Sabrina's Pov

Spring break just started today soon my junior year will be over, truthfully I've been depressed lately harveys been ignoring me and my aunts seem to just be angry with me all the time like I'm a bother to them. Life is turning into a blur it's far from perfect even having magical powers what good does it do if it can't make me happy am I condemed to misory forever?. I tried cutting myself but it didn't help the only thing that did was drugs this guy at my school he sold me a pouch of this powder. He said it would take away the pain and it did for a few weeks but it became more pain injecting it and getting rid of the marks. Managing to get through the day without anyone is hard my best friends have been ignoring me for a month now and it really does hurt.

I would of expected Zelda to stick by me but shes been so rapped up in her science the past week she hardly notices I exist for that matter nether does salem or hilda unless shes screaming at me. Whats the point of being alive if no one loves you? there isn't one if no one cares enough to love you than how can you keep going on living in a world of pain.

My head is spinning as I look up pills of death in the magic book I've been told it is used by many witches who commit suicide, the book has an incantation " Do away with me stop it all stop the pain I cant take anymore today". Just like that A magic vial containing 4 small pills appeared it said for best use to take all 4 but to be sure its what you want. I'm sure this is what I want I don't want to be alive anymore this is the end I down the pills and I have decided to write a letter to my aunts. At the least I should explain myself maybe then understand that I just couldn't take it anymore it was all too much. Tears are dripping onto the paper as the pen glides onto it slowly forming letters and words. Now that I have written the letter all there is left to do is sit and wait theres no goinh back now no this is what I wanted so be it. My head is starting to spin my legs are wobbly everythings going blank...

Zelda's POV

I feel utterly horrible about not spending time with sabrina this week, shes like a daughter to me I love her more than science but unfortuantly my work had to come first this week. A break through in curing aids among witches this could really be a big one if it works as planned I am submitting it to the witches organization for curing diseases in 5 minutes when they give the green light signal. There are mant people who would steal this great discovery which is why it is sensored material and I get a copy stating what I gave them and where to see to it that no one tries to steal my work. Salem what are you doing "Sorry zelly just wanted to open the can!" well watch it next time thats not a toy you know cat. Suddenly the green light flashed I pointed my finger and sent the vial off to the organization the slip appeared in my hand I quickly put it in a sealed lock box only openable by me. Sitting down and relaxing for a moment felt good but I wanted to talk to Sabrina and let her know what was going on, I hope her feelings weren't hurt too much after all she has a giant hug coming her way.

Opon getting up this eary feeling something was wrong started to panic me I yelled "Hilda have you seen sabrina?" "No sorry last I saw her she was in her room she didn't leave but I don't here her at all 'Sabrina' She called but no answer". With that I ran up the stairs franic trying to breath my heart raced as I opened the door horror filled my eyes my body running to her cold unconsious body. Hilda I started to scream collapsing on the floor hysterical there was a folded note lying on the floor I picked it up and tried to read it. ' To whoever finds this note I am in a better place now I've been suffering in pain for a month now and couldn't take it anymore. Aunt Zelda you've been like a mother to me I love you so much but when you ignored me all this week it made me question whether anyone ever loved me at all. Treating me like I don't even exist hurt me it wasn't just you many people were doing it I was turning to bad things to cope with the pain of being alive. my time has come, tell Hilda and salem that I'll miss them, move on and forget about me you pretty much have already if you had paid attention maybe you could of stopped me but its too late now.

I had never felt so worse in my whole intire life, how could I have been so selfish Sabrina was gone one of the most important things in my life gone without even giving me the chance to say goodbye. My body was soaked in tears as I handed the note off to Hilda for the first time in centurys we sat there hugging eachother like sisters should. Hilda spoke up "Zelly we've got to go to the witches council" "Your right Hilda no matter what happens we have to try and bring her back". We both zapped off hearts hopefull the council would take mercy on Sabrina and us for I couldn't live with the pain of loosing her. I pleaded my case to them asking them to save her before all was lost, with the persuasion of Hilda they struck a deal. Sabrina had 24 hours to wake up but we couldn't help would not be able to feel any presence or bodly funtions. The only thing we were allowed to do was tuck her into bed and wait, the rest was up to her she would have to be the one to open her eyes.