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It had been about an hour since Shizuka and the others had escaped the Fujimi high school and had left Naruto behind. The blonde woman had cried her heart out, though she had not gotten over deserting him, Shizuka had later calmed down. She was quiet while behind the wheel, currently they were stuck in traffic and her passengers were making a lot of noise in the back, some were taking sides as they debated for a leader. Rei Miyamoto and Takashi Kumoro had gotten separated after Koichi Shido had boarded.

Shizuka wished that she could leave the bus as well and go look for Naruto, she wished she hadn't of left him in the first place but people were counting on her and at that time she panicked and tried to rescue a few lives. She sighed as she leaned on the wheel and rested her arms and head on it. Shizuka felt terrible, she knew Naruto wasn't the most popular guy in school, sure he was well known but most students knew him by his reputation as the school's troublemaker. He had no friends besides her, Shizuka still remembered the day she had first met the blond.

2 and a half years prior to outbreak

Naruto Uzumaki was attending his first year in High school, this was his chance to make a new name for himself, to start over. It was his chance to make a friend or two.

But when Uzumaki Naruto ended up in an all out brawl before school had even started his chances didn't not look good. Not when you come into class late all dirty and panting like an animal all while covered in sweat and dirt. When he had arrived to class he had sent a terrifying glare to his classmates and threaten to beat anybody that dared to talk to him...

Well at least that's what it said in the piece of paper Shizuka received from the blond.

Shizuka Marikawa new school nurse and first day on the job was attending he first patient ever. The long haired blond smiled happily before standing from her stool, she then proceeded to check on her patient who had been placed in her care to 'treat', the thing was he didn't need any treating as he had been fine when he had came to her. When Shizuka pulled the curtain on her patient's bed, she gasped at the blond climbing over the window with his pants down around his ankles while sporting orange boxers with tiny green frogs.

"No!" she yelled before jumping after him and holding on to him by his legs, "Don't go please! I'm not done with you yet!" Shizuka pleaded.

"Hey Lady!" Naruto blushed, it wasn't everyday an older woman would grab on to his pants that were stuck on the inside of the window as his upper body stood outside the window. "Let go!"

"No!" Shizuka retorted like a small child and then puffed her cheeks out. "I'm not letting my first patient escape so easily!"

And before Naruto could do anything else, he felt her hands pull down his boxer briefs down, exposing his bare naked rear. "Hey what're you- ahh!" The blond screamed as Shizuka began to spank him. Naruto flailed like a fish out of water before falling back inside the room taking the blonde woman with him.

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch... Huh?" Naruto hadn't felt any pain when he had crashed into two soft mounds, his head was smoother between Shizuka's breast.

"Hmm?" the blond woman said as if she had just awoken in a daze. She looked down to see yellow spiky hair resting on top of her chest. She smiled before hugging Naruto's head closer, nearly smashing him into her cleavage.

"Yay! I did it!"

When she felt the blond mumble Shizuka pulled the blond away from her chest for a better view. Naruto gasped for air, his face was still flustered. "What the hell was that!?" he asked more specifically about her smothering him with her breast.

Shizuka took a moment to think as she placed one finger on her lip, she then smiled and looked at the blond. "It was a spank!" she said cheerfully making Naruto sweat drop at her while giving her a deadpan look.

"Now get back in bed, I still have to check your health" Shizuka said as they both stood up which only made Nauto pout at her words.

"No way! I hate hospitals and this place is no different!" Naruto crossed his arms before sticking his tongue out. Shizuka couldn't help but to pout, "Hmph!" she stared at him as her cheeks blew up. Naruto took notice at the woman's childish expression, her cheeks puffed out and her eyes were now shut tight. Could it be that she was holding her breath?

Now way, no adult woman would do that.

Except Shizuka Marikawa wasn't no regular woman, Shizuka was indeed holding her breath till the blond got back in bed, her face began to get red startling Naruto. The blond student stared wildly at the woman before waving his hands out in front of him.

"Alright! Alright! I'll get in bed! Just don't do that..." Shizuka let her breath go and exhaled, she then smiled at Naruto as if her childish act didn't even happen.

"Thank you~!" she hummed before making sure the blond was in bed.

Moments later, Shizuka had checked Naruto's vitals and there seemed to be nothing wrong with him. Naruto had been weird out by the woman's playful personality.

Shizuka's head swayed back and forth as she hummed happily. Naruto didn't get what exactly was she doing. She just sat at the edge of the bed, not saying a word with her hand up his shirt touching his chest. Her right hand gently touched Naruto's chest as his heart was beating with a rapid rhythm.

"Oi! Lady what're you doing!" it seemed all Naruto had been doing around her was blushing, she was too comfortable with him.

"I'm checking your hearbeat, Naruto-kun"

"Ehh? Naruto-kun?" he thought to himself, no one ever called him by him that or by his first named nevertheless.

"Wh-Why aren't you using one of those headphone things?" Naruto's heartbeat was increasing and Shizuka took notice. The long haired blond stopped to examine Naruto closer which only made Naruto's heartbeat go crazy. Shizuka just smiled before responding.

"Because I want to know your feelings for Shizuka"

"Shi... zuka?" he slowly worded the name.

The blond medic in front of him smiled even more and pointed at herself, "Me!" Naruto's eyes widen, this woman was crazy.

"It's my first day and this is my first time, so I'm trying to make some friends even if it's with a student and since you're my first patient of the day I thought you'd be my friend as well!" Naruto couldn't help but to stare at the blonde in front of him with his mouth open, there was something about her words made him admire her.

"Wa-Wait you want to be m-my friend?" Shizuka nodded without hesitation, she then took notice of the increasing thumping in Naruto's chest.

Naruto couldn't help it, his heart was racing again, he never thought this would happen. Someone had actually said they wanted to be his friend, it wasn't a joke this time the smile on this woman's lips told him that. Naruto didn't hide his own smile, he grinned wholeheartedly showing his true feelings to the woman he had just met today.

Shizuka was surprised by his toothy grin, his smile was something she wished to see more often. It was on that day that Naruto's heart was in Shizuka's hands.

Shizuka gripped the steering wheel tightly, the loud ruckus behind her was irritating. The students arguing was something she didn't want to deal with at the moment. Shizuka had done her part already, she had driven them to safety, they could take care of themselves from here on out.

Giving herself a quick nod she set the bus into park and then she rose from her seat gaining everyone's attention.

Saeko Busujima was the first one to take notice, she had been carefully observing the blonde nurse ever since their escape from the school. Saeko may not know how Shizuka felt about Naruto but she did know him.

"Marikawa-sensei?" Shido the teacher of class 3A, who had been trying to manipulate his way into being their leader, had called out. Shizuka however gave him a cold glare, after all it was him that said Naruto wasn't worth saving. Shido hadn't actually said that but in Shizuka's mind, he was basically saying that it was better to leave someone who had been bitten rather to try and save them.

"I am going back" Shizuka raised her fist confidently up to her chest, "Please do not try to stop me!" Shizuka opened the door and jumped out.

"She can't be serious! A woman like her will be eaten alive! She'll never make it!" Shido nearly screamed out enough for Shizuka to hear but he was really more in a panic that he had lost a valuable asset to his group in order for his own survival. He took one step and that was it when something sharp had grazed his cheek. It was Kohta Hirano, the chubby gun otaku who had been tormented by bullies like him.

"You're not going to find him all by yourself are you now?" Shizuka stopped her steps when she heard Saeko, "Do not worry Marikawa-sensei, we will help you"

Shizuka questioned this sudden volunteer to help her out, the blonde woman turned around to see Saeko, Kohta, and even Saya there to support her. Shizuka couldn't help it, her eyes started to water but she held it in.

"Thank you!" she cried out before engulfing the group in a bone crushing hug.

"Well it's not like were going to stay with that lunatic back there- Hey!" Saya said as she tried to fend off Shizuka's bosoms but failed as they trapped her face. Kohta's blood rushed to his face and nose, he couldn't handle the physical contact with this is what you get rewarded for making Shido back off then he couldn't wait till the next time he is to save a damsel in distress.

Saeko gave a small smile at the blonde woman, she was sure an easy to make happy.

Once Shizuka had let go, she put on a determine look in her eyes. She knew now that it wasn't a matter to question, it was her duty to save Naruto.

Six months prior to outbreak

Shizuka had been cooked up in her office or in other words the infirmary. There weren't any sick students or even fakers who just wanted to get out of class. She was so bored that the blonde woman had dozed off, her dreams took her to her usual fantasies which were always a land covered in sweets such as cake and candy but deep within that world was always her boy toy Naruto Uzumaki at age 7.

"Naru-kun! Naru-kun!" she chanted in her sleep as drool was in the corner of her mouth. Much to Naruto's delight, who had just entered the room with a scraped arm only to find his sensei asleep on her desk. He grinned as he leaned closer to the woman to get an accurate description of her dream.

"My, my Shizuka, I never thought you'd be having naughty dreams about me!" Naruto gave a cheshire like grin, usually it was Naruto having the perverted fantasies of Shizuka.

"Again! Again!" she mumbled enough for Naruto to hear. The thing the blond didn't know was that Shizuka's dream was nothing perverted. She often played with seven year old Naruto in the park by pushing him on the swings or going down the slide. Anything to see that happy smile on his face.

"Shizuka? Shizuka!" her honey colored eyes slowly peeled open and the first thing she met was sapphire colored eyes.

"Hmm... Naru-kun?" she said still half-asleep.

"Good morning!" the blond male said cheerfully all whilst giving her a big grin. Shizuka stretched her arms up in the air giving Naruto a good look at her chest. The blond student continued to grin not even minding the blood casually leaking out of his nose.

"Huh? you're injured!" Shizuka noticed his arm was bleeding. The blond woman sat him down and then examined his wound, she grabbed her medical supplies and took out a band aid. She carefully applied it to the small scratch before giving it a small kiss. Naruto felt his cheeks warm up at the gesture.

"There! All better!" Shizuka smiled at Naruto but soon dropped it when she noticed something was wrong. The blonde woman leaned close to Naruto's face and examined him before she frowned.

"You're hurting somewhere else..." Naruto was surprised, he stammered and then looked away, "It's nothing"

"Naruto-kun Uzumaki-kun, you tell me right now where you got hurt!" the ditzy woman then gave a cute glare as she lifted his arm and checked his head for any injuries.

"Naruto-kun... Uzumaki-kun?" the blond repeated in his head, he sure had a one of a kind woman for a friend. Nevertheless, Naruto knew that Shizuka would continue to worry about him if he didn't tell her.

"It's just some stupid guy..." Naruto avoided her gaze, his eyes trailed to the white ceiling before he mumbled, "Called me a bully..." he took a depressing frown as he slouched into the bed where patients slept.

"I was just defending this small restaurant from some lowlife thugs, it was like any other brawl and I was just fighting blindly, punching any random guy who looked like a thug but I..." Naruto blushed as he looked away while scratching his cheek with his index finger. "I kinda ended up punching the owner's son"

Naruto exhaled heavily. "Then the owner the said, 'You are just a bully. You are the reason gang members have been thrashing our town! You're the bad guy everyone wants to beat!'" Naruto repeated in a monotone sense before sighing.

Shizuka's eyes took a surprising look as she had listen to the blond's story, she stared blankly with a vacant expression before she smiled. "Naruto~!" she began with that familiar sweet gentle tone, "You're not a bully and you are certainly not a bad guy..."

"But what that guy said is true! Because if even I don't know what I am then-then... It must be true" Naruto stared down at his lap, his hands formed into a fist and head down. "I don't know, I'm just a bully"

"Then I'll tell you what you are!" Shizuka exclaimed as she sat next to him making him raise his head and look at the blonde woman. "You are Naruto Uzumaki! The good guy! And my hero!"

"Wha-What?" Naruto seemed to be taken back by the blonde woman's words, he was completely lost for words.

"I'll always be there for you Naruto, to remind you who you are! I promise!" Shizuka gave him a sincere smile. It was all that that Naruto needed to believe her because she was special to him and Naruto wouldn't take her words for granted. He nodded before turning his frown into a toothy grin.

"Shizuka-sensei is the best doctor ever!" the blond nearly tackled her into the bed for a hug before chuckling, Shizuka giggled as well and even though he had been sad just a moment ago, Shizuka was glad to see that smile back on his face.

"Naruto, not there! You're grabbing my breast!"

"They're huge!"

Shizuka had been too deep in thought, their group had traveled for quite a while now but had not made it far. They had strayed off into an area where the dead were roaming, their group had no choice but to fight back. Saeko was the first to take the lead, she struck those in close range while Kohta took down the ones limping towards them. It wasn't looking good and Shizuka and Saya were completely useless in terms of combat. Their roles were much like the mage and cleric of an MMORPG with no knowledge of physical combat.

"Busujima-senpai!" Hirano called out as he shot the incoming corpse, "I'm running low on ammo!" Saeko acknowledged and she wasn't fairing well either as more of them started to surround her making it much more difficult to take them out.

"Things are looking bad!" Saya exlaimed as she and Shizuka we're getting cornered as well.

"I can't let it end, not yet!" Shizuka told herself, the busty blonde gripped her medical bag before putting it in front of her and using force to distant them from Saya and herself. Shizuka used the bag as a shield to push the corpses away from them. She succeeded and they all fell like bowling pins, each knocking each other out.

"I-I did it!" She mentally cheered.

"Sensei!" Saya cried out and pointed out to the corpse behind her. Shizuka moved quick to avoid getting caught but the woman stumbled back and fell to her butt. She crawled back as it got closer.

"Ahh!" She screamed as it grabbed her leg.

"Marikawa-Sensei!" Saeko shouted as she tried to make her way towards the blond doctor. She swung her wooden sword into a corpse's skull before pushing it to the crowd of the undead. Saeko ran as quickly as she could but they weren't making it easy for her.

Kohta saw that Shizuka was in danger, with low ammunition, he fired the little shots he could spare to the corpse that had Shizuka's leg. It didn't kill him but it did slow it down.

"What do I do?!" Shizuka thought to herself as she panicked, she tried to kick it away put it just wouldn't stop coming for her. "I-I can die now!"

Suddenly the low sound of a motor boomed as a motorcycle jumped into the scene. It revved as it passed by Shizuka and pushing the corpse away, freeing her from it's grip.

"Senpai!" Takashi called out as Rei Miyamoto dismounted the motorcycle and launched a kick to one of the walking dead.

Saeko saw Takashi making his way towards her direction, he held out his hand out for her to take. Saeko grabbed on to him as he made a drastic turn back to the group of undead. Using the momentum, Saeko released from Takashi's grip and spiraled her wooden sword to the corpses.

As Takashi made a stop, he pulled from his pocket a small pistol and threw it at Kohta's direction.

The gun loving otaku grinned almost maniacally at the weapon he caught. Kohta didn't waste time he took quick shots, each taking down an infected.

With one final strike to the head, Saeko was able to subdue the last of the undead. She sighed before smiling at Takashi.

"Nice timing"

The teenage boy nodded with small smile, he then turned to the rest of the group as they were gathering together.

"Is everyone alright?"

Besides a few scratches, everyone was fine. Saya was a bit upset that she had done nothing, she felt useless at this point. Pushing on the bridge of her glasses she joined up with the warriors of the group, including Shizuka, who had actually defended her even though she had no combat skills.

"It's getting dark" Takashi said as the others took notice as well.

"It'd be too dangerous to stay out here like this." Saeko voiced as she scanned around the area for any more of them.

"Senpai's right. We need to find shelter, otherwise we'll be put at risk" with the motorcycle he and Rei had found, it would be impossible to take everyone on board.

As everyone was thinking up with a some sort of plan, Shizuka remained silent. Of course she had a place where they could go, it was a house of a friend. No doubt it would be perfect place to stay the night till they could get help. But still, there was something Shizuka had to do, someone she needed to rescue.


Shizuka bit her lower lip, Naruto was still out there with those things at every corner of every street. The chances of him being alive were slim but then again this was Naruto Uzumaki, someone who would get in fights over a bowl of ramen. Of course, this pandemic was much bigger than noddles but Shizuka had faith in his strength.

Physical strength didn't matter however, not when you were bitten. Once bit, you'd turn into one of them, at least that's how Shizuka figured. Naruto, for all she knew, could be walking the streets as one of them.

Shizuka held her hand close to her chest, her heart was beginning to beat rapidly.

In the end it was Shizuka's decision once again.

"Uhhm..." Shizuka quietly stammered, though it was enough for the rest of the group to hear as they all had their eyes on her now.

Minutes later Shizuka had explained to them about a safe place that they could stay the night. However it had torn the blonde woman that she was leaving Naruto once again. Shizuka, usually always smiling and happy, was trying her best not to break down and cry again. How could she anyways? When she was on a motorcycle moving at a high speed.

Takashi could feel the blonde woman's whimpers, he figured that she was still mourning the blond guy's death.

"No that's wrong, we left him behind alive. There's no way of telling that he's dead..."

Looking back at the blonde woman as she held on tight, Takashi realized Shizuka's chest was on his back. With a red spread on his face, Takashi pushed any perverted thoughts away. He cleared his throat before fixing his sight on the road up ahead.

"Sensei..." He called softly enough for her to hear through the motorcycle's loud roar.

"Hmm?" She responded as she stared off into the road.

"This Naruto guy... Is he someone close to you?"

Shizuka laid her head on Takashi's back as her eyes closed. She didn't say anything, she only nodded.

"Way too go Takashi! That didn't help at all!" The Fujimi student mentally scolded himself before deciding a different approach.

"Well I've heard little about him. Even though we go to the same school, I hear he's pretty terrifying." Takashi chuckled nervously before realizing what he had just said, it seemed that he was only making things worse.

"That's not true!" Shizuka shouted, nearly making Takashi lose control of the bike.

"Naruto is kind, sweet, and trusting! He's incredibly strong and very handsome! His reputation is just misunderstood tha-that's all!"

Takashi took a moment to look at the woman behind him, it was then that he witnessed a different expression in her eyes. He could see she was fired up and he couldn't help but to find it funny.

"Hey! What are you laughing at?" Shizuka pouted as her eyes narrowed at the person in front of her.

"I'm sorry Sensei. It's just that... You make it sound as if he's more than just a student and more of something else..."

Shizuka could not catch what he was referring to or what humor he found in it.

"But that's none of my business... After we get everyone to safety, I'll help you find him"

Takashi winced as Shizuka's nails dug through his clothing. The blonde was filled with joy when she heard his words, she couldn't stop herself from giving Takashi a death gripping embrace.

"Thank you" she whispered.

Soon after, the two of them came to their destination. It was a pretty luxurious looking house from the looks of it outside and of course there was the tank looking truck Shizuka had mentioned before. It was night already and it would be dangerous to stay out any longer.

Shizuka went for the gate, she pressed her hand on the large door before she heard something. Her eyes diverted to the end of the block, Takashi followed her gaze as well. They both looked at each other and nodded, it was possible that there were more of them at every corner.

Being the one capable of taking the corpses head on rather than Shizuka, Takashi stealthily walked on the sidewalk as he held his blunt weapon of choice.

As Takashi stepped closer, he could hear small sounds but at the moment he couldn't make out any sense of them. The suspense was starting to get to him, it could be one or maybe a dozen of them, slowly but surely Takashi came to the corner. Before taking a deep breath he gripped his weapon tightly.

He quickly turned to the other side ready to strike whatever came at him. However Takashi didn't swing his weapon, he didn't try to defend himself either or prepare for an incoming attack. He just froze at the sight before him.

There in front of him was a Fujimi student, an upperclassmen who was ready to end it all. Up against the wall, wearing nothing but his pants and soaked in blood was none other than Naruto Uzumaki.

Takashi's eyes grew wide as he held a firearm pointing at himself and about to pull the trigger.

Takashi reached out a hand and was about to call out to him. The blond shook as he eventually didn't fire the weapon.

"Shizuka...?" Were his last words before his eyes rolled in the back of his head and fell unconscious. Takashi didn't know what was going on, to him it seemed like this guy had returned from hell from the look of his physical condition.

"What is it?" Shizuka quietly voiced from the opposite side.

Takashi's head turned alomst robot like towards the blonde, he didn't say anything, he just stared blankly.

"Naru-" he breathed out, his arm pointed at the street Naruto was. Had it not been for the blond hair, Takashi wouldn't of recognized Naruto. Shizuka quickly walked to where Takashi was to see what had him in that paralyze state.

"Takashi-kun, what's the ma-?!" Shizuka gasped as her hands covered her mouth, she was quick to recognize him. No doubt about it, she didn't hesitate to run up to Naruto's unconscious body. Her eyes quickly teared up as she knelt down.

"Please be okay! Please be okay!" Shizuka hoped he was still alive, she wished she hadn't of left him behind otherwise he wouldn't of been like this state in the first place.

"Na-Naruto!" She shouted as she picked him up in her arms. She examined him, Naruto had large cuts everywhere on his body, his head was drenched in his own blood and he had glass embedded on his hand and feet.

"He's still breathing!"

Even with all those wounds, Naruto was still alive just barely. Shizuka sighed in relief but that didn't put all her worries to an end.

"Please! I need your help!" Shizuka called out to Takashi.

It took a second to register what she said before Takashi shook off from his frozen state. For the time being Takashi wasn't going to say anything to Shizuka about what he had seen the blond do, for now he'd stay quiet.

The house the group had taken shelter in was luxury indeed, the young girls had taken the time to actually get a decent bath after all the gruesome blood had stained their uniforms. Takashi and Kohta had went to explore other parts of the house.

Shizuka however had stayed with Naruto, never leaving his side. After Shizuka and Takashi had discovered his unconscious body in the streets, they had both carried him inside the house and into the bedroom. After that, Shizuka had treated his wounds, she carefully removed the small shards of glass and cleaned his hands, feet, and head of any blood. She smiled once he was under her care again, she was glad that Shido was wrong, Naruto was never bitten; he was never infected only a small cut on remained on his shoulder.

The blonde woman was relieved, his life was no longer in danger, the only thing she need to treat now was his fever.

"Rest up Naru-kun, you deserve it" Shizuka said with a smile as she placed at moist towel on his forehead. Shizuka never called him that unless she was dreaming or no one was around to hear her.

As the night went on Saya Tagaki, the second year at Fujimi highschool was not in a pleasant mood. After a water splash fight with Miyamoto and her upperclassmen, Busujima, Saya was not left in a good. Back before things went to complete shit, Saya was a genius. She was superior academically, she excelled in her studies and was daughter of a wealthy family well she still is technically but now her status didn't matter no more. Now she was stuck with a group of people who weren't decent enough to put on some clothes on while they cooked!

"You, why aren't you wearing anything? Have you no decency?" Saya shouted as she blushed while staring at Saeko's rear. The purple headed woman turned away from the stove, revealing her apron to the pinkette.

"I put all our clothing in the washer and only found this to wear... unlike you"

Saya was embarrassed, she and Rei had taken the only piece of clothing left available to wear while Saeko was left with an apron and her underwear. Even Shizuka had taken a quick shower before returning to the unconscious student they have in their care.

"Uhhm..." Saya was red in the face, she fumed in rage and in embarrassment, was she losing her place in the world? Saya left her elder classmate to herself, she didn't want to show her face anymore. She ignored her childhood friend Takashi and his girlfriend as she made her way up the stairs.

"Might as well see what gun loving otaku is up to..."

Saya was sure picking on Kohta would make her feel better, either that or he would just remind her how much more useful he is now than she is. She sighed and diverted from her original destination. The pink haired girl still couldn't get over the fact that she wasn't pulling her own weight. Even Shizuka was more useful fighting off those things than her and she was a medic on top of that.

When she heard a thump close by, Saya couldn't help but to look at the room next to her. It was the room Shizuka and the unconscious Naruto were staying in, so far Shizuka hadn't left him except to bathe. Quietly creeping up to the room she could see that the door wasn't locked and left a bit open so she could see a bit inside.

With only being able to see with one eye Saya tried to make out what was in front of her but with little lighting she could barely tell where Shizuka was at. Eventually she spotted her sleeping peacefully on the bed but where was the male blond? Saya carefully pushed the door slightly to get a better look, she jumped as the door swung open. She stuttered an excuse once she was caught peeping, however as the pink haired girl looked up she saw the awoken blond up and alive.

Her eyes widen in fear as she was facing the end of a gun's barrel.

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