It was a normal day at Greenborough High when a young girl of what looked to be no more than sixteen years of age stopped at the base of the schools steps.
The stairway entrance was deserted as the school day had already started. The only sound was that of the leaves being blown by the wind, a sharp contrast to the chaos that would ensue once the bell rang again.

The girl stood there staring up at the school, knowing she was already late for her first day but stood there, trying in vain, to delay the inevitable. The wind blew through her waist length hair, scattering the strands into the air. She closed her eyes, seemingly deep in thought.

When she opened them again a determined gleam could be seen.

As she walked up the stairs, her tense posture was a clear sign to anyone who cared to notice that she'd rather be anywhere than where she was headed.

When she reached the oak doors within the massive arched doorway, she pushed a single door open with one of her hands while the other clutched the strap of her shoulder bag in an apparent death grip, if her whitened knuckles were anything to go by.

As she passed through the doorway she mumbled under her breath. "Please don't let it be the same as last time."