GLaDOS called for Caroline on the PA, and when she arrived, GLaDOS completely secured her chamber, not even letting the dust mites in.

"We have air for three hours. Well, you two do, I'll have to open it all up soon." GLaDOS said.

"Three hours is plenty. I received this eMail only two minutes ago."

GLaDOS and Caroline read the eMail and nodded in understanding.

"Aha, I see what's going on." Caroline said, "Those cores are, in fact, part of the government. They wanted us to keep testing the Portal Gun, yet they didn't want us to release it to the public. I understand their motives, but the Portal Device would be a blessing to mankind."

"As well as a curse." GLaDOS added, "Think about the terrorists getting access to it. It can make their jobs a lot simpler."

"Yes, as I said, I understood their motives, but we have to make them sign a lot of paper work for a license for the Portal Device."

"That might make them show their background. But what about me, why am I involved in this?" Chell asked.

"Well, your memories aren't completely erased. If I told you your last name, your memories that were 'erased' will come flooding back."

"We're secure, you could tell me now."

"Thanks, but I value my life, thank you." Caroline said, sarcastically.

"Oh! Is that where GLaDOS's sarcasm came from!" Chell joked, "Is Doug involved somehow?" Chell asked, getting serious.

"Yes, but they said his Schizophrenia would keep him from being a threat. He's not constantly monitored."

"So, I take it these government people want the Portal Device for themselves."

"I was afraid it would come to that. Yes they do. They want it for…for… For their own…uh…personal needs."

"So they're evil."

"In a word, yes."

"We need to stop them!"

To Be Determined…