweet ditzy expressions that drove Naruto crazy but still love her because that.

"And not to mention her sexy body!" the blond thought to himself with a crimson blush as a trickle of blood leaked from his nose. Yes, Naruto was a bit of a perv. His dreams usually were about the blond bombshell, the dreams were almost always never innocent. Naruto always did fantasies about Shizuka. He swore if he were a bit older he would ask her out in a heartbeat. She was the only person Naruto would die for.

Rounding up the corner, the school's intercom then suddenly went on. Stopping Naruto in his tracks.

"Attention all students and teachers!" the man's voice sounded frantic, "At this time there is a violent struggle going on school grounds!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this announcement, were they talking about him?

"Everybody is to remain in class and follow your teacher's orders!" the man behind the microphone pause as he made indistinct noises. Naruto heard the man behind the mic whimper before yelling out.

"Wait! No! Don't!- Gaaaaaah!" the man screamed loudly through the intercom as something or someone had attacked him cutting him off from his announcement.

Naruto's eyes were wide as he had listened in to the man's cries for help, then for a moment it was all quiet. Everything had gone dead silent, Naruto could almost hear his heart beat, 'Bum-bump Bum-bump' it was all too quiet before all hell broke loose.

Students burst out of the doors in panic and extreme alarm, Naruto growled as some students pushed and shoved him.

"Dammit! What the hell is going on?" he asked no one in particular before pushing a crowd of fighting students away. He couldn't believe how most students who he had seen before acting all polite and kind were now pushing and hurting each other like savages. Had everyone gone mad?

"Damn if everybody is going crazy then something must be up!" Naruto not being to bright was slowly catching on. Then his eyes widen in realization, knocking another crowd of students like bowlings pins he dashed towards his original destination, the infirmary.

As he ran towards his destination, he caught sight of a helpless girl screaming for help. Naruto being the good guy he is went to aid the female.

The girl with pale orange hair screamed as she was cornered by two sickly looking students. She cried out for help for anyone to come to her rescue.

"Sensei!" she screamed as she closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable assault but it never came. Peaking an eye out she saw a blond student standing over her. He had come to her rescue and helped her out.

"Are you alright?" Naruto asked as he helped her up.

The girl nodded making Naruto smile in relief, he then turned to the mindless students he had manage to knock down as they were slowly getting up. "What the hell?" it had been just like the guy from before.


The girl turned to the voice and her eyes lit up, "Shido-sensei!" there stood Koichi Shido, a teacher of class 3A. Naruto didn't know much about the guy only bad rumors about him. He didn't actually want to judge him by the rumors he had heard because Naruto knew there were rumors about himself that were extremely stupid and definitely false. Like really how can he terrorize elephants?

The man lead a group 5 of students as he joined up with the girl who was named Yuuki.

"I'm glad you are safe" the man said to the scared girl before turning to Naruto. "Thank you for saving her" he said with a devious smile.

Naruto scratched the back of his head before replying, "It's no big deal" he looked around before asking the teacher, "You know what's going on? Why is everybody attacking each other?"

Shido raised an eyebrow at him before taking a serious expression, "Do you not see? There are people eating each other, this is not just a simple riot." Pausing for a moment to push his glasses back with one finger he then continued, "I believe the school is in a pandemic"

Naruto then remembered when the guy back from the fight had bit the gang member but Narito still failed to see why.

"I see" he said.

Shido smirked, "This must be that brute everybody has been talking about. With his strength he can be a valuable asset to getting out of here alive" his thoughts then formatted a plan.

"You should stick with us, only together can we survive this hell" Shido said as the others behind him nodded.

Naruto knew it'd be best to stick together but he still had to go get Marikawa. "I'm sorry but I have to get someone and make sure she's safe"

The dark haired man manage to contain his scowl before replying to the blond, "I'm sure that person got away to safety by now"

However, Naruto shook his head, he wasn't budging he had to go and find her. "I still have to find her"

Shido frowned, he thought that with the blond's help he could mow down a path for them out of the school but it was proven to be no use as he refused to go with them. The teacher's frown then turned upside down as he looked to the blond's side before looking back at him.

"I understand" he paused as his smile grew, "Maybe we'll see each other again some other time..."

Naruto couldn't help but feel uneasy at the man's smile it felt deranged and sadistic. He was about to reply to the man when Yuuki screamed.

"Watch out!"

Naruto quickly turned around and barely manage to fend off the student's corpse attack. He grunted and asked for the help of the older man.

Shido raised his head with eyes widening and pupils dilating in sick satisfaction.

"You should of join us! Now die!"

With one hard kick to Naruto's rib cage, it sent him stumbling back before he tripped and fell down the flight of stairs taking the corpse with him.

"Sensei? Why did you do that? He-He helped me" Yuuki said as she stared at the spot where Naruto had fallen.

"Because Yuuki-san..." the dark haired teacher began as a finger ran through her chin, "There is no place for those who think for themselves. Only those who work together will survive this madness" Shido then turned towards the other students and told them to move out. Yuuki stayed for a bit before following them.

Several minutes later Naruto woke up from his fall. The first thing he saw was the corpse laid on top of him, it seemed it's head was turned almost 360 degrees and most likely happen when he was pushed. He cursed as he pushed the body off of him, that's how it always ended. He tried to help others only to get screwed at the end. Naruto gritted his teeth if he ever found that guy again he'd make sure to push him off a building right after a beating.

As Naruto sat up he winced at the sting on his arm. The blond had been injured now, he definitely needed to find Shizuka. Taking and ripping a piece of fabric from his blazer, he wrapped it around the wound tightly to stop the bleeding. Clamping a hand on his head, he rubbed his forehead to make the pain go away, he then looked for the right way to blonde woman's office.


Naruto had arrived a few minutes later but he didn't find the blonde woman. Taking a look around for any sign of her, he sighed. "She made it out, hopefully she's safe"

Naruto took this time to look for anything to help his wound. He found a small bottle of disinfectant.

"I think this is what Shizuka-sensei puts on cuts and bruises" Naruto always remembered when he would come in to her office to treat his wounds, she would always use some of this liquid and he remembered it stung quite a bit. Naruto pocketed the item and then he saw blood splattered on the window, his eyes widen in recognition. He didn't really know the boy but he had seen him helping Shizuka plenty of times and now he sat there with his head busted open.

Naruto's eyes narrowed and examined the blow on the student's head, "Someone hit him pretty hard on the head" he saw the bite marks around his body and then he slowly pieced things together and realized something.

"If you get bitten then you turn into one..." Naruto's eyes widen, this couldn't possibly be happening could it? To see the dead come to life just like in video games and the movies. Naruto now started to worry for Shizuka's safety as this was not just some riot it was the something much more bigger than that. Naruto clutched his arm where his wound was before he realized something.

"Her car! She probably went there!" dashing out of the office he made his way towards the front where hoped he would find her.

Takashi and his group made their way towards the bus. Along the way they batted and shoot the lifeless bodies of their classmates.

The group consisted of Komuro Takashi, a second year student. He was the first one to act when this hell started. Takashi had also killed his best friend not too long ago.

Miyamoto Rei is Takashi's childhood friend and is part of the sōjutsu club, making her weapon a broken broomstick that she treats like a spear.

Busujima Saeko is a third year student, she is a strong young woman who is strangely calm in a situation like this. Her weapon is a bokken or a wooden sword.

Hirano Kohta is slightly chubby guy, okay he is overweight. He is a gun otaku. Using a homemade nail gun, he uses it to fight mid to long range.

Takagi Saya, a self proclaimed genius with pink hair in twin tail and has glasses. She is one that dislikes stupid people.

Lastly, there is Marikawa Shizuka. At twenty-four years old she is Fujimi's doctor. Carrying with her is a first aid kit incase anything happens. She is also Naruto's closes and only friend.

As they neared the bus for safety, the last bit of survivors the group had manage to save were all getting caught by them.

Saya tried to keep her fellow survivor from running into her death but the girl couldn't leave the boy she loved to die. She escaped the pink haired girl's hold and fled to her imminent end.

"I don't get it! Why would she go in if I told her it was too late already?" She asked herself as she saw the girl run towards the boy direction.

"Some people would rather die with the ones they love" Said the blonde doctor with an understanding tone.

Meanwhile Takashi reached the bus before opening the door. "Busujima-senpai!" he called out to the purple haired girl as she hit another corpse in the head smashing it's brains.

"Everybody in!" she yelled. Once everybody was inside Shizuka was confused how different the controls were. "Uhh okay, brake, clutch, gas..."

Kohta then saw a group of students heading their way, "Guys! There's more students up ahead!"

Rei's eyes widen immediately when she saw Koichi Shido. "Leave him!" she said making Takashi surprised by this. "He's much more dangerous to have with us!" Rei warned.

"Everybody head to the bus!" the dark haired man shouted as he stopped and let his students go first.

Just then a boy with glasses in the back ran frantically trying to catch up. The boy would fair better if he didn't carry the few books in his hands. The boy then tripped on his own feet. He flew into the ground landing next to the dark haired man's feet.

"I've sprained my ankle!" the boy in glasses cried out, he then grabbed the hem of Shido's pants, "Sensei! Please help me!"

Shido looked down at the boy in disgust, pushing on the bridge of his glasses he gave the helpless boy a evil grin.

"In this kind of situation there is no need for the weak!" pulling his leg away from the boy's grip, Shido then curb stomped the boy in the face breaking his glasses and nose.

"Graaaaah!" he screamed in pain as he clutched his face.

Shido then ran towards the bus after abandoning the boy who was now being gang up by mindless students.

Rei turned to Takashi with a frown as Shido entered the bus, "You're gonna regret this" she said as Takashi was still confused why she hated the man.

"Everybody is in then! Marikawa!" Saeko said as she motioned the blonde doctor to start driving.

The blonde woman started the ignition, switching the handle to drive, Shizuka was ready to head out.

"Oi!" the group of students and doctor noticed someone still left alive as he called out to them, he was fighting his way out of the school's front door. "Shizuka-sensei!" Naruto waved his arm toward her as he grinned.

Immediately the blonde doctor recognized who's voice it belong to. "Naruto?" she squinted her eyes to see if was the blond male. She smiled, glad that the blond was still alive. Unbuckling her seat belt, she jumped out of her seat to make her way to the door but was stopped by Saya and Saeko.

"Doctor Marikawa it's too dangerous to go out!" Saeko shouted as she held the blonde woman back. She knew that it was far too dangerous for someone like her to be out there with those things and without any means of protection she'd be surrounded in no time.

"But Naruto is still out there! I have to help him" said the blonde woman as she tried to reason.

Saya looked out to the blond student, "Tch, still smiling at a time like this?"

"That fool is still alive?" Shido thought to himself as he stared at the blond trying to make his way towards them. If he were to make it, Shido would most likely be ratted out and they would toss him out or worse the blond would beat him to a bloody pulp and feed him to those things.

"Please I have to do-"

"It's no use" Shido said gaining the blonde's attention, "Look closely" he pointed out the window towards the blond male punching a female student back into a crowd of those mindless monsters. Shizuka gaze then fell to the blond's arm where he had a rather big wound. Her eyes widen in horror, "I-I... We don't know for sure that-that's a bite"

"I'm afraid it is" the dark haired man pushed his glasses back as he tried to hold back a grin. "I saw him get bit"

"N-No..." Shizuka paled at the revelation.

"Marikawa-sensei..." Rei sympathized as she knew how it felt to lose someone that had been bitten by one of them.

"It's true we saw him get bit by one of those things! Can we just go now?" One of the students yelled out from the back of the bus, he didn't really know if the blond outside had actually gotten bit but he didn't want to wait any longer and wanted to get out already.

Shizuka sadly gazed down to the floor, her thoughts struggled to choose what was right, she could just go to the blond's aid even if he was already bit it would be better than to abandon him but she knew that everybody here was counting on her to get them out. It was either save a few lives and let one die or run out and most likely get everyone killed.

Saeko empathized the blonde woman, she had difficulty accepting the students fate. Placing a hand on her shoulder, Saeko gave her a sad smile. Shizuke looked up at the purple haired girl as tears threaten to burst, she bit her lips trying hard not to cry. Nodding she took her seat back and slowly once again started the large mobile.

As Naruto was struggling to keep them back, he heard the bus ignition. Pushing them back with his foot, Naruto split away from the crowd of dead students. He ran and waved towards the bus with a tedious smile. "Shizuka!" he called out. However to Naruto's surprise the bus turned back and going out the gate, leaving him behind.

His eyes stared out in disbelief, they had left him behind. Shizuka had left him behind.

"No...way..." Naruto said in disbelief as he fell to his knees, his eyes were wide. He couldn't believe it, the one person who he would go to the depths of hell had abandoned him.

The inside of the bus was quiet, Shizuka drove fast not even giving a second thought about hitting one of them. She couldn't stop the tears from flowing, Shizuka hated herself for leaving Naruto behind; to her she was the closes person he had and now she had left him for dead.

"Sensei! Thank you" she remembered him telling her with toothy grin when she would patch him up after a fight. His smile was always so bright and filled with joy.

Takashi and the others looked on as the blonde woman weeped. They didn't know what to do to comfort her. Once the arrived to a small clearing, Shizuka made a sudden stop. Pounding her fist on the steering wheel she cried her heart out. Rei couldn't stand to see the woman like this, she came to her and pulled her into a hug. Shizuka buried her face into the girl's shirt, staining her shirt with tears.

"Naruto!" she wailed

Everybody stayed quiet and gave the woman the time she needed.

Back with Naruto...

"No!" Naruto shouted, filled with mix emotions, he punched the ground nearly making his knuckles bleed. Quickly standing up he punched an infected who was about to take a bite out of him. Clenching his jaw, Naruto growled at the walking dead in front of him.

"Graahhh!" He roared and charged at the nearest corpse before tackling it to the ground. Naruto gave it one right hook and then his left, he punched and punched the corpse. What was it about him that people hated? Another punch drew blood. Why would she do this to him, Naruto asked himself. He ignored the others as they were slowly limping their way towards him. Naruto couldn't stop his beating, each punch destroyed it's face and eventually stopping the already dead student.

Slowly standing to his feet, Naruto stared at his hands stained in blood. He gave a lifeless sigh, his blue eyes turned dull. "I have to get out of here..." he mumbled. The blond turned his back on them and stared out the gate the bus went through. Running towards the broken gate Naruto made his way out of school. He had survived his entire life without the need of anybody, he had taken anything that life had thrown at him. He had tried to help those in need but only to get betrayed at the end. Naruto didn't need anyone to survive this time he was strong!

But then why did he feel like his heart had just taken the worst beating of his life?

Naruto sighed. He avoided any of them that he came in contact with and then made his way to an empty street that wasn't infested with walking corpses. In his condition he needed to address his wound. Hopefully he could find a place to rest.

Quick Note: This is my shot at a High School of the Dead x Naruto fic. As you may have guessed the paring is Shizuka and Naruto. Since I haven't read one I thought I'd make one of my own and I'll tell ya, I am quiet pleased about it. Happyface. This story is short though and not really written all that good like other H.O.T.D x Naruto fics so yeah... raspberries. Also, anybody notice how H.O.T.D has a lot of fan-service wheres Naruto has none? For some reason it makes me a proud fan.