Chapter Prolouge: Ye of Little Faith


"Very Well. You may enter Gensokyo through this gap provided by my master. Do not cause trouble, and study up on the spell card rules before you go out of your shrine's bounds. We WILL retaliate with the full force of the law and land if you do not follow the rules."

Sanae didn't really like the Kitsune that was conversing with Kanako-sama. Granted, the wind priestess agreed that the move to this fantasy land was in the best interests of the shrine, but the Kitsune, Ran, and her Master (Yakumo-sama) seemed so... slippery. Somehow Sanae constantly felt that the two (especially Yakumo-sama!) were planning something, or just not telling the whole truth.

Despite all her misgivings about the move, as long as she could save Suwako-sama and Kanako-sama she didn't care, even if it meant leaving all the new Gundam series behind. And Emi-chan, Miki-chan, Haru-pyon and Mi-nyan...

No, Sanae didn't really want to leave all her friends and the modern conveniences behind. But for a better life, a life with the two goddesses still alive, a life with all three of them together, was worth far more than friends and ease of living.

Suwako and Kanako were more than gods to Sanae. They sacrificed their own power to help her, burning through their remaining faith to take physical forms and raise her, to live together with her out of concern for her health and loneliness. So she did her best. She stood by them and did all she could for the shrine.

She wouldn't abandon her family after all.

A tap on the shoulder broke the young girl out of her reverie. Suwako had a gentle smile on her face as she brought the sitting priestess close into a hug.

"You ready, Sanae? Kanako's finishing up with Ran, and Yakumo-san has already prepared the border."

Wrapping her arms around the petite goddess body, Sanae returned the embrace as she nodded into Suwako's chest. "Hai. I'm as ready as I'll ever be, Suwako-sama."

From that position, Sanae watched as the Kitsune disappeared through a gap to prepare the landing site. Moments later, the shrine shook as she felt the gap encompass her home.

Then something went wrong.

All Sanae saw was green.



A large explosion, throwing some a couple feet back, kicked up tons of dust and dirt in the wake of Louise's summons. Moans of pain and hisses of discontent rose throughout the ranks of schoolchildren, making Colbert wince and call for help.

Though, as the dust cleared, many looked on in confusion as instead of an animal, a strange-looking building was on the land that had the summoning circle. Murmurs became questions, questions became shouts, and soon a cacophony of accusations, jeers, and questions filled the courtyard.

Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière, however, didn't know whether to celebrate or cry.

After prodding from her Professor, she walked up to the building and began casting the binding ritual, doubting anything would happen.

Which is why when the door of the shrine opened, she accidentally kissed and bound the green-haired girl that had slid open the panel.

A scream of pain filled the air.