Sabrina's Pov:

It was now 2am the bottle is beging to feel cramped but I don't dare leave not yet there is no sound when I put my ear up to the glass but is it a trap? My father could be right out there. What if Aunt Zelda and Hilda are in trouble? I can't think about this right now I turn of Jeannie and put my head down drifting off into a bad intense dream. I find myself in the middle of a tungion my aunts are chained to a metal pole that keeps spinning them around I hear screams "Please stop Ted" one says. All he does is move it faster I try to knock him out but no one knows I'm here is if my existance was a figment of my imagination why must he cause them so much pain?. Synical laughter fills the air "Come out where ever you are Sabrina or your aunts go to a big hungry troll" "Fuck you Dad hurting your own sister's will only make you messed up beyond redemption". A cold hand slaps me hard "Do you want to get beaten to a bloody pulp" "Stop it get out of my head!" "Your aunt Zelda will be the first to go if you dont".

My body jolted awake the tv reads 930am the noise of static urks me how did I ever sleep through that aweful nightmare the glass still doesn't produce any outside noise. Even if it is a trap staying in this bottle forever isn't an option I will not let my father hurt Hilda or Zelda just because I am afriad to zap out of this bottle and face him. With a point of my little magic finger I zap out but theres a problem I am dressed in a harem I fix it, the house is dim. Suddenly screams come out from the black "Look out Sabrina" but it's no use he grabs me from behind turning on the lights I wouldn't want my favorite sisters to miss this. Kicking and screaming "Let go of me!" I manage to kick his leg but he covers my mouth and nose leaving me struggling for air Hilda and Zelda roll down the stairs tied together with one last zap of my finger I undo the ropes.

Everything goes blank for a second I come to lying on the floor with a blade swinging slowly towards me "Help" I scream looking to the left my father is behind a small cage of bars laughing "Goodbye Sabrina". I scream again sparks fly as I lie beneath the swinging blade strapped to a wooden table suddenly the blade vanishes I fall too the ground quickly getting up and running to my aunts. Tears stream down my face we embrace tearfully "we thought we'd never see you again" Hilda says squeezing me "I love you both so much" I whisper "Sabrina duck!" Zelda yells I fall backwards avoiding the deadly bolt of lightening they pull me up.

Suddenly we are infront of the witches council. "Edward Spellman you are charged with abuse attempted murder and child abuse how do you plead?" "Not guilty I have done nothing wrong!". "Sabrina Spellman would you please step forward with your back to the council and lift up the back of your shirt" I do as they say. "Please turn around so your father can see the scars" once again I turn around "Edward Spellman do you deney that you caused Sabrina to get these scars?". "The whip caused her to get the scars not me! I have a right to do as I want to Sabrina!" "Play back the tape!" the tape is of before when He grabbed me and I screamed for him to get off me. "Sabrina spellman screamed for you to "Let go of me" and all you did in response was attempt to suffocate her, do you have no remorse for your actions?". "None your honor she spoke the forbidden words I gave her warning she didn't even get half the punishment she deserved!".

A horrible feeling my own father beats me suffocates me ties up my aunts and has no remorse? What have I done to deserve this! maybe I really am a horrible person when we get back maybe I should just take my new found bottle and leave. I could live inside the bottle I'd keep it in my locker so itu'd stay dry sure it would be small but it would be better than staying where I am not wanted. Everyday I could zap on my clothing and shower in the girls changing room in the gym it wouldn't be so bad nether Hilda or Zelda have to see me again, do they even want to be here right now?. The council talks in hushed tones for a minute "Edward Spellman you are sentanced to 2 and 1/2 years in the witches prison. In addition because you did not confess your guilt in the charges stated there is a restraining order in place for the next 10 years you are not to go within 50 yards of the victim(s) Sabrina,Hilda and Zelda spellman". They Zap handcuffs onto my father a guard escorts him out of the room "As for you Hilda and Zelda the council commends you for your curage in this delicate situation, you are all dismissed"

Now that we are back at my aunts house I zap my magic book and bottle into my hands "Well I guess I better get going now". "Sabrina what are you talking about?"Zelda asks confused "If I'm going to get settled in my new living quarters and up for school tomorrow I better leave now" "New quarters?" They say even more clueless. "Look I'm going to make it simple I heard my father I'm a mistake that no body will ever love, All I'll ever be good for is a human punching bag. I should never of been born I don't even deserve the comfort of this bottle I know nether of you really want me here so I'll be on my way now you won't have to see me again, this is goodbye forever!". Tears cover my face running for the door I hear the sound of crying but looking back can only make it harder "Goodbye" the words echo in my head.

I feel someone grab me from behind the bottle and book vanishing immidiatly I am turned around to see Zelda's face covered in tears she pulls me into a tight hug. "I've always loved you sweetie, nothing can ever change that" "I love you too Aunt Zelda, you too aunt Hilda" She walks over and hugs me too "I love you Sabrina we've loved you since the day you were born I can't belive you'd ever think we didn't". "You didn't take me in out of guilt?" "We took you in because we wanted too not because we had to or out of any guilt we did it out of love.. nothing anyone could do would make us not want you" Hilda says crying. "Do you both mean it?" "Yes sweetie we do.. Your father is wrong your not a mistake your a kind loving smart young woman who deserves a nice cozy bed and two loving aunts who put a roof over her head and do everything they can to help her.. We want you here more than ever.. You are very precious to both me and Hilda we will always be here for you no matter what" they hug me tighter I hug them back crying even harder.