It was Blake's personal mission to make Cricket smile. Not the wide sweet plastic smile she flashes, dressed to the nines in her expensive clothes and fifteen pounds of jewelry. And not the self-satisfied smirk she delivers following a biting comment to the women of Dallas she thinks are beneath her. No, Blake had tried to make Cricket earnestly smile since he met her as a pretty girl in high school.

She was cold to everyone then, switching between false smiles to the face and crude remarks behind the back. Because of her money, class, and understanding of how the world works, she was easily one of the most popular girls in school. Rumors were whispered behind lockers and passed in notes that the reason Cricket Caruth was icy and cool was her free spirited mother abandoning her to her strict father's care in order to gallivant around the world. Cricket was the toughest cheerleader on the team and she was not one to care about what people thought. But when another rumor was spread around the school, one of disease and shame, Cricket became a laughing stock. She became a Javalina by her fellow cheerleaders and was the mighty queen that fell from the throne.

But at a young age Cricket carefully constructed her image. Even when pretty Amanda Stopper stole her boyfriend, even when she nobody would sit next to her in fear of catching something, Cricket controlled her emotions. Blake had never seen anybody that was both so brilliantly collected and emotionally cold to the world, especially as a girl in high school.

So Blake decided to try to make her smile every chance he got. It was difficult at first; she was weary of anybody who tried to be her friend, especially since her social downfall. Blake tried for weeks, talking with her in classes and sitting with her at lunch. She was aloof and cool at first and brushed off any of his attempts of friendship. But one ordinary day at lunch Blake bought her a diet coke unconsciously as he was walking to their table outside the cafeteria. She was working on homework and didn't give him a glance when he set it down next to her casually and got started on his own work. She stopped writing and gave him an inquisitive look gesturing to the drink. Blake just shrugged and said he knew she would be thirsty. Much to Blake's surprise this almost thoughtless gesture brought a small genuine smile played on her lips.

Now Blake loves to make Cricket smile all the time. With a heartfelt compliment or a funny joke he can get Cricket's face to light up with the girlish bright smile he loves so much. And when the doubts come in about their relationship, when he starts to think that Cricket deserves to be married to someone more than her best friend she surprises him again. She does everything in her power to love him and make him smile.

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