"So you know what? You win! Just go!" GLaDOS said as the elevator pulled away.

She chuckled "It's been fun. Don't come back!"

Chell was standing thoughtless at the words GLaDOS said, then the elevator stopped and four of the familiar tripodal, spherical, killing machines appeared in front of the elevator!

No! She thought, Why did she do this to me when she promised me freedom? Abruptly, the turrets laser guides winked off and started humming a soothing melody. It made her relax a little, but she didn't let her guard down!

The elevator moved up a bit more and then a whole room of turrets was shown. She flinched a little but there was a turret still singing the melody in cute little "Doo's". The they started singing in what she thought was words but couldn't understand, Italian, she thought, but she did recognise two words "Oh Chell" which meant the song was directed to her. She relaxed again, but more so, still not letting her guard down, she thought she could see a rocket turret activating, but it was just one of Wheatley's hybrid turret/cube thingies. Wheatley… she wondered what was happening to him.

"Space! Space! Space! Space! Space! Space, all around me! Space! Space! Space!" Babbled the Space Core


It wasn't pleasant to hear this continuos babbling about space. But, he had to admit, it did make for some interesting conversation. And the space core knew quite a lot for someone who looks, and sounds, dumber than bricks.

"SP-AAAAACCCEEEE!" the little core shouted "Spaceship, rhymes with space."

"No it doesn't mate, space does not…" he thought a moment "Space ship? Where?" he asked

"Up there! Spaceship rhymes with space!"

Wheatley turned his photoreceptor to look at the looming, black, metallic mass coming towards them. Wheatley's eye turned smaller than a pea at the sight!