Set before Katniss and Peeta have been reaped to participate in The Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen is the quiet, shy girl who keeps to herself. Peeta Mellark the 'popular guy' is a well-known player and has always wanted Katniss ever since the day he laid his eyes on her. The only thing is, is that Katniss can't stand him she hates his cocky attitude and his womanizing ways. One day Peeta is talking to his friend about how he can easily get a girl into bed. He is then given a bet that his friend thinks he won't succeed with but Peeta desperately wants to accomplish it. Getting the girl that hates him into bed, Katniss Everdeen. Will he be able to womanize Katniss? Will her friend Gale Hawthorne get in the way of ever letting Peeta get close to Katniss which forces her to choose between the womanizer and her best friend? Keep reading this story to find out if they will end up together. The story also changes different from Katniss's, Peeta's and Gale's POV.

Peeta's POV

It's Monday, and today couldn't go any slower. I'm sitting in history class learning about Panem's history, BORING! I wish I could just get out of this place already, it's only second period and it feels like I've been at school for hours! I start to think about last weekend which was filled with new sexual experiences, that I'll have to tell the guys all about at lunch. I look around the room to see if there is someone who I can send a note to. I rip a piece of paper out of my book and start writing…

Dear Orchid

Last weekend was the best two days of my life,

We have to get together another time and have some more fun ;)

Love, Peeta

I hand the note to the girl sitting in the desk beside me, Orchid Whishart with whom I had sex with on the weekend. Just another one of the many girls I charm to get into their pants. And it's not entirely my fault I'm like this, it's the girls, they just can't keep away from me. The guys call me 'Senor Sexalot' which I think is pretty funny. It's true I do have sex a lot, but I'm not a guy who hits and ditches, I just keep the girls on the sideline for fun and if they ask about having a relationship I tell them some bullshit about how my parents don't want me dating or I have to focus on school and they believe it, probably because of my good looks and ways with words. I think it runs in the family, my older brothers were like me to. They were nicknamed the 'The Pussy Slayers of District 12' when they used to go to this school. Their reputation has been passed down to me and I love it! Orchid blushes at me once she realises what it says and I give her my signature smile 'The Melter', yes my smile also has a nickname, because when girls see the melter, they melt inside. I get a note back from Orchid saying…

Janitor's closet,

After class,

Don't be late.

I like the way she's thinking. I give her a smile and a nod to show her 'oh I'll be there alright'. The bell rings to signal lunch break and I pack my things in my bag and follow Orchid quite a few metres behind her so that we don't get caught. And of course I always use a condom for sex, I am not ready to be a dad, and luckily The Hob sells them otherwise I wouldn't have any protection. I lean against the wall a couple of metres away on the opposite side of the closet and watch out for other students if they are watching what we are doing as I wait for her to go into the closet, then when no one is looking a quickly go in there to join her. Once we finish up in the janitors closet we get dressed and start walking to the lunch room when she stops me by grabbing onto my hand.

"Before you go" she says while pushing me up against the wall "I wanted to ask you if you want to hang out this weekend?" she says to me with lust in her voice while I start to feel her hand rubbing my dick through my pants.

"Well I promised my dad that this weekend ill help him out in the bakery" I lied. I actually have another date this weekend and I might want to spend more than one day with the girl.

"Well, will we hang out soon, wont we?" she says

"Of course we will babe, I'll make sure we do" I say before I give her a reassuring kiss on the lips and we walk to lunch together before we part ways to go to different tables. I get to the lunch room and walk over to my group of friends. I see my best friend Crucis Naysmith standing next to our table. We have been friends since we started school as innocent little kids. Now we're well known for our slaying reputation. Crucis calls out to me probably wondering what took me so long to get there.

"Senor! Where have you been?" says Crucis, yip just as I thought

"Oh just getting steamy in the janitors closet with Orchid" I say with a satisfied smile on my face

"God I wish I was banging that fine piece of ass you lucky dog"

"Hey, you can take her anytime I have other ladies on the sideline you know"

"Yeah I know but don't you ever want different girls?" he says while sitting down on a chair

"Sometimes but it's not like it would be hard to get any other girl at this school" I say sitting down next to him

"Well, well my friend I think we have a bet on our hands" Crucis says while crossing him arms

"Oh really what kind of bet?" I say to him with a confused look

"A bet that there has got to be someone at the school who doesn't want to fuck you"

"Well it's not really a bet because I could still charm them and they will just give into me, so it will be easy for me to accomplish"

Just then Katniss Everdeen walks right past me and Crucis and she gives us a look as if we are creeps. As her body turns away from me and I look at her sweet behind, and it's on fire! I've always had a desperate lust for her and I remember all the times I've tried to ask her out and she always denied me, she was the one that got away. It all happened about two years ago, we were lab partners and I got to know her, we got on really well and she seemed really nice, but that's also when I started having feelings for girls and I became a so called player. After I developed a reputation Katniss probably knew how I worked with girls. Ask them on a date, make them fall for me, have sex with them and just use them, which could be a reason for turning me down all those times. I asked her on many dates and she would deny me every time. Even her friend Gale Hawthorne would give me dirty looks and tell me to piss off when I would go over to where she sits at lunch to ask her out, so I gave up on the date, but my lust for her body still remains.

"Hey, what about her? I remember you always used to talk about her and ask her out and she always denied you!" Crucis says pointing to Katniss

"Well I bet if I asked her now she will probably say yes, I have grown more muscly and mature over the past few years you know maybe she has a thing for me and will just give into the temptation?" I say while styling my hair

"Alright so the bet is that you have to womanize Katniss Everdeen and sleep with her by the end of the school year. Do we have a bet?"

"Deal" I say while shaking his hand "So does the bet start now?"

"Sure does, go make your move big boy!" he says before i start to walk over to where Katniss and her friends Gale and Madge are sitting eating their lunch. Her head faces my way and I can see the look in her eye as if she is confused to why I am walking in her direction. Her head quickly snaps back to her friend to ignore me coming her way. This time I'm not giving up on you Katniss Everdeen.

Hope you guys liked the first chapter next one should be up in a couple of days :D And please, please message me or leave a review if you like it or have any comments about it, I don't like big flames they give me writers block and I don't want to bail out of a story halfway through. Just in case the bet isn't very clear it is to try and prove that Peeta isn't as irresistible as he thinks and Crucis wants to prove him wrong so he comes up with this bet. And if you're wondering about the weird names of some of the characters I got them from the hunger games name generator so they are kind of connected to the hunger games.