Looking at the content in this chapter well, it has to be shelved under M. I hope this was done tastefully since I have to admit this is my first at attempting smexy time online and my apologies for the slow update because I was actually thinking of continuing on the story after this scene but oh well, I couldn't find the time to add on so I'll just give this to you. Enjoy ;)

Chapter 30

The door swung open with Karen's legs around his waist and him supporting her weight as their lips and tongues clashed. He debated whether to climb up the long flight of stairs or head to the living area when Karen as if reading his dilemma whispered, "Couch," before proceeding to nibble his ear lobe. The infamous couch. The one that got things going for the both of them. He walked around the coffee table, careful to not trip over it. They fell against it and Derek began an unhurried way of unzipping the back of her dress whereas Karen a frantic tug and pull of his black waist coat, only unbuttoning a few before her fingers were heading towards his pants. Derek instantly grabbed her hands, "Woah, slow down darling. We've got all night."

"No, now. Please." she whispered while biting his bottom lip and drawing it out slowly.

His mind clouded for a moment while his fingers crept up her thigh and headed beneath the dress. They stopped close to her panty line, his fingers barely grazing and Karen squirmed in response.

"No foreplay?" he managed to gasp when her hand slipped into his slacks and brushed against his quickly rising hard length through his boxer briefs.

"N..n...no. Screw foreplay, I've had enou- Oh god," her voice broke in mid sentence when his finger pushed the cloth aside and slipped into her core. With a dark grin he brought himself closer to her so that he was near her ear, "Why, Karen," he whispered. "So warm," he slipped another finger into her and pressed. "Wet." He withdrew earning a keen from her and her hands scrabbled for purchase. "And ready," he plunged his fingers back in and tugged at her earlobe with his teeth.

"Derek," she gasped. He watched her brown eyes dilate and darken as he toyed with her. Withdrawing in and out. Unwittingly, her hips undulated with the rhythm he was setting and then his thumb flicked her bundle of nerves eliciting a sharp gasp from her. In an instant, his pants and boxer briefs were pushed down briefly while Karen's black knickers were quickly tugged off. He paused for a minute to unwrap a condom and sheath himself before he settled over Karen, her hair disheveled and black dress bunched up around her waist. He gazed down at her, taking in her swollen lips and half lidded unseeing eyes. He had to ask before they did something that would change everything.

"Karen darling, are you sure about this?" His body poised and ready.

Her eyes focused and Derek swore he saw irritation flit through them. "Derek Wills, I swear if you speak agai-" He cut her off by crushing his lips against hers and pushing in in one stroke. It was enough to set Karen off. Her hips flew off the couch and fingers grabbed onto his ass. She gasped against his lips, trying to suck in whatever air she could. Derek pulled away and watched the flickerings on her flushed face while her walls continued to clench and milk him. Karen coming was just a splendid sight. Her body trembled beneath him. He waited till she calmed down and then carrying her pliant body while he sat up so that she was now straddling him.

Karen lifted her head from his neck. Her mouth forming an 'O' when she tilted her hips and realized the angle now allowed him to hit her in places she never knew she had.

"Fuck," she hissed and then hand gripping onto his already skewered hair, she tugged him and pressed her lips against his.

They moved in unison. Her hips coming down and his meeting hers. The sound of skin and leather slapping against each other. Her lips played against his face and throat before settling on his adam's apple. Karen licked it and blew lightly on the wet skin causing him to buck deeper into her.

"Oh god," she breathed, she looked up at him. His hazel green eyes were now almost as dark as emeralds as they gazed back at her with a hungry glint. "Remember how you wanted me so much on this couch?" she asked as she moved on him. "How you watched me so as I came wearing nothing but my lingerie and your white shirt." She moved upwards so that they were now face to face, his hands were beginning to grip her waist tightly. "Remember how I sang to you…Mr. President." She breathed the word like it was something dark and sexual. "Your neck strained," she lifted her hips up leaving him and Derek gasped at the sudden loss of heat. "Your lips were seeking, what were you thinking then?"

"I wanted you," he muttered as he tried to pull her down on his straining erection but she resisted. "Karen, please…"

"Should I leave you like how I did then?" she teased as her body danced over his, not quite touching. Derek gave a little growl and Karen found herself being carried as he stood up, kicking his pants away and not bothering where they went. She squealed when he roughly pulled her black dress up and over her arms, leaving her now naked against his still clad chest.

"What are you doing?" she questioned as she hugged him tightly, trying to absorb some of his body heat. She turned to look at where he was heading, "Why are we going to your kitchen?" Derek met her question by unceremoniously placing her naked bottom on the cold counter top causing her to jump. "Derek, it's cold. Can't we finish this somewhere else?"

"You. Talk. Too. Much." He growled and pushed into her. Karen bit her lips as he filled her. Derek was huge, no denying that and her body was now screaming to be taken in any way possible. He began thrusting within her, burying himself to the hilt. Words now forgotten as his tongue toyed with hers in the way his body moved. His hand skimmed across her hip, up her ribs and then finally up the globe of her breast. Karen felt her body jerk as his warm palm held her.

"I've been wanting to do this since that night," he said softly and then his fingers tugged at her pebbled nipple. Pleasure shot through her like a dart hitting the bull's eye and her head was falling. Derek quickly clasped her back to him as his other hand continued its ministrations.

"So sensitive," he grinned and then he was thrusting harder within her. His fingers on her breasts, the coldness of the marble top and growing heat between her thighs were a sinful contrast. It toyed with her mind and body, slowly pushing her.

"Derek…I'm going to…" Her eyes were rolling up her head and the warm heat in her body was quickly spreading. Oh god, she couldn't take it any longer.

Too good. What is he...Fuck.

"Look at me Karen," he demanded. Her head swam through the cloudiness that was starting to form on the surface of her eyes. She pushed. Tried. Broke the surface and met his startlingly green eyes that were blazing with unsaid emotion.

"Karen…" he stated as his hand went down to her sensitive nub.


Karen gripped onto his shoulder tightly as her nerve endings sparked. Derek…

He angled his hips, thrusting deeply into her before roughly capturing her lips with his and with one last flick of his fingers, their bodies and minds careened and the world shattered into a million pieces.

She awoke to find herself under the covers in bed. Karen quietly turned to find Derek sleeping. His eyelids flickered once in awhile as if he was dreaming and his lips lay parted as he breathed in and out gently. She smiled to herself as she watched. Sleeping Derek looked younger, less troubled and almost innocent. Gently, she reached out and with her index finger she traced his eyebrow, the bridge of his nose and ended at the tip of his lips. Slowly she brushed down...Derek stirred, startling her. Swiftly, she drew back, pulled the covers up till they covered half her face and shut her eyes. She waited till there was no longer the sound of rustling covers and opened one eye to peek to find Derek staring back at her with a sleepy smile on his face. She squeaked in embarrassment and peered at him over the covers.

"Why are you hiding?" he asked sleepily as he reached out from under the covers and his fingers immediately came into contact with the thin cotton t-shirt she was wearing that smelt strangely a lot like him. She couldn't even remember when she'd changed. She felt herself hold her breath when the heat from his fingers crept across her stomach to the curve of her hip, almost searingly. He gave a gentle squeeze and an involuntary moan escaped from her lips as her eyes snapped shut when snippets of the hard and fast sex they had came crashing back to her. Her eyes flew open again and Derek now stared at her, his eyelids hooded and eyes with dark intensity.

"We did it, huh?" Karen asked. "Wow." She gazed down at the covers as if she didn't know what else to say. She felt the fingers on her hip tense up.

"You sound rather... indifferent about it." He was now frowning at her.

"I just...I don't...It wasn't expected," she replied.

He sighed and pulled her towards him so that her body was now almost flush against his. "It was expected on so many levels," he murmured as his hand now slid to the dip in her back and then proceeded up to rest at the base of her neck. "Come here," he whispered before tilting his head so that his lips met hers. It was slow, gentle and searching. Karen found herself slowly smiling in between kisses when she realized this was Derek's form of distracting her from whatever thoughts that were threatening to form in her mind. Soon, the kisses deepened as Derek still holding the base of her neck pushed himself up so that his body now hovered above hers, almost like a warm blanket that promised to keep you feeling safe and warm but had yet to wrap itself around you. Still hovering, he began planting kisses alongside her jaw, down her neck and then he stopped at her collar bone before planting butterfly like kisses on the tender skin. Karen giggled causing him to go back up. "What's so funny?" he asked softly.

"I thought we were going to talk," Karen said.

"We have done too much talking the past few months," he stated before capturing her lips again.

"Derek," Karen protested while laughing and trying to push him away but he only pressed himself against her and chuckled against her neck.

"You should have seen yourself when you came earlier, gorgeous. Utterly gorgeous," he said against her ear. "And then you blacked out, got me worried for a moment." Derek pulled away and rubbed his thumb against her eyebrow, his face full of concern.

"Blacked out?" Karen looked up at him in surprise. "That was what happened?"

"You don't remember?"

"I remember the counter top..." her eyes glazed over when the scene played in her head.

She felt her insides clench as she remembered the way his eyes had blazed so brightly. They were so primal then. Karen shook her head to clear her thoughts and snuggled deeper into the pillow while staring at Derek.

"So, you and I..." she began.

"Do you want to?" Derek asked.


He continued combing her hair on the side of her face. "I understand, we don't have to leap into a relationship straight away...This should be taken slo-"

She silenced him with a kiss. Her tongue teased his lips till they parted. Derek gave a slight moan as she tasted him. Soon, he too was reciprocating what she wanted to tell him. He pushed her into the pillow. Fingers searching, coursing, tantalizing. Clothes were discarded. Both gasping as skin brushed against skin fully, for the first time. Her body arched as his lips followed wherever his fingers went. It wasn't rushed this time. Slowly but surely his fingers danced between her cleavage, the dip of her stomach and paused excruciatingly to circle around her belly button. Karen was a panting mess by the time his fingers entered her folds. She could no longer look when his tongue circled her sensitive bud. Eyes rolling up to her head when he began tasting her.

"What...Oh...Derek..." She moaned as he delved into her. She shivered when he chuckled, her fingers held onto his tousled hair. The familiar pit of warmth was starting to spread within her again. Her breath hitched and Derek pulled away just as she was about to come. Karen moaned in frustration and tried to pull him to continue but he only danced away from her to sheath himself.

"Gods, you're beautiful like this. Do you know that?" his warmth breath washed over her face when he came back. Karen could only watch him through half lidded eyes as her body quivered with anticipation. One hand proceeded to pull her wrists taut above her head while the other circled her. She felt her body arch in response; her body was a bow about to break.

"I..." she tried to utter.

"Yes, darling..." he whispered back before capturing her lips and with his fingers still playing her taut, he thrust within her. She screamed his name while he moved in her. His strong body surged. She felt herself riding through the throes of sexual fulfillment as her body tried to keep in time with his.

Eyes fluttering she tried to watch as Derek bit his lip in concentration. His hands flew to her hips as he pressed in deeper. With her wrists now free, Karen's hands trailed over his back and then grabbed onto his ass, marveling on the strength within. Then her finger slipped to the area which she knew would be sensitive for him as for most men.

She watched his eyes and mouth widen at her before he gasped and then his body jerked as he spewed. His head fell against the crook of her neck as his body trembled within her. Her fingers trailed his back almost lovingly to soothe him. Weakly, Derek pulled himself up and then gave her a grin so wide it almost blinded her.

"That was mind blowing," he rasped before he planted a kiss on her neck and withdrew to take care of the necessary disposal. Karen groaned in protest as his body heat left hers and he simply gave her a promising smile that he would be back. Karen closed her eyes and sighed to herself. Who would have thought she would end up having great mind blowing sex with the Dark Lord himself whom she first thought was a creep? True to the quote 'Never judge a book by its cover', Derek Wills was a pure example of it. He was funny, witty, ambitious, cocky and as Karen was starting to realize, not at all heartless. He cared for her in ways she had chose to ignore and deem it as him being over salacious but over the past few days and Derek taking the initiative to bring her parents down for the show. It showed a lot. Karen smiled to herself and with eyes still closed she trailed her fingers up her sides, above her head and stretched. She moaned in pleasure as she worked out the kinks in her muscles. A small sound startled her from her reverie. She opened her eyes to find Derek staring at her in all his glory in the door frame.

"That should be considered a crime," he muttered, his hazel green eyes still not leaving her body. Karen rolled to face him, one arm propped so she could rest her head on her palm and the other languidly resting over her hip across her tummy.

"What should?" Karen asked.

"Oh you know what, Miss Cartwright," his voice had lowered as he stalked towards the bed and gathered her in his arms before she could protest. His lust for her was apparent as he spooned her from behind.

"Round 3?" He asked, his warm breath coasting her ear, voice almost a whisper, sending sparks through her body.