Chapter 1:

"Happy birthday to you," a soft voice beckoned from the shadows. Derek Wills, tyrant and brilliant director felt himself slowly sitting upright on his couch as Karen Cartwright leisurely stepped into the living room looking as if she had woken up from bed after a good round of sex. Her raven hair tousled around her face, doe eyes glinting with anticipation and a dark emotion, a white men's shirt donned on her – his in fact – unbuttoned just enough to show what God had blessed her with. Derek found his eyes lingering at where the hem of his shirt fell and welcomed the sight of long endless legs heading towards him.

"Happy birthday to you," she sang and smiled seductively as she came to the couch and straddled him. He could feel his pulse quicken but held restraint and gave a smirk as if nothing had fazed him. "Happy birthday Mr President, happy birthday to you..." Karen's voice dropped an octave lower as she leaned in towards him.

Closing his eyes, Derek found himself mirroring her. So close. Her warm breath skimming his lips. 'Please.' He thought, shocking himself. He never begged, not once in his life because he always got what he wanted. As if hearing his silent plea, Karen's lips met his.

That was his undoing, his right hand found purchase around her waist, the other quickly snaking around her nape pulling her deeper into the kiss. She moaned in approval. He began trailing kisses down her neck. "Oh Derek..." He stilled at the sound of the voice.

"Derek? Derek?"

He opened his eyes to find Ivy perched above looking down at him.

"Bloody hell!" Jerking upright so quickly his head crashed into her jaw causing her to yelp in pain while rolling off him to the other side of the bed. Cursing he turned to face her. "What in God's name are you doing here?" he demanded angrily. Sleep chased away, he was pissed off. Realizing now that what had happened was simply his mind adding on to the night when Karen had coolly turned him down during the couch audition.

Ivy set up nursing her jaw. "I'm sorry, did a truck run over you and make you forget that you came to my apartment last night?" It definitely felt that way. His forehead was throbbing after knocking into Ivy and he needed a cold shower to rid the after effects of that dream. It wasn't the first time that that scene had come back to haunt him, the only difference was that kiss which Derek took to be normal. Any straight guy would want to kiss or even do more to a woman who looked like Karen.

"You surprised me. Waking up and seeing you..." he gestured in front of him.

"I was trying to wake you up." She smiled seductively, quickly sidling towards him and leaned in for a kiss. Derek quickly turned away and got up. He just wasn't in the mood. "I've got to go meet Eileen. See you at the studio."