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TIMELINE: Post-Hogwarts, Epilogue compliant (2024-2026).

MAIN CHARACTERS FEATURED (alphabetical order, last name): Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Severus Potter

SECONDARY CHARACTERS FEATURED (alphabetical order, last name): Hermione Granger-Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Padma Patil, James Potter, Hugo Weasley + original characters made up for this story

SUMMARY: Shy, insecure Albus Severus Potter has been tasked by his father to infiltrate the infamous and super-secret club, "Skull and Serpent," led by Scorpius Malfoy and his friends. Harry Potter believes this organization may be a breeding ground for a new order of Death Eaters, and needs Al to spy for him. Wanting to impress his father and not disappoint him, Al takes on the assignment… despite the fact it may bring down Scorpius – Al's secret, long-time love interest.

RATING/WARNINGS: NC-17/MA - Explicit first time homosexual snogging, finger sucking, frottage, and giving oral sex (participants both age 18); Voyeurism of a homosexual first time sex act (participants ages 17 & 18); Masturbation (participant age 18); Unrequited Love; Explicit profanity; a bit of Ron-bashing

Author's Additional notes for the story: In this fic, Albus is 18, Scorpius is 18, Malcolm is 18, and Hugo has just turned 17.

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January, 2024

Albus nibbled on the edge of his grey-feathered quill, his gaze faraway and his mind locked within, contemplating how best to explain to his father that he'd been compromised in his mission by his own feelings.

The Clock Tower's bells rang out through the castle, signalling the eight o'clock hour. Curfew would be called in another hour, and he'd have to abandon this spot in the library before then to make it back to his common room in time. He didn't want his House to be docked points again for something foolish done on his part. The hazing incident he'd suffered earlier this month had lost Hufflepuff a hundred points in total, dropping them down to third place for the House Cup this year, and his Housemates had been very disappointed in him as a result.

Rubbing a hand through his messy, black hair, he threw down his quill in disgust and slumped back into the wooden chair with a deep sigh.

Bloody bumbling hell, how could he possibly write this letter? How exactly did he go about telling the legendary Harry Potter that his youngest son's sexual preference was not what polite society might consider the 'norm'? Or, even that he thought the man was around the bend with his theory regarding the most elite club on campus, Skull and Serpent, being a breeding ground for junior Death Eaters in training? Worse, how could Albus confess that his love for his dad's number one suspect of 'all things stirring up evil at Hogwarts' was the reason he had to excuse himself from the assignment his father had entrusted to him at the start of the school year to spy on said organization?

He couldn't. If he did any of those things, he'd gain his father's disappointment, and possibly even his anger. Worse, he'd lose the man's respect.

But, if he did as asked, and found out that his father's suppositions were true, he'd be helping to bring down the Skulls – a group he'd secretly wanted to join his since second year, when it had been founded. He'd also become an absolute villain to Scorpius Malfoy, who was the club's President, as well as the boy Albus had lost his heart to that first day on the train to Hogwarts, first year.

Frustrated by his circumstances, Al wanted nothing more in that moment than to lay his head down on the desk and to just allow the world to pass him by for the next century.

There was a shift in the air currents, and he distinctly felt a presence at his side a moment later. Stretching out his feelings, he encountered a magical aura that was distinctly familiar: firecracker hot, full of churning mental energy, with that delightful vibrancy that specifically belonged only to members of the Weasley family.

Hugo. He knew it was his cousin without even having to turn his head. The guy's aura always contained an extra undercurrent of raw, untried teen lust – which was funny, since he insisted he'd lost his virginity this year to Shannon Finnigan to anyone who asked. Al never called him on the lie, though, knowing it would only give Hu a complex. Besides, Shannon didn't seem to mind the fabrication, especially since she really fancied Hugo, so no one got hurt.

"Hey, coz! Homework?" Hu asked him, a good-natured grin plastered to the guy's freckled face. He adjusted the satchel hanging over his shoulder and nudged his chin at the blank paper lying untouched on the table before Albus. "If so, you've got a long way to go."

One year younger, Hugo may have closely resembled his father at the same age, but he'd been sorted a Ravenclaw – much to his dad's disappointment. The man had ragged on poor Hu for the first four years of his schooling, making the occasional cheap shot as to how Gryffindors were better in every way by reliving his past glories at Hogwarts. Hugo had only been able to console Uncle Ron by proving to be a mint Quidditch player, having been accepted to his team as Keeper at the start of term this year.

Al couldn't help but note the irony that both he and Hu had father issues - although Al had to admit that his father was a much better man, overall. At least Harry Potter had been thrilled over his son's sorting. At least his dad had never mentioned how much prouder he would have been if only Al had been 'up to Gryffindor snuff'.

Fathers and their sons - their relationships were never easy. That was especially true for those with famous parents, like he and Hu.

As well as for those with infamous pedigrees, like Scorpius Malfoy.

Just thinking of his heart's infatuation made Al's predicament return to the forefront of his thoughts.

Hu nudged his shoulder. "All right, there, Albie-Scowlbie?"

He threw his ginger-haired cousin a flat look. "You know I hate that nickname."

Hu grinned. "Yeah." His smirk dropped, his mood changing in an instant as he sensed Albus was not amused. "Seriously, man, you okay? You've seemed… off… all year." He leaned a hand on the desk and bent closer, as if to conspire. "Does it have something to do with the Skulls? Sis said she thinks you're under too much stress from the pledging, and that maybe you should reconsider. She says you need to be more focused on N.E.W.T.s than" – he made quote marks in the air – "some ridiculous club." He huffed and shook his head. "But then you know she doesn't approve of the whole secret society thing anyway. She turned down her invite to the Skulls on that principle alone, you know. Too much like mum in that respect."

Yeah, and Rose was too talkative for her own good sometimes, Al thought. He'd wanted to be in the Skull and Serpent since second year. Unfortunately, he'd only merited an invitation this year, his last in school, after pulling his grades up to the club's minimum standards.

Although the Skulls were a mystery to outsiders, what was common knowledge was that they were very selective in their pledge program. Only those with straight "O's" in Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Muggle Studies, and Charms were even considered for the candidate list. Additionally, potentials had to take and pass with an "O" at least one elective course from a specific subset of classes: Herbology, History of Magic, Arithmancy, or Healing. And they expected you to maintain those types of grades on top of any extracurricular activities you were signed up for, like Quidditch or Choir, or membership in one of the other dozens of clubs around school.

Although he'd aced most of his subjects throughout his educational career, Al had found D.A.D.A. and Arithmancy in particular to be a struggle. He had finally managed at the end of sixth year to achieve the required 'Outstanding' grades necessary to merit an invite to the Skulls, though. So, the last thing he intended to do was turn in his pin and quit, as Rose had apparently hinted to her brother that Al should do.

He couldn't wait for the day he could show off his membership pin! He was sure his dad would have kittens, but his mum would be over the moon… Full-fledged members wore special pins on their ties – an oval-shaped cameo of a white skull with two vigilant serpents coiled around it, lying on a black backdrop, encased in burnished silver, attached to a pin bar with a chain - to signify their membership status. Pledges wore a fancy, silver key-shaped pin with wings, to signify their potential.

The hazing incident two weeks ago, in fact, occurred as a result of Albus forgetting his required pledge adornment that morning.

Al wished he had someone to actually confide in about the whole process, but the Skulls' rules in that regard were very clear. So, instead of bragging to Hu, he simply said, "Yeah, but I can't talk about it. You know that."

Hugh tsk'd. "Man, I can't wait to get my invite," he said, a faraway look in his eye. "My dad was never part of any secret society back in his days here."

Al sat up in his chair and began putting his things away, sensing he would get no further in his letter writing attempt tonight. "Actually, he was. Remember Dumbledore's Army?"

Hugo snorted. "If you want to call that a club, I guess. Sounded more like a rebellion to me. Still, the Skulls… everyone wants in. It's the shite. I'm hoping to get an invite next September. My last chance."

With a sigh, Al stood up and flung his satchel over one shoulder. "Yeah, yeah. Come on," he bid, shoving his cousin's arm, "I'll walk you back to your common room."

Of course, his kind offer had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he knew Scorpius had Prefect rounds tonight on the west side of the castle – an area which just happened to include Ravenclaw's Tower. No, of course not.

"Yeah, sure," his companion replied. "Just let me check out a book I need for research."


Al waited what seemed an interminable amount of time for Hugo to find and then check out his book. The guy lingered by the front desk, chatting up Madam Patil, the hot librarian who had taken Madam Pince's place when the woman had retired last year. His aura was filled with lustful intention, spilling over Al and making him incredibly uncomfortable as a result. Eventually, he had to drag his hormonally-challenged cousin out of the library by the arm, realizing how much time had passed while Hu flirted.

Unfortunately, as the clock tower bell rang out the ninth hour, he realized he'd missed his window to cross paths with a certain Slytherin because they'd taken too long on the fourth floor. He went to bed that night unsatisfied and a little bitter.


Author's Notes:


This is only Chapter 1 of a multi-part story here. The story is finished, but I'm going to put it up a chapter every 4-5 days to give you time to read and review it.

This is my first time shipping Albus x Scorpius, so I hope you like it!