~~In the afternoon~~

"Mia, bring out the sauce will you?" Dom called from outside.

Slaving over the hot grill on a nice windy day. The weather was amazing today in Berlin, seeing as the waves crashing on the shore provided them with fresh air

Definitely a great day to have a Toretto BBQ.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!," she shouted from inside the villa, coming out with a bowl in one hand and a bouncing baby girl in the other, "I'm not as fast and flexible as I use to be, Dom. I'm a mother now."

Dom smiled, turning to look at his little niece, "And she's the princess of the house," he leant his head closer to the little baby, caressing her soft cheek his thumb, "aren't you, Cici?"

Mia smiled gently, watching her brother interact with her little one. She almost wished everything could go back to the way things were. Back before trouble followed them in LA. When her entire family were together, happily.

"Ah, I see little Leticia is finally awake." A female voice came from behind them. The woman had currently drove from her own home. Showing up dressed in some cameo shorts and a white t-shirt. Her light brown hair tied up in a high pony tail.

She admired the little girl, taking her small hand in hers.

"Yup," Mia smiled, looking over at her new sister-in-law, "she's been fussy lately, though. Her naps are less frequent."

"Awe…" The woman cooed.

"Elena, good to see you got here safe." Dom nodded towards the woman

Elena smiled, walking up to Dom and giving him a light peck on the lips.

"Why do you always think the worse will happen?" she asked as he wrapped his arm around her.

"You never know…" he said softly, turning his attention back on the grill and turning the chicken he had going on.

"Hmm…" she leaned her head against his chest, touching his tanned skin for he was wearing a black wife beater. A pair of swimming trunks. And his long beautifully adorned cross chain.

A memory that will always remain at his side.

Elena frowned lightly as she looked at the necklace that wasn't even four inches away from her face.

It had been a while now that Elena had insisted, as diligently as she could to Dom that he put it away. He was hurting himself even more by having that around his neck. It was always a constant reminder to him of his old lover.

A constant reminder to Elena, that she will never truly be first in Dominic Toretto's heart.

She never did learn the deceased woman's name. That was something her new family kept from her. But they did tell her stories of how close they all use to be.

Igniting a bit of jealousy every time she was brought up.

But Dom rarely talked about her. It was only once that they had spoken of her. But that was the only time they had decided to be true to each other and tell of their past lives.

Still the name never came. Elena found it odd, but understandable. It pains them to speak her name. But why doesn't it hurt when they speak of their memories with her, in general?

Mia and Brian always spoke fondly of her. Of how amazing she was.

She never allowed herself to be put second. She knew what she wanted and wouldn't take any drama from anybody. She was her own person, not meant to please anyone but herself. But yet, her sister-in-law said she never did even that. She always put others she care about before herself. A tough woman, they said she was. Something Elena was not. Though she had worked in the special force right after her late husband.

This woman, meant everything to them. She held a significant position in all of their lives. Almost as if they wouldn't have been who they were, if not for her.

Elena looked up to stare at Dom. He had a concentrated look on his face, still looking down at the cooking meat.

How much did that woman mean to him?

She looked back down at the necklace. Obviously, a lot.

If he still continued to wear the cheap eighteen dollar necklace to this day.

It has been two years, according to Mia that, that woman was gone.

She was entangled with Braga, a drug trafficker that distributed methamphetamine over the Mexican border and was later on murdered by a man named, Fenix. One of Braga's henchmen.

Dom told her this. In the end, that woman comes out to be the martyring heroin. She was undercover, in alliance with Brian on a mission to infiltrate Braga. Things didn't go as planned and she took the fall for it. All for the sake of clearing Dominic's name.

Elena looked sadly at the necklace.

Would she have the strength to do that for Dom? More importantly, would she have had the strength to do that for her deceased husband? Isn't that why she had joined the force? To make him proud.

She doesn't know anymore.

What she does know is that, even though they don't say it. Elena knows she can't compare to their late friend.

Elena sighed, getting out of Dom's reach, "Dom, I'm going to take a walk on the beach, okay?"

Dom looked up from the grill and looked her over, "You alright?"

She nodded, plastering a small smile on her lips, "I'm fine. I just….have a lot on my mind. Nothing to worry over."

His eyebrows furrowed together in suspicion, "Okay, don't go to far."

She let out a light breath, happy that he worries over her, "Don't worry. I said I'll be fine."

Elena turned to give him a final kiss before walking around Dom and treading down to shore.

"Hey, Dom. Where's Elena going?" Mia asked, making her way back to her brother.

Dom looked at Mia, "To think."

She looked at him confusedly, then turned to see the new woman of Dom's life walk down the beach, "Huh…"

"Hey Mia, give me a hand here, will you?" Brian called out from the picnic table across the yard. Trying to dangle between setting the table and making sure his daughter doesn't fall from his grasp.

Mia giggled and walked towards her struggling husband.

Dom stared off at his sister. Seeing her happy made his day.

He chuckled, remembering the lone pact he made with Brian three years ago.

"What's so funny?" an out of breath Brian came staggering up to Dom.

He turned to look at his brother-in-law's tattered state, "About what I told you before you went out on your first date with Mia."

Brian raised an eyebrow, watching Dom flop a raw piece of chicken onto the grill, "What'd you tell me?"

Dom turned his head slowly in the blonde's direction, "Wrong answer, buster. Think again."

Brian gulped and took a step back, "Uh…"

A scary smile shown on Dom's features, "Brian…this is one of those times where you have to be really clear about what you have to say."

"I've heard that before." Brian whispered

"Right…," Dom said slowly, hooking the tong's he was using, onto the handle of the grill. Turning to focus his attention on his brother-in-law, "how is it that you remember what I said at that time. But not when we were at the garage fixing the Toyota?"

Brian's eyes widened as the light bulb went off in his head, "You said you'd break my neck if I broke Mia's heart."

Dom nodded, his Cheshire smile still on full blast, "Good, buster."

Brian grimaced, "Are you ever going to let that dumb nickname, go?"

"No." He chuckled, turning back towards the grill.

"It was worth a shot."

"Not even close, O'Conner."

~~Later on that night~~

"Shit, shit, shit!" A tired female ran through the alleyways of Berlin. Ready to drop dead on the floor from her hijacking of military convoy.

"L, where are you!"

The female known as L looked down at her breast. Grabbing the walkie talkie that was hooked onto her vest, "I don't fucking know, I have mass cops trailing me!"

"Well get yourself out" the man ordered

"Get myself out! This isn't a fucking game. I can't just slip in and out, you son of a bitch!"

"Not my problem. It seems your of no use to me anymore. Your dead-weight anyway."

L's eyes widened, "What?"

"Goodbye L, see you in hell."

She looked down at the now useless walkie-talkie. Yanking it off of her and throwing it to the side as she ran by garbage bags.

L ran a corner, throwing herself back behind the wall when she noticed the pack of military men armed and ready to shoot.

"Damn it…." She whispered, looking up in between the buildings she was hiding in. Spotting a loose ladder a couple of feet from her.

She took a couple of steps back, making a mad run towards it. Jumping a foot away from it to latch onto it.

Her eyes widened as the ladder slid down, until it finally jerked to a stop.

L turned to look at every corner, making sure no one had heard her before starting to climb up.

She reached the roof of the old building and breathed in heavily. Leaning her hands on her knees. Trying to get some air into her lungs.

"You right there!," she trailed her eyes towards the light that was heading towards her and up to the sound of the male's voice, "In the name of the law, I order you to stop!"

L chuckled humorlessly, staring down the lieutenant in the chopper "You order me?"

Taking in her surroundings, she spotted deep blue waters towards the West. Not far from her, actually.

L grinned before looking back up at the helicopter, "See yeah~"


She didn't look back as she continuously jumped over gaps between buildings, all the while trying to avoid bullet's being shot at her from above.

Ten minutes later she made it to the end of the block. No more buildings and an open surface.

She turned sharply to look at the still oncoming helicopter in haste.

L groaned angrily as she looked back down. Spotting more garbage bags down below, "Oh, screw it."

"Where'd she go?"

Once she reached the ground, she jumped up and continued to run towards the houses at the edge of the beach.

'Almost there.'

"Mmm…dinner was great," Brian smiled, complacent with the BBQ they had earlier. He leaned over and gave his wife a kiss on the head, "thanks, baby."

"Hey, I'm the one that cooked the damn food." Dom raised a half a smile, taking a sip of the Corona in hand.

"I prepared it~" Mia taunted.

"How about we agree on you both cooking a wonderful dinner?" Elena suggested, trying to stop the frequent little squabbles between the two siblings.

Dom shrugged and Mia nodded, "I'm game."

"Alright then.." Brian sighed, drinking from his Corona, watching the nightly waves of the beach hit the large rocks centered at the shore.

Dom frowned, sitting himself up slowly, "What's that noise?"

"Hn, what noise?" Mia asked

Brian and Dom stood up, walking out towards the sand. Trying to look out for the hammering sound coming up from the sky.

A chopper?

What was a chopper doing out right now?

"Dom…I think we should get inside." Brian said silently.

He, nor Dom's eyes left the circling helicopter once, "Get the girls in the house."



That was an order. One that not even Brian would be stupid enough to go against.

He was serious. And when Dom was serious about something, it would be in a person's best interest not to get in the way.

"Alright…I'll be back." he muttered, turning around to usher the girls inside the villa.

"What's going on?" Elena asked, standing up from the lounge seat she and Dom had been sitting at earlier.

"Nothing. Let's get inside, okay." Brian said, reaching for Mia to take his hand.

"Your lying, what's going on?" Mia asked, letting her husband grab her by the elbow and push her through the glass windows of the back porch.

Brian turned to smile calmly at his wife, "Everything is fine. Dom and I just want you two to get inside. There's a chopper going around the city and we don't want them to spot us. Nothing to overwork ourselves, okay?"

"But Brian-"

"Mia….please." he pleaded once the two women were inside

She looked at him worriedly as Elena put her arms around the frightened girl

"Turn off the lights, we'll be back in a bit." Brian said, locking the doors behind him.

"What do you think is going on?" Mia whispered, a lone tear falling down her face.

Elena let out a deep breath, smiling down at the girl in reassurance, "I am sure it is nothing, Mia. Come on, let's go upstairs with little Leticia."

Mia tensed a bit in her arms. She didn't know why, but Elena always chose to call her daughter by her full name.

She noticed that Dom stopped cold too when Elena called Cici by Letty's name.

No one ever stopped to tell her different though.

"Maybe your right."

"So what do you think it might be?" Brian asked, making his way back towards the older male.

"I don't kno'….," Dom glared at the chopper that was survailing the area with a high beamed light, "but I'm gonna find out."

"Well, I'm coming with you."

Dom turned his attention towards Brian, "I've heard that before.."

Brian smirked, "Ready?"

"Let's get this done."

"Don't these bastards ever give up!" L whispered furiously, just barely ducking out of the helicopters lime light.

Then again, she should have known better than to have token the heist deal.

"We've been on this for three months. After this, it's a long vacation for everyone."

She shook her head in irritation.

Why was this coming to her now?

At a time like this!

"Listen, the other night I had a dream…that you and I were on the beach in Mexico."



"Ugh!" she clutched her eyes in pain. Grabbing a hold of her side.

She looked down at her hip and noticed blood dripping out.

L turned her vision towards the sky, spotting the helicopter on tail.

"Not now…." she stood up clumsily, turning to run again.

Only this time she was much slower.

She closed her eyes in pain again, tightening her grip on her hip again, "I can't do this…"

L spotted an open crevice on a building and threw herself onto to the cold hard ground that was the inside of it.

Listening to the chopper go by and keep forward.

She breathed in heavily, looking back down at her wound, "Damn it."

That's when she heard it, the noise of trash cans being moved and thrown over.

Her eyes widened, looking around the room but only finding open space.

No where to hide!

"Fuck me…." she whispered, not bothering to stand up from her spot on the ground.

So she waited until she was found.

'I've had no regrets. I've lived my life as much as I can. Estefania….I'm sorry.'

"Look over there." a voice came from the opposite side of where she was laying, sprawled out on the hard floor.

"A girl?" A deeper voice said, stepping through the run down hole in the building, looking around before focusing his sights on L.

"Hey, you alright?" the other man asked

L looked up at the two men in front of her, not being able to see them clearly.

But if they were from the military, wouldn't the know who she was and what she was doing here?

"I'm on the ground, bleeding to death. Does it look like I'm alright to you?" She snorted

The man with the deep voice chuckled, "Even wounded, the girl's got spunk."

She froze. The man's laughter repeating itself in her head.

"Hey Dom," the shorter male looked over at his companion, "doesn't she…sound familiar?"

'No….no, no, no, no!' L began to panic, as she tried to stand up as quickly as she could.

"What do you think your doing?" Dom asked, seeing the outlining of her begin to stand up.

"Nothing, move the hell out of my way. I need to get out of here." she growled, trying to step out the crack she came through

"That voice…." the other man whispered.

She made a mistake in looking around the abandoned street before trying to leave. Because then the two males were able to see her fully with the light the moon provided for them.

"Letty?" The shorter male said, surprised

Letty turned around to look at them, clenching her jaw in attempts to keep her tears in.

"No…that can't b-" Dom staggered back

"Shut up! I don't know what you're talking about." She glared, turning back to make a break for it, but Dom reached out and grabbed her by her arm.

"What he hell is your problem! Hey!," She yelled, trying to resist his hold

"Dom, loosen up. Will ya!" Brian said worriedly, trying to unhinge his arms from around her waist

She shouted, the pain from her previous wound from the chopper bullets, reignited.

"Dom your hurting her!" Brian yelled, swinging his hand back, throwing him a punch across the face.

That seemed to work for he let her go.

She groaned painfully as she dropped down to the ground hard.

"Letty….," Brian rushed to her side, trying to see where she was hurting, "Lett, come on. Where are you hurt?"Her head fell back lazily, her eyes beginning to loose focus. She felt like she couldn't breath, "Waist….my," she groaned, clutching her open wound, "…waist."

"I can't….see anything in here!" he whispered harshly.

"Dom!," Brian looked up at the shadow of the man in front of him, who was rubbing his jaw slowly "Dom!"

Dom, finally hearing Brian's voice. Turned to look at him on the ground.

"We have to get her to the house! She's already lost a lot of blood. Any more and she's gone!"

Realizing what was going on, Dom dropped himself to his knees, scooping up the woman in his arms.

"Where's the chopper?" He asked the blonde, watching him look out for the flying object over head.

"It's heading east, but we only have a thirty second window before it eventually comes back," Brian replied, looking back at Dom and Letty, "Military convoy don't patrol the same areas for long if they don't spot anything suspicious."

"Then, let's go." Dom said coldly.

His main focus at the moment was to get the woman in his arms treated. He'd ask questions later.

Brian slipped back out again, watching as the chopper came back, "Shit! Get back!"

The sound of the helicopter reverted back into the building they inhabited, shaking its support to the limit.

"This thing is gonna come down if we don't get a move on, O'Conner!" Dom hissed, taking a second to look down at Letty. She was lulling her head from side to side, beginning to breathe in heavily.

Dom looked up sharply at his brother-in-law, "Brian!"

"Okay. Let's go!" Brian ran, hiding in a corner building just across the block. Managing to make it as the chopper came back, flying towards the east again.

"Come on!" the blonde whispered, ushering Dom to follow.

Dom turned to look at the flying helicopter one last time before running towards Brian side.

"Ngh…" Letty groaned again

Brian and Dom looked down at the female that was presumed to be dead. Being able to see her fully now in the light of the moon.


"We don't have time to do this right now, Dom. We have to get out of here." Brian clarified, giving Letty one last look before running in the direction of their home.

Dom sighed, looking down sadly at the woman in his arms, "I'm sorry."

She threw her head towards his chest, "Run."

"They've been gone for half an hour!," Mia looked out the window, only being able to see the near by buildings because the darkness of the night obscured her line of vision, "where could they have gone too."

Elena turned her attention from the baby in her arms, to it's mother, "It's not good for you to worry, Mia. Your still breast-feeding, Leticia."

Mia groaned, "Okay, can you stop calling her that!"

Elena took a step back, surprised by the shout, "Why would you ask me that? It is her name, is it not?"

Mia narrowed her eyes at the vulnerable woman, "Yes, that's her name. But you know we don't call her by that. So, please. Just stop!"

The offended woman looked down at the sleeping infant in her arms as she lowered her back down onto her crib, "I am sorry if I have offended you in any way…."

Mia began pacing, sighing guiltily as she looked back at Elena, "Look, I'm sorry. It's just that I'm so worried."

"You think I am not? Dom has been running from the law for only god know's how long. And I do not know where he is. I do not know if he's fine. You are not the only one in that position, Mia. Understand me." Elena said, taking a seat next to the window facing the ocean. Upset by Mia's remark.

Mia took in a silent breath, closing her eyes in attempts to calm herself down.

She slowly made her way towards her sister-in-law, "Hey…..Elena, I'm sorry. It's just that my husband and brother are out there, going after a chopper for god know's what reason," Mia reached to grab Elena's hands in hers, "I've had to deal with this situation all my life. I should be use to it by now, but now I have a husband and daughter to think about…..," She looked down sadly at the floor, "our entire family fell apart at this type of life-style…I know I've told you many times before already…but it's hard," she cried silently, meeting Elena eye to eye, "I've lost my mom, my dad, Jesse, Vince, and then Letty…," Mia shook her head, "I just can't…"

Elena sniffed, confused as to where this was going, "Who is Letty?"

Mia's eyes widened as she stood up straight. Making her way back towards her baby, "Uh…a friend of mine from school that passed away…years ago."

"Oh….," Elena looked at her sister-in-law neutrally, "then what of Dom's old girlfriend?…..You failed to mention her…,"

Mia ran her fingers through her hair, placing a lock of it behind her ear.

"Or is it that this Letty…is the girl whom you all lost two years ago?"

Mia gave up and nodded, caressing her daughters cheek. Whishing she could be in a calm sleep like she was.

"I am guessing that little Leticia, was named after her. Am I correct?" Elena asked, walking slowly towards Mia.

Mia nodded again, not being able to find her voice to respond.

"I just don't understand…..what was the purpose of keeping her name from me?"

Mia coughed lightly, looking up at the shadows cascading into the already darkened room, "There was no purpose. We just….didn't want you to feel uncomfortable every time you saw, Cici."

Elena looked flabbergasted, "And you didn't stop to think that it was uncomfortable to me whenever she came into our discussions? That woman-"

Mia turned to give Elena a sharp look, "Her name is Letty."

Elena sighed, "Letty…..Letty has always been mentioned whenever I was around you and Brian. Every time you spoke of your past, she was always there. How do you think that made me feel?"

Mia shook her head in astonishment, "Is this how you always felt?….," She stepped forward towards Elena, "I'm sorry if every time I brought up my past, Letty came into the discussion. But I can't help it, Elena. Letty was and is my past. She always has been. There was never a moment when I wasn't with her! We can't stop from accidentally talking about her because Letty is all we were!," Mia cried, "it's all we knew….."

Elena cried along with Mia. Feeling hurt by the mention of Dominic's ex, as she now knew her as, Letty.

"We can't stop it, Elena…," Mia shook her head, wiping at her tears, "and if you really feel threatened over my deceased friend. Then I'm sorry again. But theirs nothing, Brian, I, or Dom can do. You expect us to somehow erase that part of our past. But what you don't seem to get is that Letty was what helped me glue our family together. She was there for me when my parents died, she was there for me when Dom got sent away to prison for two years. She was there till the end!…..," she slowly sat herself down into one of the rocking chairs in the room, "and now she's gone….."

Elena closed her eyes, not being able to withstand any more attacks from what she had presumed to be the sister she never had.

"She always laughed at me when I told her I wanted us to get pregnant at the same time. That I would spoil her baby, while she spoiled mine…..," Mia smiled lightly, "she always says that she wasn't going to put a date on the day she would get knocked up...that she didn't want her baby to be spoiled," she shook her head, "I would ask why and she would respond by saying that if god willed her too….when the time came, she and Dom would try," Mia looked up at Elena's equally tear filled face, "and if they succeeded, they would protect their baby with their life. Making sure that the baby would never be steered wrong…..,"

Elena wiped lightly at her tears, trying not to listen to what Mia was explaining to her

"Do you want to know why she said that? I'm guessing you think that out of all the things we've told you about Letty, you think she had a nice and easy life…am I right?"

Elena cleared her throat, situating herself in a chair before responding, "Letty….had everything I wish I could have had. Love, warmth…..an easy going life-"

"Your wrong, Elena. Letty never had it easy," Mia shook her head sadly, "when Dom was 14, he always loved to work and help out our dad in the garage. Letty had just moved down the block a couple of days after Dom's birthday and came by. Noticing my brother working on my dad's old Charger. She never…said anything, really. I would remember seeing her just standing in our driveway, just watching Dom work. I felt sorry for her so I decided to introduce myself," Mia giggled, "I remember the first time I asked her if she wanted to play dolls with me. She scrunched up her nose and said she would rather work on a car….," she shook her head at the happy memory, "anyway, two months then on. She continued to come by. Dom was always irritated with the attention she was giving him. So he finally asked her if she wanted to help. She looked like she was heaven on earth the moment she set her eyes on the engine of that damn car."

"She would always leave at six in the evening. Always making sure to leave at that time. And I didn't know why-I never asked and neither did dad or Dom. The next day she came back to our house, bruised…..," Mia looked down at the floor lost in the memory, "she looked like hell. But she didn't show it in her face. She always made sure to smile at us. Dad noticed and called the police. Dom wasn't there when she got to our house. But when he did…he was….angry. I couldn't believe that Letty had never once said anything to any of us. The officials found that she had been brutally beaten repeatedly way before the Ortiz family had even moved to Los Angeles. Child Care always made sure to come into the picture. But somehow, Letty was never removed from her mothers 'care'. I wondered why, and I asked. She said she could never leave her mom….," Mia narrowed her eyes, "I couldn't understand, I didn't want to. And neither did Dom. So most times than not, Letty spend her time in my house. Either with Dom in the garage or with me in my room. From then on….she became family."

"Letty always had hardships, she always refused to abandon her mom, though," Mia scoffed, "she was a horrible drug addicted woman, but Letty always defended her. Even though she didn't show it, Lett had a heart of gold. Growing up with her were the best moments of my life. She was token under my father's wing and learned to become a mechanic. Because she was around Dominic so much during this time…she began to have a little crush on him," Mia smiled again, "she always denied it to me, but I always noticed it. The looks she would always give him when he would look away. My mom….passed away and four years later, my dad followed. I was in….a disarray. I couldn't function and to make matters worse, Dom was thrown into jail for an attempt of murder at the man who killed our dad. I didn't completely lose myself at that time. Because I had Letty with me. A year later, her mom passed away and we only had us both to console each other. I mean, we had Vince…but it wasn't…enough. Anyway, Letty moved in and we both helped each other. A year later, Dom was released from prison and came back home," Mia stood back up and walked towards the large oval mirror across the room, "Vince decided to throw Dom a Welcoming party and while he bought the boos, food, and invited the known racers of the LA. Letty and I went to pick up Dom."

"The moment I seen him, I didn't recognize him at all. He looked like what he appears to be today. Big, buff, bald, and strong. Letty hadn't followed me to greet Dom. But when we got back to the car, she was leaning against it. Facing the opposite direction from the prison. That's when everything changed from him. He made it his goal to get her attention. Eventually, she did. But she gave him a hard time for it. She wasn't the same Lett she use to be-hell, neither of us were like we use to be. But that didn't stop us from moving forward. Soon enough, Leon and Jesse came into the picture and we just all…..matched. We had a lot more hardships a long the way. But we managed. Your right about a couple of things though, Elena," Mia looked over at the now quiet and calm woman, "Letty did have love and warmth, but she didn't have it easy. Even though she made it out to be. She was strong willed, she never allowed herself to show weakness, especially in front of Dom. A secret deal she made with herself, I guess. But to answer your allegations, no. She didn't have it easy. We've all had hard lives, including yourself. But you have no right in saying what you don't know."

Elena sucked in a large gulp of air, tilting her head to the side.


Mia stood up quickly at the sound of Brian's yell

She and Elena ran downstairs as fast as they could.

"Thank god your okay!" she ran into Brian's arms, tightening her grip around his neck

"Brian…why do you have blood on your hands?" Elena asked

"what?" Mia stepped back abruptly, talking a look at his blood filled hands.

"It's not mine." Brian sighed.

Elena's eyes widened, "Dom!"

She began running outside, trying to spot the large man.

"Elena, wait! Dom's fine!"

"Then who's blood is it?" Mia looked at him panicingly

Brian clenched his jaw in remorse, taking a hold of Mia's arms, "Sit down."

"What? What's going on, Brian? And where's Dom?" Elena asked, sitting herself down on one of the bar stools, next to Mia.

"Dom's fine. He's upstairs already-"

"Why didn't he come see me?" Elena stood up again, angered by the lack of notice from her boyfriend.

"He has other things to worry about, Elena. Now calm yourself, please." Brian said, turning to look back down at the now quiet Mia


"When we went out to scout the chopper, we ran into an old, dark, run-down building. We ran inside when we heard the helicopter coming our way. We thought they had found out about us being here. So naturally, we ran," Brian walked a couple of feet away from the girls, running a hand down his face, "we found a wounded woman in there."

"Well…where is she?" Elena asked

"She's upstairs with Dom-," Brian began, but noticed Elena started to make her way upstairs, "hold it!"

"Why? If a girl needs medical attention, I can give it to her." Elena explained, not understand the situation at hand.

"Dom is more than capable of handling this, sit back down so I can finish explaining, please, Elena." he looked at her pointedly, waiting for her to sit on the stool.

"The woman has a wound on her hip, she was gunned down by the helicopter"

"Brian!" Mia stood up

"Don't worry…I'll let you go up in a second, just let me explain, Mia…."

"Well finish explaining!" She whispered furiously

"Brian!" Elena shouted

"It's Letty, okay!" Finally having enough, he let it all out.

Elena, shocked by the news fell back down on her chair, "Brian…this is not funny!"

"I'm not joking!" Brian glared at Elena, turning his attention back towards his wife to see how she was taking the news.


"I don't…..," she shook her head, "Letty is dead, Brian!"

"I know what this seems like, Mia. Trust me. But we don't have time to ask questions. Letty needs your help," He said, shaking her shoulders lightly, "do you think your up to it?"

"Up to it….," she stood up quickly, "Brian, she's my sister!"

"Then let's go."

She hissed as she felt Dom laid her back on the bed as gently as he could after removing the her mid-way jacket and two black shirts she was wearing underneath. Leaving her in nothing but her bra and pants.


"Mm…," she shook her head.

He looked around his room and grabbed a towel that was hanging off the side of the black chair. Rushing back to her side he placed it over her still bleeding wound.

"Help me out here, tell me if I'm pushing too hard" he said through somewhat sealed lips as he put pressure into his hands and onto her wound.

She bit her bottom lip, trying to silence a yell that was ready to come out.

Dom looked up at her face, releasing the weight of his hands on her wound.

"No….," she shook her head, "keep pushing."

He looked at her painfully. Not liking this situation at all. But concentrated on the matter at hand, either way.

He hadn't imagined being with her like this before. Being able to feel her again felt excruciating to him at the moment.

"How…." he whispered, his eyes clenching at seeing her in utter able pain.

"What….." she whispered, arching her body upwards. Trying to avoid the pressure but not succeeding.

"How are you still alive…"

Her eyes snapped open, "What?"

He leant back, still keeping his hand at her wound. But his eyes focused towards hers, "How are you here?""If your asking how I got here, I don't know. I was blind-folded on my way to the military base….," she snarled, "what the hell do you mean, how am I still alive? What'd you expect me to be dead?"

"FBI confiscated your body at the scene of the crime in LA. Mia was called in to identify the body. It was yours!," he narrowed his eyes, not liking being confused, "you were buried, so how are you here, now!"

She slapped his hand away, the pain from her wound long forgotten as she stood up glaring at he large man, "I have no idea of what the hell your talking about!"

"Bullshit!," He jerked himself up from the bed and stomped toward her, "you've been dead for two years! Now you suddenly show up out of no where!"

"Stop yelling at me!" she shouted, leaning herself against the wall behind her. Her energy drained from all the shouting she just did.

And Dom noticed it because he settled himself down, breathing in heavily.

He walked towards her form, her well being becoming his top priority again.

"No, don't touch me!" she growled and attempted to slap his hand away again. But Dom was much stronger at the moment.

"Leave me alone!"

"Stop fighting me and let me get you into bed." he said firmly, reaching around her shoulders and legs to pick her up. Bringing her back to the red fluffy bed.

She scoffed, "Huh…last time you said that we ended up doing more than what you thought we would."

Dom froze as he set her down, reminiscing the memory she spoke of.

He looked down at his already bloodied shirt, noticing he was soaked again with fresh blood.

He sighed. Frustrated that he managed to get her riled up and bleeding again.

"What…?" She asked coldly.

He walked into his bathroom and reached for the first aid kit in the wooden counters. Bringing it back out and setting it next to her on the bed.

Opening it to take out it's contents.

"And where are you going to get a sewing needle?" she asked, looking at him defiantly

He grabbed the gauze, tape, disinfectant, and a small alcohol bottle.

Letty realizing that he was going to put some alcohol on her, shook her head and retreated herself into the pillows, "No, no way in hell are you putting that shit on me."

Dom looked at her tiredly, "We can do this the hard way, or the harder way. Choose."

Letty smirked, "Are you sure you want the answer to that, papa?"

Again, she managed to freeze him in his step.

Her eyebrows furrowed at the gesture

He swallowed a large lump in his throat and placed the towel back on her wound, "Never mind."

"I know it's been two years that we've been apart, Dom. But I never thought in a million years that you would ever make me feel this alone and abandoned." she looked down at her lap, messing with her fingers slowly. Trying to take her mind off of the cold shoulder she was getting.

He slowly traced his eyes up to her face. Guilty at making the only woman that ever knew the real him, feel depressed.

"You know that's the last thing I ever wanted you to feel, Le…" he stopped himself short, clearing his throat as he focused his attention back on her wound.

"There you go again," she whispered, "I have you right in front of me. Touching me even, but I still feel cold."

Letty looked him straight in the eye.

Her eyes showing a deep depth of sadness, pain, and abandonment.

"It's been a long ass time sense I've seen you. And your treating me like some stranger."

"I didn't mea-"

"You've changed," She cut him off, "your….different."

He leant back, trying to clear his throat again. Feeling as if he couldn't speak, "Everyone changes."

She rolled her jaw, "Huh.."

"You said I was dead. Where would you get that idea?"

He stopped what he was doing and faced her completely, "The night you went as an undercover agent to infiltrate Braga's drug deal."

Letty sighed, "I remember that night. Funny how the only thing that came to mind when Braga's men pulled out their guns," she looked at him thoughtfully, "was you."

Dom looked at her unsure, his posture still hard

"At that moment, my body went into airplane mode. I didn't know what I was doing. But I was getting out of there. That's all I knew," she shook her head, her eyes narrowing at the thought, "I remember….panicking. And that's something you know I never do in situations like that."

Dom listened to her story while he continued to clean off her wound.

"I grabbed a gun and started shooting Braga's men….then I ran towards the Plymouth. I didn't know if I was being followed, but I still kept on going forward. Coming into the city," Letty licked her lips, deep in thought, "it was strange…..their was no sign of anybody their. Until I heard the roar of the engine to Fenix's car."

Dom's mouth clamped shut, getting himself riled up at the mention of the dead man.

"I didn't look back to check where he was. I just remember stepping on the gas pedal, forcing the damn car to go. I didn't even shift at the right times," she shook her head at her mistake, "the car began failing on me. That's when Fenix came close enough to hit me with his car. Then he hit me again, and again, until our tires bumped and I flipped forward…..," she looked into Dom's eyes again, "after that…I remember slipping out of the car and running off. I met some family members about six blocks away," she nodded once, "they took me in until I healed. But I didn't have the time to fully cooperate. I had to leave."

He threw the bloodied towel on the white carpet floor, not caring if it stained or not.

Reaching for the tape and gauze. He began wrapping her up.

She sighed, liking the feel of Dom's cool fingers on her skin again.

"The FED's came looking for me. After that, I booked it and ran here to Berlin. I didn't end up in the life I had wanted too. I got caught up with bad people and that's why I'm here."

Dom taped the gauze to her skin, trying to use this patch up in the meantime. "You didn't know anything of what was going on in the US?" he asked, leaning his elbows on his knees.

"No…," she shook he head slowly, "I don't know why or how you guys thought I was dead. I wouldn't think that you would believe what a cop has to say, Dom."

"I don't…..," he stood up, grabbing the first aid kit and throwing it carelessly on the glass table, "Brian told me."

She lifted her head to meet his gaze, "O'Conner? You believed him…..after everything that's happened because of him?"

Dom narrowed his eyes, taking offense to the question, "You're the one that sided with him two years ago when I left to the DR."

"I only did it because I wanted you back home, Dom!," she shouted, breathing in deeply at the sharp pain that came with extending her vocal cords again

"Easy…" he whispered, pushing her back down on the bed.

"I wanted you back….that's the only reason I did it…" she continued

He quieted her down, lifting her chin with his index finger, "I know."

They both stayed quiet. Just basking in the silence.

"I missed you…." she admitted

He slowly raised his head in her direction, surprised and somewhat happy at her revelation.

When he didn't respond, she tilted her head up at him, "Didn't you miss me….?"

"I've thought a lot…..about you for the past two years."

"…Is that all? Just….a memory." she brought her hands to her lap.

Suddenly not so confident with her lapse of the tongue.

"That's the last thing you are to me, Let-" he groaned, stopping himself again.

"Really?…..," she looked up at him sadly, "then why is that you can't even say my name? You've been careful with where an how you touch me. You treat me like someone you've never met before….Tell me something, Dominic."

His eyes trailed up to meet hers in equal sadness

"Do you still love me?"

She stared out of the corner of her eye as his fist clenched tightly, "Huh…..I've gotten my answer."

"That's not it." he said tightly

"I'm not-"

"That's. Not. It."

"Then what is? Cause right now, I'm confused as hell." she sighed, running a hand through her long brown locks.

He closed his eyes, "I've never stopped loving you, Letty."


He reached to grab her hand in his, "I'm serious. When Mia gave me that phone call to the DR. You don't know how bad I felt like crawling under a damn ditch and dying, just so that I could be with you. But I wasn't getting to let it go so easily. I wanted to get revenge, and I did. Felix is dead and Braga's locked up," Letty looked at their joined hands, her heart fluttered lightly at the innocent contact, "after that. I was caught and was sentenced to twenty-five years in Lompoc without the possibility of early parole…," she looked at him, eyes wide. Tightening her hold on his hand, "On my way to the penitentiary, Brian, Mia, Tego, and Santos booked me out of the prison bus," he gave a small chuckle, "a year later, I ended up in Rio. I met up with Brian and Mia later on at a heist on a moving train for boosting seized cars…."

"What is it with you and heist's?" She asked, trying to lighten up the moment.

It worked as he gave a louder chortle than before.

"I haven't had one in two years, I promise." he smiled, rubbing her hand with his thumb absentmindedly.

"Keep going." she whispered

"Their was this one car, a Ford GT40...uhh…," he rubbed the back of his head, "the guys we were doin' the heist with were interested in only that car. I didn't like the feel of it so I made a change of plans with Mia and told her to wait for my call. Brian and I ended up at the bottom of a desert lake. And got caught by a crime boss named, Hernan Reyes. We escaped awhile after and met up with Mia at a dislocated shack. At that time, we couldn't figure out what was so important about the damn car."

He sighed deeply for the hundredth time that night, "I found out later on when Vince tried making off with a computer chip that was hidden in the stereo component. You can imagine what happened from then on. Vince left, we were infiltrated by Reyes goons and some heavy duty cop. Hobbs was his name," Dom sat himself more comfortably on the bed, not once removing their clasped hands, "Mia, Brian, and I made a run for it in separate directions. I ran into a female cop later on. She was being attacked by Reyes men. So I pushed her out of the way. Then I ran and met up with Brian and Mia again."

He rubbed his temples, a headache coming on from all the excited events that went on hours ago.

"You don't have to tell me all of the story right now, Dom." she said, rubbing her hand into his shoulder

He turned his head in her direction, "You look exhausted."

"That's cause I am….," she sighed, leaning her head heavily against his shoulder, "I've been running all day. This damn bullet hole in my body ain't helping matter's either."

Dom looked at the top of her head, remorsefully.

"I should let you get some sleep."

He made a move to stand up, but she hung onto his arm, "Stay. Don't go."


She looked up at him with dough full eyes, begging him to stay.

"Dom, I've never begged from you before. Let me have this…"

He sighed through his nose, giving into her request and laying back down on his bed. Her head against his shoulder.

Their hands, once again together.

"Sorry, Elena." he whispered before closing his eyes and succumbing to sleep.

'Elena…..?' she thought dejectedly, looking up at his tired face, 'that's why...'

Knock, knock

"Dom?" Mia called through the door.

When no one answered, she, Brian, and Elena made their way into the room.

Letty looked towards the people entering the room. Only knowing two out of three of them.

Mia cupped her mouth, holding back the already shedding tears, "It is you…."

Letty gave her a small tired smile, "How you livin', girl?"

Hearing the way her best friend greeted her like back then made her run towards the bed and launching herself at Letty.

"Mia!" Brian whispered, "watch out!"

Mia turned to glare at her husband, "Shut up, I'm having a moment here!"

Letty laughed at the younger girls antics, "Still haven't changed."

Mia snapped her head back up to look at Letty, her tears turning back on.

"I can't believe it…..," she felt and touched her friend in every way that she could. Not being able to comprehend that fact that she was in front of her.

"Woah, there. Watch were you touch. Those are mine." Letty grinned, still not moving her clasped hand from Dom. But using the other one to hug around Mia's neck and pulled her towards her bodice.

"Still a joker, I see." Brian smirked, watching the interaction between the two girls.

"Still I buster, I see," she smiled back and looked between him and Mia, "so are you two a thing now or what?"

Mia moved back slightly, a sad smile gracing her features, "Umm…yeah, we've been married for almost a year now."

Letty's smile slackened, "What…..?"

Brian cleared his throat, walking to stand behind Mia. Setting his hands on his wife's shoulders, "Yeah….we have a ten-month old daughter. Her name's Leticia O'Conner."

Letty looked up at Brian, then trailed her eyes back to Mia, "Really?"

Mia nodded, clasping her lips shut, again. Starting with the water works, "We call her CiCi, though. We just….wanted to avoid any unnecessary memories for Dom. That's why we opted for Cici, instead of Letty," Mia set her hand over Letty's free hand, "I didn't want your name to be replaced so I went witch Cici."

Letty nodded sadly, "Oh…"

"Don't be sad, Lett…," Mia whined gently, not wanting her childhood friend to get depressed, "I didn't mean it in the way it came out. I'm sorry."

"No, It's….fine. Really…," She shook her head, a small smile showing in her features again, "I have something to tell you now that I know about your kid….," she turned to look at Dom before facing his sister again, "I was….thinking about telling Dom when we were talking. But it never came up so…"

Mia shook Letty's hand, encouraging her to continue, "So…?"

Letty looked towards the entrance of the room, taking notice of the unknown woman standing there with a blank look on her face.

"Who're you?" She asked curiously

Mia and Brian froze, waiting to see what Elena would reply with.

The woman cleared his throat and raised her head up proudly, "I am Elena Neves. And you are?"

Letty blinked a couple of times. Registering the name into her head.

'Sorry, Elena.'

Letty looked sadly at the man beside her, "I'm…..nobody."

Mia jumped off the bed "What?"

"How can you be 'nobody' when you are Leticia Ortiz?" Elena asked

Letty looked at the woman, "You know me."

Elena walked around the room, noticing the blood stained towel on the carpet, "I've had two years worth of information from you."

"Oh?…well that's not fair," Letty raised an eyebrow at the woman, rolling her tongue over teeth in her old 'I don't give a damn' style, "I don't know a thing about you."

Brian got in between the girls, feeling the tension rise in the room, "How 'bout we settle this tomorrow. Dom's already asleep, we should be too. Come on, Elena. I'll walk you out."

But Elena stood her ground, "No. I think I'll spend the night."

Letty stared at her with a look of disbelief. Turning to face Mia in explanation. Who in turn stood up and walked towards her current sister-in-law, "Brian's right, Elena. I think it'd be…..best if you go home. You can come back tomorrow and talk this out with Dom, okay."

"Wait, I want to ask her something." Letty spoke up, not once taking her eyes off of the woman being pushed towards the door.

"Letty, we'll talk about this tomorrow" Mia said nervously

"No, its fine," Elena stood her ground, crossing her arms and turning to stare at the woman in her boyfriends bed. Not missing their conjoined hands at all, "ask away."

"Who are you?"

"You already asked that." Elena replied, beginning to loose her patience with the common question

"No, who are you to my family." Letty asked, tilting her head towards Dominic's side. Eyes slightly narrowed at the woman, Letty now claimed to be the enemy.

"How about we talk about this tomorrow." Brian intervened

"Will you two shut your mouth's so that she can answer me?" Letty looked pointedly at the two

"I am Dominic's girlfriend." Elena replied.

And just like that, the tension grew tremendously.

Mia stayed quiet, watching both women with hawk-filled eyes.

While Brian slowly made his way out of the room.

Letty turned her head towards Dom's sleeping figure, "I knew it." she whispered to herself.

"Elena, I really think you should go." Mia stepped in front of the older woman, motioning her towards the door.

Elena nodded, "I will see you tomorrow. Tell Dom I have to talk to him."

Mia didn't follow behind Elena as she had promised earlier. Instead, she made her way towards Letty.


"Don't, Mi…," Letty breathed out, "where am I?"

"In our villa"

"Who's room is this?"

Mia looked around the room before replying, "Dom's"

Letty moved her hand from Dom's and made a move stand up from the bed

"What do you think your doing, your still hurt. And I haven't checked you over yet!" Mia hissed

"I ain't sleepin' in here. You can check me over somewhere else." Letty sneered, standing up and walking slowly towards the door.

"Letty!…stop being stubborn and get into bed. Your going to hurt yourself even more!" She whispered, giving her sleeping brother one last look before closing the door behind them.

"I've had worse, now where's a guest bedroom?"

Mia groaned and opened the following door next to Dom's a couple of yards away, "You know, you still have a lot of explaining to do."

"I know, and I'm glad you aren't badgering me like your brother was earlier. I seriously don't know how the news of me being dead started, Mi. I didn't even know."

"You…..didn't…" Mia walked the tired female in, moving aside the large comforter blankets and helping her lay down.

"No…," she sighed, closing her eyes, "I'll tell you guys everything else tomorrow."

Mia pulled the covers over Letty and patted her down gently, "I'm….glad your back, Letty."

"Mmm….me too, kid."

Mia rolled her eyes, a large smile showing on her face.

~~Next Morning~~

"Morning, Dom." Brian greeted from his stool on the island.

"Morning…." He muttered, walking over to the platinum refrigerator and took out a glass pitcher of orange juice.

"Orange juice?" Mia asked, looking at her brother from her spot in front of the stove.

Dom looked at Mia, confusedly, "Yeah?…and?"

"You don't drink, Orange juice." Brian clarified, staring his brother-in-law with curiosity. Grabbing his mug of coffee and taking a drink of it.

"It's a good time as any to start." He rolled his eyes, putting the pitcher on the island and grabbed himself a tall glass from the cabinets.

Dom looked over Mia's shoulder, watching her flip over the sunny side eggs cooking on the non-stick pan.

Dom looked at his sister strangely, "Letty's gonna love those."

"Letty?…." Mia turned to give her brother a strange look.

Her features going from happy to depressed in a millisecond.

"Yeah, Mia. Letty, she was upstairs with me last night. But when I woke up she was gone. Where she at?" he asked

Brian looked worriedly at the eldest Toretto, "Why would you ask that?"

Dom stopped himself short, getting irritated with the two for not remembering what happened last night, "Because we found her last night, wounded and she shouldn't be up in her state. Did ya hit your head or somethin', O'Conner?"

Mia looked at her husband, sadly, "Dom…..""What's with the face?" Dom looked between Mia and Brian, curiously

"Dom….Letty's been dead for over two years now. You know that." Mia said quietly, walking over to her daughter that was in her pink bassinet. Pushing it gently side to side.

"What are you guys talking about? She's alive." Dom asked again

"You alright, Dom?" Brian asked, setting the newspaper he was reading down on the island and stared at his brother-in-law with a matching face that Mia had.

"Am I alright?," Dom scoffed and pointed at Brian "are you alright?"

Mia's stare towards her brother worsened.

"Dom….." Mia frowned, tears beginning to fall down her face

Dom narrowed his eyes at his sister, "That's not funny, Mi. Now stop it, already," then he turned to look at the blonde, "Brian, you were with me. Don't tell me you actually forgot. You bonehead"

Mia clasped her hand over her face, trying to stop crying.

Brian stood up slowly, walking towards his wife, and hugging her small form to his.

Dom glared harder, slamming his hands on the island and marching up the stairs in search of Letty.

"Letty!" He shouted, opening all four guest bedroom's in the house. Not giving up looking for Letty.

"Dom! Dom! Stop it, please!" Mia shouted, crying after her brother

"No! I told you, Mi," he turned and lowered his tone, "she's here. She talked to me last night!"

He turned and ran down the stairs, leaving his crying sister on the floor of their hallway.

"Letty, this isn't funny anymore! Your in no condition to be walking around!" He yelled, getting angry at her hide-and-go-seek game.

"Dom, come on, man. Give it a rest."

Most of all what was annoying him was his brother-in-law

"Shut it, O'Conner! I know she's here! I don't know what the hell's going on in that head of yours. But you were with me when we rescued her," He raised a finger threateningly at him, "Now come out, Letty!"

Brian stopped, watching Dom search the house sadly from ground, up.

"Is this it?" Mia cried from behind him, walking with their baby in her arms into the embrace of her husband.

"It's been two years, Mia…..I'm kind of surprised it didn't happen sooner." Brian whispered, rubbing her arm and giving her head a peck.

Dom breathed in and out heavily. Still wondering where Letty was at.


He turned to face the woman coming his way.

His eyes narrowed in question, "Elena? What are you doing here this early?"

Elena looked at him puzzled, "What do you mean, what am I doing here early? I live here, with you."

Dom chuckled humorlessly, "Right."

"What is so funny?" She asked, not following his joke.

"Nothing, I'm looking for Letty. I'll talk to you later." He turned around and began walking towards the shore of the beach.

"Letty?….." She whispered, her eyebrows furrowing at what he just told her.

"Mia!, Mia!" Elena called for her sister-in-law from the foyer.

"Yeah…" she sniffed, showing herself over the glass rails of the second floor

"Why is your brother saying he's looking for Leticia? I thought she was-"

"Yes," Mia closed her eyes, breathing out through her nose and responding stiffly to the woman below, "she's gone. That's why were worried that Dom says she was here last night."

Elena's eyes widened

Dom sighed sadly, watching the sun begin to rise over the horizon of the ocean waters.

"I don't get it…where are you?" he whispered, sitting himself on a large rock at the edge of the shore.

"Dom…." a soft voice came from in front of him

He lifted his head slowly, eyes widening ever so slightly at the woman before him.

"Hey, papa." she grinned

"Letty…," he said softly

Admiring the Latina woman dressed in an amazing long white flowing gown that barely touched the cold dark water she was standing over.

She looked like an angel. So innocent. Every feature he remembered her to have.

Dom jumped off the rock and slowly made his way towards her.

Not even noticing the bite of the cold water slowly rise from his feet, to his legs, and waist.

"I knew you were here…" he smiled and watched her through half-lidded eyes.

She chuckled, shaking her head, "No, papa….I'm not here."

His smile fell slightly, "Your standing right in front of me, aren't you?"

She frowned, reaching her hand out to caress his cheek. But her hand went right through.

Letty shook her head slowly, "No."

So how was it? I really didn't want to end it with this. So I wanna know what you guys think. Should I make another alternative ending? Or what? Please let me know ^^ And if you guys are confused as to what the hell just went on after EVERYTHING I wrote before this scene. Here's a briefing of what this one-shot is about. Dom imagines everything that happens from the beginning. Including all the scenes between the time Elena was expression what she felt towards being second to Letty. When Letty was making her escape from the military convoy, to the scene where Mia explained everything to Elena. (P.S. the explanation his sister gave to his girlfriend was everything he knew and thought of Letty), the moment he was asleep, and the scene with Mia putting Letty in the guest room J The rest at the end is just little snippets of what Brian, Mia, and Elena think. I really didn't want to end this with Letty dead. But…I'll see about the alternative ending. 3 Bye!