Chapter 4

Rebecca's POV

"Okay this has been going on long enough," I said to Paul quietly "I'm going to get Andrew, he can go to school today."

"Okay good luck," Paul mumbled as he took out the paper.

I walked heavily up the stairs before pausing at Andrew's door. I knocked quietly and called out to him, "Andrew you there?" but there was no response.

I turned the handle on the door expecting it to be locked as usual but was surprised as the door slowly swung forward.

"Andrew!" I cried out in alarm as I saw his body limp on the floor, his breathing fast and shallow.

"Paul, get up here now!" I yelled out to him as loud as I could.

"What is it?" Paul panted as he ran up the stairs, taking two at a time.

Paul gasped as he saw his son lying there not moving on the ground.

"What happened?" he asked me as I ran over and kneeled by Andrew's head.

"I'm not sure, I just found him like this," I answered back, I wasn't sure if my face had fear showing on it, but that's what I was feeling.

"Oh my god," Paul mumbled as he walked over and picked up an empty bottle of alcohol that was lying next to him.

"I'm calling an ambulance," he announced as he took out his phone and dialled triple zero.

I heard the click of a door opening downstairs and heard the voices of Donna and Ringo drifting up the stairs.

"Donna, Ringo get up here now!" I screamed out to them. I was lucky they had arrived when they did because Ringo was a paramedic.

Ringo and Donna ran up the stairs, confused before entering Andrew's room.

Donna just stood there and stared in dismay as Ringo quickly got to work.

"Roll him into the recovery position," he instructed me. I rolled Andrew onto his side as quick as I could; at the same time I did this Andrew started to throw up.

"We need to clear his airways," Ringo said, trying to keep calm.

The smell of alcohol was overpowering now. "Guys I'm pretty sure he hasn't just been drinking, Check the room for any drugs," Ringo said quietly, looking at Andrew sadly.

"Drugs! What kind of drugs?" Donna asked, panic etched into her voice

"I don't know, liquid stuff, maybe pills," he answered.

I was tempted to go help look for some but I needed to stay here with Andrew.

"Found them!" Donna announced triumphantly as she opened Andrew's drawer.

"Ecstasy…" Paul said, in shock.

"How can you tell?" I asked him curiously.

"Just trust me," he answered smoothly.

We heard the sirens outside our house as the ambulance crew ran in and started working on Andrew, attaching IV cords to him and placing an oxygen mask on him.

They carefully lifted Andrew onto the stretcher before wheeling him off into the ambulance.