A MILLION APOLOGIES! I AM SOOO SORRY. I REALLY HAD FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT THIS STORY BECAUSE I HAD LOST MAJOR INTEREST IN HOW I SHOULD WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER...come to find out, I had already had a chapter 5 done months ago... .-. ... I am really sorry. It's just, I don't know where to go from here. I'm literally in between a sword and a wall right now. Major writers block T^T

"Where the heck are we?" Leon got out of the car and stared strangely at the large house in front of them.

"This," Brian said, stepping out of the Honda, "is my friend, Roman's house."

Leon turned to looked at Dom, "What the fuck? I thought we were gonna eat?"

Dom rolled his eyes as he helped steady Letty, "We are gonna eat. The only difference between what you said and what I think is, that we ain't buyin'."

Leon gave him a bored stare, "Gullible as ever, I see."

Letty snorted back a laugh as she made her way into the house.

"Ain't nothin' about me, gullible, Leon." Dom glared, following behind Letty.

Brian made his way around the car towards Mia, grabbing the car seat and walking his wife to the house.

Leon stared after them sadly, "Man…bein' single sucks."

Roman stared at Leon chomping away at his chicken.

"Is he ever gonna stop? By this point, the dude 'll eat up the whole damn bone."

Dom turned to look at Leon from the corner of his eye, "You been starvin' yourself, or what?"

Letty grimaced when she seen her old friend suck on the rest of his chicken leg.

"Nope. I jus' missed eatin' grilled chicken, yo." he grinned

"What? You never made yourself grilled chicken in Brazil?" Brian asked, reaching over to grab himself some more salad.

"Nah, I lived in an apartment complex. Ain't no way for me to get a grill up there. That, an' I was too lazy to make some."

Mia rolled her eyes, staring at him pointedly, "You would."

"Come on Mi, cut me some slack. We haven't seen each other in years. When 're ya gonna give ol' daddy a hug?"

Mia scrunched her nose up in disgust, "Lee, don't"

Leon smiled, "Le'ss go, cupcake. I ain't got all day."

Letty stabbed at her salad irritatingly, "It's night."

"Whatever," he kept his sights on Mia as she got up and went around the table. Giving him the hug he had wanted, "at a girl."

Mia sighed, walking back over to her chair, "Will you and Dom stop with that."

Dom looked up surprisingly at his sister, "What'd I do?"

"Your 'at a girl' speech. We aren't dogs, Dom."

"I never said you were."

"Just. Eat." Letty snapped


Said mother looked down at her daughter sitting next to her.

"What is it, Stefie."

"I tire'." she pouted (I tired/I'm tired)

Letty let out a deep breath, setting down her fork and reaching to pick up the little girl, "I'm gonna put her to bed."

"You okay, baby girl?" Leon asked.

He, along with Dom, stared worriedly at her.

"Yeah. Just tired, I think Imma hit the hay."

"I'll be up in a bit." Dom said gently, touching her hip softly as she passed him.

She just nodded and continued her way out of the dinning room.

"Dayum," Rome shook his head, "Ya'll are serious peoples aren't 'cha?"

"I thought you would've noticed back in Rio, Rome." Brian smirked, laying back lazily in his chair.

"Serious 'bout jackin' the cash. Or serious 'bout everythang?" the African American raised an eyebrow.

"Imma let you choose." the blonde shrugged

"Why you always gotta bust my chops an' make my life harder, Brian." Roman glared

"Alright, that's enough," Mia looked over at both men staring each other down. One looking serious, while the other looked ready to drop down laughing, "both of you eat. Now."

"Bossed around in my own pad," Roman sighed, shaking his head sadly, "ain't that 'bout a bitch."

Leon chuckled, digging in to his rice.

Dom took a couple of more bites before standing up.

"You goin' already?" Brian asked

Dom nodded, "Yeah. See ya tomorrow."

Leon watched confusedly at Dom's retreating back, "Wait….how'm I gonna go home?" (How'm is meant to be spelled that way. Leon doesn't have perfect grammar. Thus, I am making 'How am' into 'How'm')

"Walkin' brotha. Haven't ya heard," Roman joked, laughing out loud as he talked while chewing his food, "it's good for ya."

Leon glared at him, feeling Mia's scolding gaze on Roman.

Call it telepathy if you will.

"You can crash here for the night" Brian said

"Huh?," Roman turned to give Brian a disapproving stare, "who said anything' 'bout dat?"

"I did, now shut it will ya."

Leon shook his head negatively at the invite, "Nah, I can't stay here. I got my little mama at home."

They all turned to give him a look.

"What?" he stared at them innocently.

"Stefie. You said you were tired. Now go on, close your little eyes and sleep." Letty said softly, moving strands of her daughter's bangs away from her eyes.

"I scared."

Letty sighed, "Porque?"

"She say monster coming." Stefie explained

Her mothers eye brows furrowed, 'She say monster coming?'

"Mija, what do you mean a monster's coming?"

"Monster get me." she whispered

"But why would a monster get you?"

"Bad girl."

Letty shook her head at Stefania, "Who said you were a bad girl?"

"Big lady." Stefania raised the large blanket over her face

"Stefie, who are you talking about?"

"Fue-Fue." she responded

"Fue-Fue…." Letty whispered, her eyes widening when she understood, "Mrs. Fuentes?"

The little girl nodded sadly.

"Stefania….your not a bad girl. And monster's aren't real. I don't want you to be scared because someone told you to," Letty lowered the blanket and leaned down to give Stefania a kiss on the cheek, "Sleep princessa. I'll be here."

"I don't get why you were worried about not bein' able to take care of 'er." Dom said, watching the scene before him from his spot against the door frame.

She turned around to look at him when their daughter closed her eyes, "I know….it's natural, I guess."

He looked over at Stefie, a small smile rising on his lips, "Your different when your with her."

She raised an eyebrow, getting up and meeting him halfway into the room, "How?"

He wrapped his arms around her, laying his head atop of hers, "Your motherly instincts, I mean….," he ran his hand through her hair, "you remind me a lot of mom."

She sighed, closing her eyes and laying more into him.

His mom, huh.

That's pretty high for her standards. Or so she thinks.

"I want him and his pack of rogue bastards found! Pictures, Info-I want their fucking ass prints on blast! We set out at Sixteen-hundred hours. You got that, ya bunch of slackers!" Luke glared, slamming his fist down on the table in front of him.

"Yes, Commander!"

His second in command let his head fall back, sighing at having to replace the table for the hundredth time these past four months.

"Well….we know were not getting out anytime soon." Mia said pointedly, watching the television broadcast their warrant arrest.

Brian turned to look at the tv, "Huh, whaddaya know, we made it to the top again."

"Where we ever last?" Dom asked

"We were slackin' off for a bit." Brian smirked

The older man chuckled, shaking his head and focusing his attention on the little girl on the floor in front of him.

"Mornin' everybody! Ain't it beautiful today? How 'bout we go out!" Roman grinned, coming into the living room with his hands up in the air

"Nah, were not allowed out." Brian said, watching his old friend with a smirk on his face.

Romans grin fell, "What….'chu on time out or somethin'?"

"Somethin' like that." Dom said softly, still watching his kid play with a doll she had yet to let go.

Rome looked over at the tv and just seeing their faces planted on their told him everything.

"Hey, wait!," he did a double take and their, next to Brian's mug shot. Was his face, "why the hell am I on there!"

"They must be trackin' down old suspects," Brian muttered, "you never did clear your name did you?"

Roman stomped his foot down, "Aw man! Come on, I have moe important things to do than go to a god damn court to pay off my debt," he crossed his arms, "god knows the money in the world won't let me walk out a free man anyway!"

Mia smiled, finding some amusement in Romans despair.

"What?," Brian smirked evilly at Roman, "wasn't the eleven mill you got two years ago enough?"

Roman's top lip flinched, "Fuck you."

"Dom….where's Letty?" Mia finally asked, looking around the room. Not finding any sign of her sister-in-law

"Asleep." he replied, looking over at his sister.

"At this hour?"

"What'd you do? Tire the little lady out last night or what?" Roman joked, slapping his hand over his knee

Dom stared at him with a hard glare, "No. We went to sleep early, remember. Or is your brain really that fried."

Roman immediately shut up and sighed, turning to walk out of there, "Man, ya'll are mean ass people. I'mma go out where I'm wanted!"

"By the cops or by sluts?" Brian asked

"Both man!"

Letty scrunched her nose.

Why was it so hot in the room?

She groaned, wiping at her eyes as she sat herself up slowly.

"What the hell….?" Letty looked around and seen the room was empty.

Where were her kid and Dom at this hour?

She looked over at the digital clock on the dresser and noticed it was 2:30

She sighed, "Fuckin' great….."

"Finally. I thought you'd never wake up." Mia's joking voice came from the entrance of the door."When'd the hell did you get in here?" Letty asked, throwing the large comforter off of her and standing herself up.

"Just right now."

"Right." The tired woman popped her neck and walked over to the bathroom.

"Fine. Act like I'm not here." Mia snorted, dropped herself heavy on the messy bed.

The flush of the toilet told her Letty was about done in the bathroom.

"I heard you." Letty came out with a toothbrush in her mouth. The foam of her toothpaste edging out of the corners of her lips.

Mia giggled, shaking her head at her sister-in-law's disheveled state.

"Shuusht uP!" at her attempt at telling Mia to shut up, a large portion of the toothpaste came flying out and onto the floor.

"Ohhh~!," Mia grimaced laughingly, "that's gross, Lett!"

Letty just glared and stomped her foot over the toothpaste on the floor. Rubbing it into the carpet.

"That isn't right, Letty."Letty made her way back inside the bathroom and spat out the toothpaste

"Yeah, well I don' like his attitude."

Mia shook her head and sighed, patting her knees as she stood up.

"You going down like that?"

Letty looked herself over.

She was wearing Dom's wife beater from last night. And a pair of short-shorts.

"Yeah. Why?"

"No reason. Just watch out for Dom." Mia grinned.

"Watch out for him, for what?" Letty asked, walking behind Mia as they headed down the hall to the stairs.


"No." Dom said firmly, watching as Letty came into view of the living room.

"Whoa….hello there Lett.. How'd you wake up this mornin'?" Leon grinned from his spot on the couch.

Letty looked over at Leon tiredly, "What's with the snaky question? I ain't one of your sluts."

"No." Dom said again.

She looked over at him, wondering what his problem was, "No. What?"

"Go upstairs and change."

Letty raised an eyebrow, "Why? It's not like there's perverts in the house. Let loose will ya."

Leon chuckled, looking over at his old pal with amusement, "Yeah, Dom. Let loose."

Dom glared at him and stood up, "Shut it."

"Where you goin'?" Letty sighed, watching as Dom came closer to her.

She had thought he was going to pass her, but he didn't.

Instead, he reached down and grabbed her from under her knees and back, "What the hell are you doin' Toretto!"

"You ain't comin' down here lookin' like that." He glared

"Apparently, I already did. Can't you see?" she snarled

Dom grumbled and continued on his way upstairs with her in arms.

"I told her to watch out for him." Mia sighed, sitting down next to Brian.

"Tch, he's too controlling." Brian smirked, looking over at his wife.

"My brother is not controlling."

"Even I have to agree with the blonde over here, Mi." Leon piped in, raising in his finger in the air in agreement.

She rolled her eyes, sliding herself from the couch and onto the floor with her knees, "Whatever."

"So….there their." she said, watching the screen silently behind one of the operatives working in the U.S. DSS building.

"So forth, from what we had thought. Yes," the man said, motioning towards the address that Dom and his group had inhabited during their deal with Hobbs, "but they decided to make a run for it before we could even realize they were gone. By the time we made it their. They weren't found. So that leads to the question we all have in mind. Where are they?"

Elena looked at the screen seriously, trying to think of where they could have gone.

Coming up blank, she sighed and turned to walk away

"Oh!," the man stood up and raised his hand over his forehead in a salute, "and welcome back to the service, Officer Elena Neves."

Elena stared unwaveringly at the floor before turning her focus back on him, giving him a tight smile. "Thank you."

~~~Later on that day~~~

Letty reached under the bed, feeling around for a physical object.

When she reached it, she pulled it out slowly from under the depths of the bed and stared at it monotonously.

Such trouble this phone has brought into her thoughts.

Letty flipped open the phone and clicked it's menu icon. Her eyes immediately going onto the photo logo.

The first photo that popped up was of Dom and that wretched woman she has grown to hate so much. She didn't even know the broad, but that was reason enough to dislike her.

This wasn't the only photo of them. Their were many more-more that she had wished she hadn't seen.

Kisses, hugs, closeness, happiness, that was all these photo's showed.

And she hated them.

She glared at the phone as a lone, angry tear fell down her face. Each and every last picture striking her each time.

Damn that woman for coming into his life!

She sniffed, closing the phone shut and throwing it harshly back under the bed.

Although this woman brought her pains. She had to admit, Elena took care of Dom when she couldn't.

But that was all she had going for the woman. The only positive thing she thought of Elena.

The rest, can go to hell.

Even though she knew Elena was out of the picture, she still bothered her. Why? She didn't freaking know.

Letty wasn't the type to have, much less show, jealousy. But when she did feel it. It. Wasn't. Nice.

And what the hell was up with this family getting together with law enforcement, huh?

She turned her head to the side, rising her legs up to lean her head against the arms now on her knees.

What the hell was so special about them?

They went after bad guys, they go after them. Yet, Dom and Mia still got together with them. She just didn't get it. Although she wasn't complaining much about O'Conner anymore-that was the least of her worries-The thing bothering her right now, was Elena. Sure, they were thousands of miles away from her. But somehow, the thought of having that woman learn a piece that was her life, their life. Made her sick with anger. How was she able to withstand running from the law? How can a cop like her-….

Letty growled, standing herself up. Breathing in heavily to calm herself down.

Thousands of miles away, yet she still caused her grief.

"Damn you…."