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Mina knew, as she misted passed the Dark Lord and his snake, that her love was at deaths door. She solidified just inside the shrieking shack door and froze as she witnessed Harry take the memories that Severus had mentioned the boy needed. Voldemort's voice sounded but she ignored it and pushed Harry aside as gently as she could and knelt beside her lover. She could just barely hear his heart beat and heedless of her young audience, she sank he fangs into wounds on his neck. She drained him as close to death as possible and then pulled back, her eyes leaving streaks in the blood on her face. She bit her wrist harshly and tried to get him to swallow. His eyes looked up at her emptily and as anguish shot through her she cried before lengthening her nails and cutting deeper into her arm. As her blood flowed freely she angled her arm so the blood would pour into his wounds.

For several minutes silence reigned in the shrieking shack; silence and Mina's cries as she realized that he was well and truly gone. She lowered her head to his chest and wept for a while before she remembered that the war wasn't finished. She left the shrieking shack and as her eyes landed on several death eaters she let the cold rage of her loss surge through her. Blindly she set about attacking all death eaters in her path. She wasted no time trying to spare any one and in her blind grief she found herself whisked deeper into the forbidden forest and away from the school. Mina fought for several minutes before her fangs sank into the arm of her apprehender. As Orion's blood flowed into her mouth she forced herself back from her rage. She lifted her red eyes to his.

"Let me go Orion, Severus is dead, and I want my revenge." Orion's held her gaze for a longtime before slowly shaking his head. "I want you with me, Mina, I am sorry you could not save your human, but now he is gone, let these wizards finish their battle. Come with me." She realized, then, that he loved her, and she tried to ease back from his hands. His grip on her shoulders tightened. "Mina please, there is so much more that can be accomplished, you have lifetimes to try again." Mina stared at him numbly and he panicked. "Mina please, please don't throw your life away for a human that wasted his life loving a dead women." Mina's eyes shifted and she shoved him away as Greyback came into the clearing. "The Dark Lord is displeased, Mina, he has sent me to enact your punishment." Mina laughed hysterically then and Greyback shot a spell at her. It hit her and she stumbled two steps before lifting her own wand. With a side spell she cast Orion was forced away as several stray spells shot in his direction.

Mina and Greyback dueled for several long minutes. It was a nothing like the graceful duels she had shared with Severus, Sirius and Remus. This was a dirty fight that nether was willing to give up. Greyback goaded her several times over the loss of Lothario and Severus. He even took hits at Sirius and Remus. The battle waged on as the dawn approached. She ignored Orion as he called for her to flee. She was intent on the death of her counterpart. He caught her with the killing curse. She had expected death but it did not succeed beyond knocking her off her feet. He moved over her and knelt down beside her his free hand gripping her scalp. "You were a decadent creature Mina, how could you throw it all away?" Mina scowled at him and her hand shot to his throat her nails ripping deeply into the tender flesh. He tried to struggle but she was punishing in her grip. She read it in his eyes, the moment he realized he was dying; and he pulled her closer to him and cast fiendfyre around them. He cackled as the wolf shaped flames consumed them his blood flying across her face. She did not release his throat and her eyes left his to find those of a helpless Orion. She read the pain in his eyes and smiled somewhat sadly when her chest tightened with regret as the flame consumed them both.

When she awoke she found herself in a field. Slowly she got to her feet, and realized everything about her felt different. She was lighter then air and…free. Her eyes flitted around the field and froze when they landed on Severus. He looked younger here, in this place, and happy. He smiled and crossed to her as if he had been waiting for her arrival. Mina moved towards him. "Where are we?" He smiled and laced his fingers with hers. "We are in the in-between. I wanted to wait for you." Mina studied him and he continued. "Lily was here waiting for me, but I told her I had to wait for you." Mina felt her eyes widen and he smiled pulling her with him. "They are waiting for you too." Mina blinked. "Who?" Severus turned and her eyes fell on the Marauders and Lily. Lily drifted forward. "The end is nearly here, do you want to watch the end before you move on?" Mina nodded and fell in with Severus as they reached the group. "Did we win?" Sirius scoffed. "We don't know yet... lets take a look."

They all turned and Mina found she was standing on one side of a veil. Mina and Severus watched as the others shifted through the arch when Harry called them. They talked for a bit and then Harry moved on leaving behind the resurrection stone. They watched as Harry gave himself over, as the battle continued and how Voldemort was defeated. At this point the marauders returned to them and as a group they passed through the field until they reached a massive gate. James and Lily went through first. Remus waved before following and Sirius paused looking at her and Severus for several minutes before saluting them and following his friends. When Mina and Severus reached the gate she paused her fingers laced with Severus'. He looked at her with an eyebrow raised. "What happens now?" He smiled and kissed her briefly before releasing her hand. "We find out on the other side." Severus stepped back from her, through the gate and vanished. Mina paused and looked behind her. Everyone that she had loved had already moved on. She took a deep breath and glided forward passing through the ticket booth to whatever awaited beyond.

The other side consisted of nothing. There were no memories, no sounds, and no substance. There was no feeling and no weight. Everything that could be viewed or labeled was absent and then there was darkness. Darkness and warmth, a sense of protection or rightness. Then there were sounds, a woman's voice and a man's rumble; there was something there, but nothing at the same time. Then there was the loss of warmth and bright lights again. A loud cry sounded, where had that come from? The women's mummer of comfort and then there was taste. Something warm and filling, it immediately brought back the warmth and protection. As the warm taste left there was coolness. Then things began to come clear. A women looked down, red hair framing her blue eyes full of love and devotion. Her mouth moved and sound came out. There was another sound and some shifting before everything went dark as sleep came.

Rose Malfoy held her baby girl against her chest and looked up at her husband. "Scorpius, she has such silver eyes." The blond man smirked. "A throwback to the Blacks, probably. I am sure Carina will be a wonderful daughter. Nothing like the twins Teddy and Victorie had." Rose laughed. "You make it sound as if they are wild or something." Scorpius sighed. "They are, not as wild as the Longbottom clan though." Scorpius reached over and took his daughter from his wife. "When it is all said and done, she will be as she will be, much like what my mother said about me." He placed the baby in her bassinet and then returned to his wife's bedside and kissed her. Victorie sighed and laid back. "Her brother will be excited." He studied her, "so will her cousins." He snuggled to her and they drifted between being awake and asleep when he murmured. "I hope she's like the oldest Weasley boy, he's on his way to becoming a potions master, something like the Headmaster Snape, or so my father says." Silence fell as sleep claimed them.

The End

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