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July 1956

"You've made waves." The sun had barely been down for an hour, the pink still fading from the spring blue sky. Tom Marvolo Riddle stood stiffly on the porch of a Spanish style villa, arms crossed, his dark eyes gazing out over the ocean that was his host's backyard in annoyed hostility. The waves lapped lightly over the sand as the tide shifted. The sea spray carrying the slight salty tang that caused one to lick constantly dry lips, with it. "The wizarding world has become a disgrace, Drago. Not that I would expect you to know, hidden as you are, here, among the Yankee population." He worked to keep the sneer of intolerance from his voice.

His companion glided closer to him a dark husky chuckle dancing over the early evening blending with the coolness that seemed to creep over all living inhabitants. "Yes, hidden, but you can't expect the Ministry of Magic to allow me and mine to coexist with them." Tom sneered before turning to the dark skinned man behind him his own dark locks burnished by the porch light like chestnuts. "The ministry is intolerant of many things, but then very accepting of the unworthy around them. However, I am not here to talk about them. I received your message. What do you want?" Impatience was written clear in his voice his dark eyes glaring at the gold eyes that looked down on him amusement written in their depths.

One dark hand reached up to caress long blue-black tresses that fell in long locks, shifting them from his face. "You wanted me to find a blood line that could accept my own with out decaying the mind. A magic line." Tom seemed to drop a bit of his annoyance as his eyes lit with obvious interest; he licked his lips almost nervously in excitement. "Pureblood?" It was more a demand then a question. "I would not seek another kind. I've tasted the women... she's delicate." Tom narrowed his eyes. "I don't care about taste Drago Tsingani, My interests lie in strength, power, immortality, and training. Will they do it?" Drago laughed darkly, "You know if the child is born it will have to belong to me... other wise control is out of the question."

Silence followed this pronouncement and Tom narrowed his eyes, thinking furiously, clearly unhappy with this pronouncement, and turned back to the ocean. A light breeze picked up carrying with it a mild charred smell. Someone near by was obviously out on the beach, seeking heat. Drago studied the young human before him for several long moments. Tom stood pale in the lights, his hair tamed neatly. His black cloak swaying in the wind. Drago felt his fang lengthen as he caught the scent of blood. Weather from the human before him or not he smirked. His thoughts circling as he glided closer to Tom "I could just turn you, Riddle, you would have your immortality and could find a… more fitting line on your own."

Tom turned his eyes blazing with insult and fury. "You want me to become half human with half rights? That would defeat what I a trying to accomplish." He snarled, turning abruptly and pacing away from the vampire. "Just ensure the child's loyalty to my cause." Gold eyes glinted at the mention of his future child. "If you keep your promises to my people then you have no worries, the child won't want to resist." Tom nodded and disapparated away with no other words, Drago smirked and turned back towards the villa.

"Gitana love…" A petite and stunningly gorgeous golden skinned female drifted lightly out onto the porch. She pulled her long curly black hair into a ponytail as she moved with a felines grace. She turned her hazel eyes to her sire her fangs already protruding over ruby red lips. Drago grinned and pulled her to him roughly taking in her scent as he did. "It's time to visit our new friends." The two vampires shared a look, predators with an understanding before launching themselves into the sky, their bodies blending with the sea spray as they faded into mist.

Mira Chakano stood near her bedroom window overlooking the road below nervously biting her bottom lip. She knew he was coming, her husband had said as much. She was not sure what she felt in regards of the situation. Her husband had seemed certain that this would save them from their destitute lives. "Mira, sweet, you must come downstairs. Master will be here soon." Mira turned to her husband, her olive skin glistening in the light, a lamb awaiting her impending slaughter. Merikano stood in the doorway smiling lightly in an attempt to comfort his wife. "I do not understand why you serve him." He crossed the room and drew her into his arms, her long mahogany hair draping over his arms, a waterfall of gentle curls, as he embraced her. "My family has served his for centuries Love, who am I to deny him when he needs this. Its only one week a year. If he wanted to hurt us he would take you from me." Mira turned to her husband; large, almond shaped eyes, grey wells of sorrow "Instead he will take our first child." Her voice carried an innocent pain laced with fear.

"A child that is still not here, nor in the making." Drago's husky voice sounded as he glided into the room his eyes red as they fixed on his servant's wife. "Your child will be at the fore front of a new future for human kind, magic and muggle alike." Mira stepped out of her husband's arms trepidaciously, yet resolved and crossed the room too the man she both feared and desired. He pulled her to him gently lowering his fangs to her neck. "It is but once a year for a week until the child is born." his breath wafted over her neck and her eyes glazed in fear and expectation before desire laden lids fell as his fangs pierced soft flesh. He sipped lightly, counting her heartbeats reaching five and releasing her. He held her against him using his own saliva to heal his mark. She shuddered against him, her eyes remaining closed as she drew her bottom lip between her teeth. Weather from pain or something else was hard to tell.

He lifted his eyes bright red and met his servants across the room. The golden skinned man nodded and crossed the room swiftly taking his wife in his arms as the vampire pricked a finger on his own fangs. Light glinted over dark curls as blood welled and he reached towards the Mira placing his finger in her mouth, four drops and the thing was done. He moved backwards giving the man the chance to tend to his wife. He placed a bag of coins on a nearby table. His eyes dimming from red back to gold.

"This will stop when I have the child." Merikano nodded his head bent as he settled his wife upon their bed. "Of course my lord." The man had eyes only for his wife. Drago glided back towards the door. "You will have the child until it graduates from school… assuming it is a magical child." He paused in the door way "If not this will have to continue until a suitable child is bought to bear" He waited for several minutes but with no response forthcoming he left the small, bedraggled apartment vanishing into the night.

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