So Otoya's birthday was last week... :'D

By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Pairings: Tokiya x Otoya
Story Type: Drabble
Summary: Even though they lead individual lives, Otoya can't help but feel nothing is right without Tokiya.

Disclaimer: Uta no Prince-sama is the intellectual property of Broccoli.

Notes: This is from this week's theme: "Otoya's birthday". Um, should take place before they find out HAYATO=Tokiya.

As an optimistic happy-go-lucky person, Otoya doesn't let sadness show on his face very often. Even when he's disappointed, he puts on a forced smile and brushes it off as nothing, and his friends have grown accustomed to that.

Today, however, isn't something he's going to forgive so easily.

The other members of their group have thrown together a surprise birthday party for him, and he's happy, really, from the bottom of his heart. But his roommate is missing in the midst of all the festivities, and it's just not the same. Nonetheless, he can't dismiss his friends' thoughtfulness and he enjoys himself as much as he can, singing and dancing and ripping apart gift-wrap paper and avoiding Natsuki's homemade food.

They break up the party before one of their teachers come knock on their door, and as soon as he's out of their sight, Otoya lets his grin drop. He tells himself over and over again that it's just like any other night, and Tokiya has his own life anyway – he can't force him to do what he doesn't like.

He doesn't bother turning on the light when he enters the dorm room he shares with the older boy. He trips over things he's left out on the ground, and he stumbles to the neatly made bed on Tokiya's side of the room. Without another care, he snuggles into the blankets and breathes in the scent of the pillow, Tokiya's cologne lulling him to sleep.


He groans, rolling away from the sound of the voice and curling up tighter into a ball. It sounds like his roommate, but why is he here? Didn't he say he had work to do?

"Otoya, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the party."

Is this a dream? But the voice sounds so real.

The blankets shift and hazily, Otoya registers arms around his waist—a hug. And after, he feels something wet on the nape of his neck.

"Happy birthday, Otoya."

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: Why can I never escape the clutches of angst? orz