P.S I don't own this nor am I Meg Cabot (this is after the cemetery meeting with John).

A burst of light momentarily flashes while a teenage girl with long dark brown hair , deep warm brown eyes, wearing a white sundress ; a guy in his teens, his hair as dark like midnight, towering height of maybe six foot four, eyes like steel , wearing tight skinny jeans and a gray top; a woman with lond dark hair like Pierce's ; a middle-aged man ; a man around his twenty's wearing a knit cap and lastly a teen looking quite similar to him.


Around them was a white rectangular room with no windows nor doors. There were two big brown couches near a hearth. There were also some doors marked GIRLS , BOYS, KITCHEN, & BATHROOMS.

" Ouch!" cried Pierce after she fell.

The woman closely resembling her stood up and said, " Where are we ?" She quickly redirected her attention to Pierce as she lay sprawled across the floor. "Honey, you okay?"

"Sure," she said as she stood up , she threw a glance across the room and found herself looking at her dad, Uncle Chris, Alex and no... It couldn't be him, it's impossible... John Hayden. Oh No...

"What are we doing here? And who are you?" Pierce's dad asked.

John just stayed silent . Uncle Chris recovered and helped Alex up.

"Look!" said Alex. Everyone redirected their gaze and saw a note.

Dear Everyone,

The future is pretty messed up and dangerous to prevent that I want you to read this book here underneath this note called , Abandon. It's concerning everyone's safety especially Pierce's. Sorry Pierce but if I don't people you hold most dear will be in danger. There's no nedd to worry about beds , food, or bathrooms there are doors that hold basically what you need. Oh, and John someone's filling in for you at your "job" while you're absent.

Sincerely , A Friend.

Everyone stared at Pierce. Pierce had to will herself not look at John, who at the corner of her eye was deep in thought.

"Who's John?" Deborah asked (Pierce's mom)

"Him." as Pierce bobbled her head towards him timidly.

" Okay well should we read?" suggested Alex.

After a couple of minutes everyone agreed.

Alex opened the book and read aloud, "Chapter one."