Andrew's Decision

Chapter 1

Andrew's POV

I'd only been living with Paul for about a month before I got the phone call… the phone call that changed my life.

- Ring ring, ring

I walked over lazily to the phone. "Hello?" I answered in a bored voice.

"Andrew Robinson?" the man on the end answered in a gruff voice.

"Yeah, what's it to you?" I asked sounding slightly annoyed.

"We're really sorry but Christina got into a car crash last night when a drunk driver ran a red light," he said in a sympathetic voice.

"Well is she alright, what's happening?" I asked, starting to get into a panic.

"We're sorry… we did our best to save her but her injuries were too severe and she died at the scene…." he answered in a hushed voice.

It was as if my whole world just crumbled at my feet then, I couldn't believe it… my mum… the one who raised me was dead…? The words didn't sound right, they couldn't be right.

"She's dead…?" I asked, my voice cracking as tears streamed from my eyes.

"We're sorry," he said again before hanging up. I let the phone drop from my hand and stood there numb.

"Andrew…?" Paul asked uncertainly as he walked up to me and laid his hand on my shoulder. I didn't respond, I couldn't respond. "Andrew, what's wrong?" he tried again.

"Mum…" I choked out the words letting more tears flow from my eyes.

"What about her?" Paul asked slowly, with a puzzled expression.

"She's gone," I mumbled as I walked up to my room locking the door behind me.

It didn't take long before everyone else found out what had happened. Ramsay Street wasn't big so news travelled around pretty fast. I hardly came out of my room these days, I didn't need their sympathy. I was fine on my own. I didn't need any one of them.